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    1. Spot of Bodge

      The money from the Northern bank robbery was laundered through QIH … they wanted their money back.

      1. Rob_G

        In an era when the IRA would routinely kidnap businesspeople, Quinn drive to-and-fro across the border without a care – take from that what you will

        1. GiggidyGoo

          You may be going down a libelous track there Rob. Mentioning an illegal organization and a naming a person, with accompanying innuendo.

          1. Bitnboxy

            Move along there now Rob – don’t go pointing out the obvious. Nothing to see here…

            Will the police ever get to the bottom of those who were directing Lunny’s alleged torturers?

          2. goldenbrown

            I think what has GiggidyGoo worked up is Harry and Rob’s thinly veiled attempt to draw a connection to the main opposition party of the beloved FFG who will (at the rate things are going and unless some major new fresh dirt can be found) highly likely displace them after the next GE

          3. Harold Molloy

            Can you explain why you say I attempted to draw a connection to an opposition party so I can understand?

          4. GiggidyGoo

            Not worked up at all on that subject Goldenbrown. I think Rob and Boxy are doing what they accuse me of every so often – getting heated up about something that hasn’t actually been proven to have happened.
            Tin Foil is great supply obviously. :-)

      2. goldenbrown

        in this modern onion universe of ours where everyone you can think of avail of “oursource partners” in their business model I suspect this might never be quite fully understood nor proven

    2. newsjustin

      Imagine the stupidity of allegedly kidnapping and torturing someone to get them to agree to do something when you released them. And then believing that as soon as you release them they’ll do just that and tell nobody.

  1. Birdie

    Jaysus that Simon Harris is some man for getting headlines for briefs that aren’t his.

  2. Donald McCarthy

    Food prices and poverty rising. That’s an excellent recipe for famine. Just throw in some heatwaves, sea water incursion, droughts and mega crop failures and you have a real doomer smorgasbord.

  3. SOQ

    Johnston- previously infected and most likely immune- takes vaccine just in case. I know several who were infected and have been advised not to take vaccines because of the potential risk of increased side effects.

    Doctors Differ by Francis Duggan

    Doctor differ and patients die
    In some cases not a lie
    The side effects of prescribed drugs known to make people ill
    And in some cases even kill.

    Yet in many cases doctors save many from an early grave
    Lives they have been known to save
    And for their few failures them one can forgive
    Since mostly due to doctors patients live.
    Just the same as me and you
    Doctors differ of course they do
    You will not find two who on everything agree
    That’s how it is and will always be.

    Of doctors it is often said
    That their biggest mistakes are dead
    And doctors themselves die one day
    Such is life as some do say.

    1. Cian

      I know several who were infected and have been advised not to take vaccines because of the potential risk of increased side effects.
      advised by whom? qualified medical personnel? or talking heads on the internet?

      Consensus is yes- if you have previously been infected you should still get vaccination.

      1. SOQ

        Both are medics themselves and both were advised by their own GPs.

        Care to nit-pick anything else? Like the nurse on YouTube who’s actually a university lecturer?

        1. eman

          to pick a nit
          several is at least one more than two
          otherwise it might been seen as exaggeration.

    2. Joe

      You know people who were told “not to take vaccines because of the potential risk of side effects”
      Were they all holding two pints in their hands as well?

      Your continued and ineffectual attempts to dissuade people from getting highly necessary vaccines is becoming boring.

      Show some concern for your fellow citizens please and follow the science, anyone with any sense of ethical morality would encourage vaccination.

      A single dose of vaccine for some that has had a prior infection results in a significantly enhanced immune response against the virus, compared to a single dose in those without prior infection. The enhanced response is at the barest minimum an order of magnitude greater than after a conventional two-dose vaccine schedule in a previously uninfected individual.

      A dose of vaccine to a previously infected individual gives the immune system a major boost and the anti-bodies they express is effective against all variants of covid, exactly what is needed.

  4. f_lawless

    I see India is no longer getting the mainstream media attention it once was. Perhaps it’s because the country has apparently seen a steep decline in cases in the states that recently re-adopted Ivermectĭn as a part of a Covid treatment protocol? Surely this is worthy of further media scrutiny. Then again if the drug were ever to be authorised as a safe and effective treatment for Covid by governing health bodies such as the WHO, EMA etc, then the emergency use authorisations currently in place for the experimental vaccines would no longer be justified.

    Worth a read:

  5. Cian

    I’ve just got my first dose of Pfizer.

    I’m really impressed: less than 5 minutes between arriving through the doors (registration + vaccine) and the 15 minute observation period.

    Will definitely come back here!

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