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  1. ce

    Anybody notice the following on “The Week in Politics” today:

    Near the beginning Martin Heydon of FG is having another good at saying the current mob-focus on the fall out from Bay Meadows and Maynooth etc. is a distraction from the bigger housing picture…. good look with that…. anyways, he’s in some office at RTE with a bunch of TVs in the background. All of these TVs are playing the same thing, except for one TV over his left shoulder. On this TV there is an old episode of “Murder She Wrote” playing, in which – as he is speaking – somebody is getting bludgeoned to death with a pick-axe handle kind of thing. The bludgeoner then proceeds to stuff a briefcase full of money and flee… I thought it was very fitting … Maybe Eoghan Harris was correct, RTE is now full of Shinners playing prank of unfortunate FG and FF innocents…

    Check it out here:


    1. goldenbrown

      I know someone in the street furnishings game….they are absolutely marketed to prospective customers as anti-homeless aka “defensive architectural fittings”

      yer wan is either completely thick or deliberately trolling there

    2. Junkface

      Ha haha, that is funny. Surely it’s a hoax? Yeah maybe she’s trolling, because that is really dumb.

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