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  1. eoin

    I the last few weeks/days there have been a lot of revelations on covid19. It’s probably come from a lab leak, the US top expert Dr Anthony Fauci is up to his neck in accusations of misinforming the public. He told the world there was no drug effective at treating covid even though he was presented with evidence that both Alvesco and Hydroxychloroquine worked. Alvesco even destroys the virus and prevents it from spreading and worked on patients close to death on ventilators. They made full recoveries. You also have many doctors getting results with Ivermectin. And now there’s papers coming out soon showing how the vaccines are actually dangerous. And STILL….NPHET etc. keep pushing these vaccines instead of putting it all on hold until we can find out what the Hell is going on. They know about all this info coming out, about the lies and about the drugs that work and still they push the jabs. Will they be held accountable if the jabs turn out to be big mistake?

    1. SOQ

      Simone Gold of the Front Line Doctors explained it best- vaccines only got emergency use authorisation because there was no other alternatives. When you look at the zealot like advocacy of vaccines but not of treatments, it is pretty obvious something is up, especially given the lengths they went to present Hydroxychloroquine as unsafe.

      But is not just NPHET who are involved. Doctors are coercing people whom are low or near no risk of Covid-19 and ‘do no harm’ has been flung out the window. Rarely if ever is antibody tests suggested which if positive, eliminate the need for vaccines altogether. It is corruption at the highest level.

          1. SOQ

            Dr. John Campbell, is a nurse and nurse teacher with a PhD.

            From his LinkedIn profile – Nurse currently working in A and E with a demonstrated history in Nurse Education. Skilled in practical Nursing, Healthcare, Nursing Research, and Health and Educational research. Strong healthcare services professional with two higher degrees and several teaching qualifications. Research record focused in teaching bioscience in national and international nurse education.

            And you are?

          2. Lilly

            Mexico, Peru, India… I’d find it more reassuring if it were France, Germany, Cuba.

        1. Rosette of Sirius

          Lizard People use 5G nanobots to communicate. Since I got my first jab, my transformation from human to lizard is almost complete and I’m starting to receive these secret messages.

          Aren’t you?!

          1. Donald McCarthy

            The transformation is only complete when you begin to transmit, rather than receive secret messages. Over and out.

    2. Lilly

      ‘You also have many doctors getting results with Ivermectin.‘

      You do? I mentioned Ivermectin to a GP acquaintance and he said it is used to treat parasites in horses and can cause kidney damage to humans. Why has it not been licensed in most of Europe and the US?

      1. f_lawless

        Undue influence of the pharmaceutical industry over the European and US regulatory bodies? Both have had a chequered past in that regard.


        From a recent TrialSite News article:

        “both FDA and EMA are taking very narrow, industry-centric views shunning low cost, generic repurposed drugs while expressing more open and opportunistic interpretations for industry-centric products. For example, while the pivotal WHO Solidarity trial shows remdesivir doesn’t help with COVID, this doesn’t stop FDA and EMA supporting the drug and the sponsor—this has led to over $3 billion in revenue in less than one year. The pandemic reveals a clear and present bias in favor of high-priced, experimental drugs over generic, repurposed, low cost drugs.”

    3. SB

      If they work so well why aren’t they being used?

      “Hydroxychloroquine does not reduce deaths from COVID-19, and probably does not reduce the number of people needing mechanical ventilation.”
      “Hydroxychloroquine caused more unwanted effects than a placebo treatment”
      “The authors do not think new studies of hydroxychloroquine should be started for treatment of COVID-19.”

      1. SOQ

        Cn you not see the slanting that is going on there? The entire focus is on seriously ill patients and no mention of early intervention. It is claimed hydroxychloroquine works best as a prophylaxis or as an early treatment option- but no treatment is 100% effective, including vaccines.

        1. Cian

          Let me get this straight.

          You are totally against the COVID vaccine because it’s on emergency authorisation (despite dozens of clinical trials and hundreds of millions of people getting it)… but you support widespread used of hydroxychloroquine despite it not being authorised for use and having no clinical trials….

          1. SOQ

            You what you are saying is- seriously Cain if that is the best spinning you can do then just give it up eh?

    4. Junkface

      The lab leak is the most likely explanation, accidental but covered up by the guilty CCP of China. Your opinion on vaccines though is not true. They had massive trials, with proven results and the countries with successful vaccination rollouts have fewer deaths every week and now they are reopening. Vaccinations are a hugely important public health issue, as over the next year or two we will have new variants, some of which may be more deadly. So mass vaccination will weaken the spread of new variants. Yes Fauci has been caught lying about a few key matters related to all of this, which I find very disappointing. He should be replaced, as all of the attention is not helping public health officials in the USA. In south Germany, vaccinations of the elderly and those with other conditions have been hugely successful, saving millions of lives in areas that were facing hospital overload 6 months ago. Same with UK.

      1. SOQ

        I find it amazing how people claim the reduction in infections is down to vaccines when the exact same thing happened this time last year when there was none.

        It will not be known how effective vaccines are until next season but even then, if predictions are correct, SARS-Cov-2 will have settled into an endemic phase.

        1. Junkface

          UK just recorded zero deaths for the first time a couple of days ago. What are you talking about? Hospital figures are also way lower than last summer in vaccinated countries.

          I’ll never convince an anti vaxxer about anything, but consider this a trial run for a much more serious virus outbreak, the world largely failed due to misinformation online and the ignorance people have of our medical history since the first ever vaccines. I suggest you educate yourself from valid medical sources on vaccines throughout history, but you’ll go straight to Ivor whats his face and the other crackpots.

          1. Nigel

            The failures weren’t due to misinformation, but due to countries ignoring repeated expert warnings about the likelihood of pandemics occurring and failing to have internationally agreed emergency preperations and procedures in place. Trump literally dismantled and defunded the US pandemic preperations put in place by the previous admin. The Tories in the UK spent weeks trying to make it up as they went along without knowing what they were doing. The role misinformation plays in all this is probably too chaotic to be pinned down easily, but will be worth analysing. At risk of sounding like a broken record, there’s a huge lesson here that needs to be learned about dealing with climate change.

          2. Clampers Outside

            Repeated expert warnings? The same experts within the WHO that said lockdowns don’t work? And the same experts within the WHO that did a u-turn without explanation to say that they do?


            No country got it right, and I believe largely because the WHO completely changed advise on how to handle pandemics.

            Masks too…. Masks don’t wotk said the WHO, and then a u-turn, citing a tiny study that did not prove what they were saying.

            There most definitely was misinformation… from “the experts”.

            Lockdowns were an absolute “no” until C-19 arrived. And that was the WHO advice until 2020.

            Why the turnaround? No country was prepared for that.

            Your simplistic explanation is just that, simplistic.

          3. Junkface

            Yes that is true, political leadership absolutely failed on many fronts in lots of countries. I was talking more about public health and trust in vaccines. Of course Trump completely screwed up as he was dumb enough to take advice from President Xi, who rarely tells the truth on anything! Boris bumbled his way into disaster as is his personality. We are not living in an age of competent or well educated politicians and leaders worldwide. They also made masks or no masks political issues which was so dumb. The whole world has to wake up to the fact that China is on an aggressive path now, wanting to dominate. The worst thing the world could have done was make China the factory of the world for everything. History proves that you can never trust the ideology of communist leadership, over 100 million murdered and counting.

          4. SOQ

            Firstly I am not an anti vaxer I am a safe vaxer which is a very different thing. Sorry if that doesn’t fit into your dismissive labelling but people have an annoying habit of doing that when such laziness is applied.

            SARS-Cov-2 arrived late last year but even then followed a classic Gompertz curve and this year it has fitted into exactly the seasonal pattern. To claim that a vaccine which has been proven not to prevent transmission has such an exclusive impact is just pharma shilling.

          5. Oro

            There is proof actually sorry. Look at the different counties in California, there are some with much higher rates of vaccination than others – and this is reflected in the changes in infection rates and reduction in deaths.

            Go on, look at San Bernardino county v Los Angeles county. And then glance at their comparative rate of vaccination. It disproves what you’re talking about sorry!

          6. Nigel

            No Clampers. Jesus, is everyone here suddenly experienceing some sort of reading comprehension breakdown?
            Also for feck’s sake all those alleged turnarounds were early on in the pandemic when information about the nature of the disease and what would and wouldn’t work was in a state of uncertainty, though I’m sure that could all have been mostly avoided

  2. GiggigyGoo

    The nerve of people questioning the outcome of the Mother & Babies report.
    Why take testimonies is private if they’re not going to be used?
    Another whitewash attempt like McAleese

  3. SOQ

    Ok so some may groan at the stories being told on TikTok but I am pretty sure this one is real. A girl recounted about how along with her husband, how they are building their own house. A few questions were asked about why they were doing the work themselves, so she explained what had happened.

    They had a build mortgage which is different to a normal one in that the funds are drawn down in sections as the work is completed. This in turn allows the lender to minimise their risks. The problem arose when she was furloughed and they cancelled the remainder of the mortgage. She said they never even checked as to her husband’s employment status, they just said no. So they scraped together enough to get the windows in and the house sealed, and have been working on it old school ever since.

    Just wondering has anyone else heard of stories like this? I know that mortgage lenders have been ultra-cautious and have been freezing applications all over the place but never one where they changed their mind half way through. They are within their rights to do of course but it must be very disappointing for any young couple caught in such a situation.

  4. Donald McCarthy

    That ship in Sri Lanka, full of our stuff, in flames, and sinking fast, that’s our planet, that is.

    1. Junkface

      That was so disappointing to see. Every environmental disaster makes me cringe. How many tankers a year spill or sink or go on fire? Too many.

  5. Mr. T

    “Schools face oversupply of 13,000 teachers”

    Well then why are we still facing classes of 30+ students to 1 teacher?

  6. Junkface

    Fair play to those surfers in Lahinch Co.Clare rescuing people from the sea. Riptides can be really scary, I’ve been caught in a couple myself there, great beach for the surfing though.

    1. Otis Blue

      How interesting to see that Deloitte charges a legal entity with the turnover of $13bn* an audit fee of just $63.

      Anyone else getting this value from their accountant?

      *The egregious nature of this sham is that all amounts in the accounts are denoted in dollars as that is the currency in which the legal entity generates its revenues.

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