This afternoon.

Controversial chocolate log Cuthbert the Caterpillar will go on sale in all 145 Aldi stores nationwide from May 20.

Marks and Spencer  is suing Aldi over Cuthbert’s similarities to Colin the Caterpillar

Priced at €7.99, all profit from sales will be donated to the Irish Cancer Society.

Aislinn O’Toole writes:

Now that Cuthbert the Caterpillar is a proper A-list celeb, Aldi is bringing him over to Irish shelves and want to donate all profits to the Irish Cancer Society. Aldi Ireland is standing with Aldi UK in raising money for charity, not lawyers!

Make sure you head to your nearest store on the 20th May to see what all of the fuss is about, and help raise money for a very worthy cause!

Cuthbert is also doing a charity skydive to help raise further funds for the Irish Cancer Society. Aldi are encouraging people to show him some support by sponsoring his dive via his Justgiving page here.


3 thoughts on “Incoming

  1. ce

    Imagine your man landing in the back garden… some pooch thinking all of it’s birthdays have come at once…

    Savage photo!

  2. dhaughton99

    With all the marketing BS they have thrown into this, you’d think they could come up with a better name than bloody Cuthbert.

  3. goldenbrown

    wondering…has anyone actually tried either one of these confections as yet?

    maybe Broadsheet could have a cake-off for the title

    personally I’ve found the M&S cakes n confectionary stuff involving chocolate to be fairly nice/edible but conversely anything I’ve tried from Aldi to be completely disastrous, candylike…and sometimes Lidl can have exceptional pleasing chocolatey things

    is it just me?

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