Win Nick’s Golden Voucher [Extended]


Thank Flatley it’s Friday.

It’s that time of the week when the guns fall silent, a truce is called and the battle-weary Broadsheet commenters make their way through the blood-soaked fields of No Man’s Land to have a kickabout and a smoke with the enemy. In other words: it’s music competition time.

This week the theme comes courtesy of reader Scottser, who suggests your favourite one hit wonder.

Here’s mine.

Reply below to be in with a chance of bagging yourself a €50 Golden Discs voucher redeemable in any Golden Discs store.

The winner will be chosen by my CO.

Please include a video link if possible, thanks.

Lines MUST close on Saturday at 1pm.

Nick says: Good luck.

Last week’s winner here

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185 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Golden Voucher [Extended]

  1. Andy Pipkin

    A brilliant choice of theme Scottser!
    I’m going for this ear worm that has stayed a firm favourite of my since I first heard it.
    To me, it’s still as fresh today!!

    Lisa Loeb – Stay

    Enjoy! And happy Friday!

  2. millie bobby brownie

    I do love me a one hit wonder and this song is exactly that. Younger me had the mega-hits for the lead singer back in the day. Where are they now you ask? Fupped if I know. But this song is solid and good luck getting it out of your head later.

    Bodyrockers – I Like the Way You Move

    1. H

      Dammit Bertie, I was getting in on time for the first time ever and you beat me to it! It’s an absolute banger!

        1. H

          No worries, it made me look for another one and now I’m down a rabbit hole reliving my teens :-)

      1. bertie blenkinsop

        It’s one of my favourite songs.
        On a similar theme, Mick Head from The Pale Fountains is playing two gigs in Liverpool in July.
        Went on sale this morning but wasn’t sure if we’d be able to travel so skipped it.

    1. Clampers Outside

      Oh…. I really like that one Bertie. Sounds vaguely familiar to me… :)

    1. Clampers Outside

      Ah hear! :)

      We had that at home on 7″single. Think my sister bought it when I was a wee fella.
      Probably one of the first singes I’d have played to death… My first earworm maybe :)

  3. CapernosityandFunction

    Men Without Hats – Safety Dance

    Canada has been a great source of one hit wonders and none better than this. I adored this song when I was a chiseler. It has all the ingredients for a one hit wonder. It’s a quirky song from foreign parts with medieval stylings; it even has its own dance move (check the video). For added intrigue the urban myth persists that on time first lady of Canada, Margaret Trudeau, either appeared in the video as the dancing damsel or sang backing vocals, or both.

    1. Clampers Outside

      It sure is quirky :) I too remember as a Chislet trying to reckon with the song… Is this a joke song, do I take this seriously, and yet so much fun and very catchy :)

    1. Clampers Outside

      Ah there it is :)
      I knew someone would’ve beaten me to it. Great pick!!

  4. Rosette of Sirius

    If there was one band that typifies the premise of the one-hit wonder it has to be The La’s with There She Goes. The potential that band had…

    They released one glorious album that that had some great song but There She Goes really stood out.

    It needed a re-release for it to chart and became what was clearly a much beloved indie/jangle pop staple for decades. Love it.

  5. Fergalito

    Yay ! It’s music competition time – a highlight of the virtual week.

    May your God be with the heady days of the late 80’s and early 90’s when we had in Ireland – albeit 20 years later – what can be most closely approximated with the 60’s “summer of love.” A fine time for a young Fergalito to come of age with that perfect storm of knowing it all coupling itself with risk-taking stupidity to produce some incredible real and artificial experiences. Didn’t i find myself slap bang in the centre of London for a part of it, no better place to be once upon that time. Anyway, before i carelessly ramble myself into the weeds where the grass-snakes and blood-sucking ticks abide and come around to find a wet otter licking my face may i suggest the gem that is “I’m Free” from The Soup Dragons, any way you like it !

    1. nicorigo

      Also I put a pin on this one, will come handy for the ” cover superior to the original” competition.

    1. Muchacho Gordo-Delgado

      Eamonn, Edwin Poots wants a word with you – about the dinosaur sit yee achun

          1. Viliger303

            Was Not Was had another hit in the early ’90’s with the Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley remix of Shake your head. The original featured vocals from Madonna b4 she found fame and a rap from Ozzy Osbourne!


  6. Gorugeen

    Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum. He decided to write a gospel song after being impressed by one he heard. Wrote it in 15 mins. It’s kept him in coin owing to It’s perpetual use by advertisers. Funny enough though he’s Jewish..”I got a friend in Jesus”. Enjoy.

  7. nicorigo

    House of pain. -Jump around-

    The bouncy Jump around (1992) is the only hit from the LA hip-hop duo with an Irish flavor. One of the member monikor is Danny boy, you can’t make that up!
    True club classic, the horns of the intro are legendary. Pack it up, pack it in,let me begin! After that nobody will hear of HoP no more and the combo will disband in 1996, just to reunion again every now and then for Paddy’s day.

    1. Fergalito

      Nice one.

      Sneaked in to see them when they played an airport hanger outside Munich circa 1994 (Riem perhaps?) – just went around the back and walked in!

      They started throwing peaches out to the crowd at one stage and got a direct hit on me noggin as i recall.

  8. CapernosityandFunction

    Flowered Up – Weekender

    An anthem from my student daze. A Baggy epic about “avin’ it” as our English cousins would say. Radio DJs used to play this when they needed a toilet break. Rarely has the ritual of going out been described in such detail. The anticipation, the moment, the comedown and back to the grind. There’s enough here for a song trilogy. To top it all off there’s some classic Jimmy Cooper from Quadrophenia at the end.

    1. Clampers Outside

      That’s a deadly track :)

      The First Big Weekend by Arab Strap is another for that theme :)

  9. Friscondo

    Danny Wilson, Mary’s Prayer. A sublime piece of soul/pop that immediately brightens your day when it comes on the radio. Hard to believe that they didn’t follow it up with more hits, although writer Gary Clark went on to write for a host of others, from Natalie Imbruglia to Loyd Cole.

  10. Harry

    Turning Japanese by the Vapor’s a great one hit wonder indeed!

    Next to a mention in Chuck Berry’s “My Ding-a-Ling” I can’t think of any other song that made it to Number One featuring. do I put it in polite company, “rubbing one out”. It’s a great post punk song that both clever and catchy. Its a shame they never had more success maybe it was due to their manager, Paul Weller’s Dad, who left them to concentrate on his son’s obscure project ‘The Jam.’

    Turning Japanese by the Vapor’s

    And of all things a fun cover version by of all people Kirsten Dunst
    Kirsten Dunst – Turning Japanese

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Yeah that one failed because someone there argued that they were not kung fu fighting. After a long legal battle over slander and defgamation, and slurs on the guys character, he won his case.

      He was actually karate fighting

      I’ll get me coat

  11. GiggigyGoo
    Seaside Shuffle. Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs. Just in case we get some sunny weather.

    As an aside, which radio station had the phrase ‘It was a one hit wonder in the wilderness of rock and roll’. Was it BBC or Radio Luxembourg 208 long wave or what?

  12. Boj

    Reminds me of starting work in a pub as a teenager fancying all the female barstaff. Irrelevant, I know but its true!
    Cool vocals, funky as funkin funk!!

    Freak Power – Turn on, tune in, cop out.

  13. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    Give it Up – The Goodmen.
    THE dance hit of the early Nineties.

  14. Slightly Bemused

    I am sure it is not my favourite, but it is the first that came to mind, as usual with a relevant couple of memories.

    I don’t know if you remember the band Dove (previously Dubh, but UK record producers thought it would confuse people. Probably friends of that lad who changed how our naval vessels are named)?
    They did a cover (well, sort of) of Don’t Dream It’s Over, originally by Crowded House. I like their take on it, with great voices and a very interesting intertwining of a gentle rap talking about more modern issues. Sadly the last song I heard from them, but the three are still out there occasionally.

    But I remember one very early morning (first flight out of Dublin that day) Aer Lingus flight on my way to London to link with a transcontinental flight to hell and gone. Was one of those times when the 12 hour flight from London was still faster than the car drive of only a couple of hundred kilometers once I arrived at the other end.

    And as I meandered around the legs and bags of the business class passengers who got to board first, I saw three faces that looked familiar, all very excited. It was Dove, and I got the impression it may have been the first time they were in business class, and likely had been in the Lounge (no, no indication of drink, just excitement). The lady had naturally grabbed the window seat, and the guy first in the clip below was in the aisle seat, standing leaning over to look out the window at a dreary Dublin Airport tarmac. His ar*e was sticking into the aisle.

    “Excuse me” I said politely, and he immediately pulled back in apologising. Butt (sorry, could not resist) that was not the issue.
    “Are you the band Dove?” asked I, and they looked shocked that this relatively old fogey knew them, and recognised them. I told them that I really liked their song, and the take they put on it. In the meantime I am holding up the other narky half awake passengers, and got an ‘Excuse me!’ of my own, but less politely.

    So I wished them luck, apologised to grumpy face, and went on to my own seat. I never met any of them again, but I have heard a few of them in later songs and bands. I do hope you all enjoy this version. Sheeters, allow me to present Dove and Don’t Dream It’s Over

  15. H

    Loads of great tunes here tonight, shout for The Las and The Soup Dragons, I didn’t realise either of them were one hit wonders.

    I think if we put all of these songs on a playlist it would be great for a party :-)

    1. Clampers Outside

      +1 H :)

      Won’t get a chance to go through these until Monday… But sure I’m off all week woohoo!

    1. Casual Observer

      I bought that album for 99p in a Pakistani newsagents in Peckham.
      Best 99p I ever spent.
      {True story}

  16. Casual Observer

    Neil Morrissey – The Theme Song from Bob The Builder.

    I’m not going to bother posting a link… It’s already in your head.

    ”Can we fix it?”

  17. stephen moran

    Whilst I was having “Breakfast @ Tiffinay’s” (Deep Blue Something) I thought “How Bizzare” (OMC) that “Tubthumping” (Chumbawamba) hadn’t been deemed worthy of a mention.. Natalie Imbruglia remained “Torn” after someone called her “Sugar Sugar” (The Archies) as she said “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” (the Steam) because her Pseudonym was Mrs Jones (“Me and Mrs. Jones” — Billy Paul ) & she was totally “Hooked on a Feeling” Blue Swede, she thought it was “Magic” Pilot particularly when she put on “Play That Funky Music” Wild Cherry but in the end it was only “Afternoon Delight” — Starland Vocal Band as someone had forgotten to “Ring My Bell” — Anita Ward & Video had Killed The Radio Star” The Buggles. As it was Raining Men” — The Weather Girls she said “I Melt With You” — Modern English because “I’m Too Sexy” — Right Said Fred & i am just an going to ” Die In Your Arms” — Cutting Crew but i’m not a “Teenage Dirtbag” — Wheatus so maybe we should head over to a pleasure pad I know thats owned by “Stacy’s Mom” — Fountains of Wayne

      1. stephen moran

        Surely the George Lazenby of Bond pop & fellow Antipodean Barry McGuire deserves the marmite sandwich. What ya think Skip. Well ur “Beds will be Burning” (Midnight Oil) & a Tree will fall in the forest unheard (Bruce Cockburn) if “Eve of Destruction” is not pronounced “The one & only” (Chesney Hawkes). What other numero uno hit bar “Eve of Destruction” sung by Baz Maguire juxtaposes the hate in Red China & the prospect of nuclear apocalypse with civil rights in the Jim Crow south of Selma Alabama. Name me another one hit wonder that after 55 years can boast a refrain as relevant as this ?

  18. Casual Observer

    Big up and shout out to Scottser..
    This has been a musical journey., thanks to you.

    Nice one.

  19. Otis Blue

    The Assembly featured the unlikely duo of Ex-Undertone, Fergal Sharkey and ex-Depeche Mode/Yazoo keyboardist, Vince Clark. They released only one single which made its way to No. 4 in the UK charts in 1983.

    The Assembly – Never Never

        1. bertie blenkinsop

          Honestly, I didn’t Google it, have a very, VERY faint recollection of it :)

  20. CapernosityandFunction

    The Passions – I’m in Love with a German Film Star

    I took it upon myself to watch back the Top of the Pops repeats on BBC Four all the way from 1976 onwards.

    I am sadly old enough to remember most of the songs, however, I didn’t remember this one.

    Proper one hit wonders and what a hit.

  21. stephen moran

    Surely the George Lazenby of Bond pop & fellow Antipodean Barry McGuire deserves the marmite sandwich. What ya think Skip. Well ur “Beds will be Burning” (Midnight Oil) & a Tree will fall in the forest unheard (Bruce Cockburn) if “Eve of Destruction” is not pronounced “The one & only” (Chesney Hawkes). What other numero uno hit bar “Eve of Destruction” sung by Baz Maguire juxtaposes the hate in Red China & the prospect of nuclear apocalypse with civil rights in the Jim Crow south of Selma Alabama. Name me another one hit wonder that after 55 years can boast a refrain as relevant as this ?

    1. CapernosityandFunction

      Strictly not a one it wonder but this was the theme to teenage melancholy in 1987. Great to hear it again

      1. Otis Blue

        He lived in West Cork for many years. Poor fella died five years ago following an early morning car crash on his way to Cork airport.

  22. Johnny

    …straight outta Brixton,the collective at The Fridge that lay the visual and musical template for the ’90s rave scene at The Haç and the Second Summer of Love in the UK and Ibiza.

    Keep On Moving.

    Soul To Soul.

    Yeah ,yeah back to life:)

      1. Johnny

        SOUL II SOUL – Get A Life-bertie:)

        Back To Life. Soul II Soul. Peaked at #4 on 12.15.1989.
        Keep On Movin’ Soul II Soul (Featuring Caron Wheeler) Peaked at #11 on 9.8.1989.
        Get A Life. Soul II Soul. Peaked at #54 on 5.4.1990.
        A Dreams A Dream. Soul II Soul. Peaked at #85 on 7.13.1990.

          1. Bertie blenkinsop

            You’re right Papi.
            It’s a gorgeous day and I’m bringing my little fella into the National Gallery while our friend only has a few joints, a Pot Noodle and a cryw*nk to look forward to.
            Best ignored.

          2. Unreal

            Well said both
            Give us an update please Bertie on how that goes, I’ve been thinking about things like that to do with the kids as well thanks

          3. Johnny

            gosh wish i was there…irelands world renowned NATIONAL galley – oh la la i mean NEW YORK… NEW YORK… MOMA …or The Met or even Central Park pale in comparison -to irelands dump of a national gallery on a sunny sunday afternoon-thats you best thinking for a day out with your kids,drag him indoors to that rubbish,is it the Italian Baroque and Dutch masters paintings thats drawing you or something else like…will you be providing audio guidance…:)
            try the great outdoors.

          4. Bertie blenkinsop

            “Try the great outdoors”, he suggested, lying on his greasy sofabed, rolling his earwax into balls and flicking them at the cockroaches….

  23. Ben Madigan

    Back in 1994 Bruce Springsteen had a number one hit in Ireland, France & Germany with “Streets of Philadelphia“. He was probably fairly confident he was going to have his first Nr. 1 in the UK as well.
    But he hadn’t banked on Doop.

    Doop – Doop

    Hard to beat a good Charleston in fairness.

  24. Johnny

    Perfect Saturday morning track,Memorial Day weekend in states or a long weekend,it’s the start of very hazy summer in NY.Haze weed is from the projects,grown in Miami and sold mainly by crack and coke dealers on street corners here,it’s the weed everyone wants at moment or you got any that ‘haze’.

    Tame Impala cover of A Girl Like You.

    Edwyn Collins.

  25. Micko

    New Radicals – You get what you give.

    A good 90’s tune and a pretty unique one hit wonder in that it was a choice to be so.

    Frontman Gregg Alexander didn’t like the constant touring and all the pants associated with the music biz – so he called it a day.

    Right after this hit and they were tipped to be the next big thing.

    Ya gotta respect that – he didn’t need it.

        1. bertie blenkinsop

          You’re missing feck all.
          And he wrote “life ish a rollercoashhhter” into the bargain!

  26. Papi

    I think I may have cracked it.
    The most one hit wonder song ever, has to be the song which title was a perfect self-fulfilling prophecy. Ironically the first song ever played on MTV,
    The Buggles, “Video killed the radio star”, released a hit onto the world that also meant the quite obvious end of the musical road the band.
    Because we all know what killed the radio star, but does anyone know The Buggles..?

    1. Bertie blenkinsop

      I hate to let sunlight in on the magic but this is probably the biggest self own I could post.
      I’m a big big fan of Trevor Horn from Buggles.
      About ten years ago, Geoff Downes’(the other Buggle) wife was on Come Dine With Me.
      I was so giddy about it and Lady Bertie was so bamboozled by my excitement that I had a kind of outer body experience where I looked down at myself, getting giddy, that the unknown fella from Buggles wife was on a tv show.
      Anyway, I did a bit of therapy and I’m grand now….

      1. Unreal

        Haha great story
        I never knew Trevor Horn was Buggles but yeah hardly a one hit wonder there :)

      2. Micko

        Yeah, Trevor Horn is an amazing producer alright. Good shout Papi

        A couple of years back I gave a talk to a group of college students about media and part of it was about how radio’s predicted demise was encapsulated by that song and its use at the launch of MTV was intended to cement that.

        Which of course, decades later proved to be completely the opposite of what happened – radio still going strong, MTV dead in the water etc.

        I even got to play the track in the class and to my surprise quite a few of them knew the song and two students even knew it was The Buggles.

        There’s hope for the next generation! :0)

  27. Clampers Outside


    The legends have it that there was a bet or a challenge or something like that put to lead singer Klaus Meine to produce a hit… Or that he wanted to show that a heavy metal vocalist could sing a “proper” song a d Wind of Change was the result :)

  28. Micko

    How about the biggest selling one hit wonder of all time. 20 Million single sold.

    “We are the world” by USA for Africa

    Which of course no one want to hear – coz it’s pants

    So here’s Spitting Image’a homage instead, which is also pants but worth it for the Jagger and Bowie impressions alone. ;)

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