Crime Scenes


Last night.

Tuam campaigner Breeda Murphy, adoptee and activist Eunan Duffy and lawyer Frank Brehhany, whose father was a Tuam adoptee, discuss the Gardaí appeal to anyone who was the victim of a criminal act in a Mother-and-Baby Home to contact them.

Last week, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris (top right) said there are allegations within the report of the Mother and Baby Home Commission that suggests there was ‘serious criminality’  that could have criminal justice outcomes.

We look at the options open to survivors.

This is the 17th in a series of shows with Breeda, Eunan and Frank looking at all aspects of the Mother and Baby Home Commission of Investigation report. They can be viewed here.

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3 thoughts on “Crime Scenes

  1. K. Cavan

    Fantastic stuff, this is a scandal that, even in this scandal-ridden country, needs as much exposure as is humanly possible.

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