Behold: the Opel Manta GSe Elektromod – an all-electric remake of the Manta A by Opel, celebrating 50 years of the 1970s coupe with the original factory inline-four swapped for a 145bhp rear-mounted electric motor.

The car retains its four speed manual gearbox and rear wheel drive but gains an LED display, a modified interior and 17-inch wheels.

There are (as yet) no plans to put the Elektromod into production.


2 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. Matt Fitzpatrick

    As soon as I saw the new Mokka I thought a little car with the same styling would sell like hotcakes. I hate Opel and I want this.

    1. Chuckenstein

      Friend of my dad’s has an early-80s black Manta with black and orange interior. I’ve loved it ever since I clapped eyes on it.

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