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This morning.

Via Irish Times:

Her statement of claim, lodged in June 2016 and seen by The Irish Times, alleges the injury left her with with mobility issues , and that she “has not been able to continue” with many of the things she did before, such as sailing and walking.

The injury had caused “significant interference with the enjoyment of everyday life”, leaving her with “ongoing and continuing pain”, a limp and difficulty sleeping.

Photographs posted by Ms Conroy on Facebook in 2019 show her riding a horse and seated on a motorcycle. She has regularly posted images of herself out swimming and posted about taking up golf last year

A Bailey on ice.

Good times.

Fianna Fáil’s byelection candidate alleges negligence following ski trip accident  (Irish Tiimes)

Previously: Er…

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28 thoughts on “Thin Ice

  1. Formerly known as

    Geeze, I can’t believe she hurt herself while skiing. It must be negligence by someone else!

  2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    ahh ffs, you ski you are going to get hurt
    you ride, you will fall off, if you aren’t prepared to get injured don’t do the sport

    1. Liam

      Check her Instagram . Nevermind sitting on a horse in 2019… She was back skiing less than a year after her hip op and a couple of months before she went code red on the legal front. If the Irish times had bothered scrolling down her Instagram account to 2016 they would find her on even thinner ice, in all her self satisfied glory.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Was it a case of “there were no instructions written on the ski slope on how to ski” ? (Like there were no instructions on how to use a swing in the Bailey case)

    1. george

      To be fair she expressed concern to the instructor over safety of the slope and was dismissed. She twice asked if there could be break in the training session and was dismissed.

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        she’s a big girl, if she needed a rest she could have sat down

      2. Clampers Outside


        Is she a ski slope conditions expert now?
        She wasn’t forced to do any of it.

      3. des

        What is she, 10? Please Sir I need to stop. This snow is slippy

        And by the by, she was a very accomplished skier, as were all the group. And it took 18 months for her to run to Josepha madigan (sorry, limp painfully to josepha madigan) who unfortunately was out of office that day inspecting swings.

        “Making a left turn during a run down the slopes Ms Conroy’s right leg gave way”.

        Making a left turn while skiing renders your right leg useless, if it gave way she was not turning correctly.

        In fairness though, who would have expected snow to be slippy?

  4. Mr. T

    As part of DCC, she voted against the 30kmh speed limit.
    One of her submissions was that her car regularly stalls in 2nd gear if she stays around 30.

    Years earlier as part of her court case in 2017, she described how she had to switch to an automatic because she couldnt drive manual anymore and it was impacting on her quality of life. Yeah right

    1. Col

      I’m afraid it’s worse than that, according to the IT:
      “she had to trade her Mercedes car for an automatic model, as she could no longer drive a manual due to the injury”
      She probably had to drive an inferior brand. Gross. How are people meant to know how important she is if she’s no longer able to take the Merc out for a spin?

  5. eamonn

    Was it a Depeche mode tune ?
    “grabbing hands grab all they can – everything counts in large amounts”
    I think she missed a trick, what about the emotional distress unleashed upon her by her inner voice, upon realising she had taken a tumble.
    If politicians had theme tunes….

  6. Paulus

    If Bailey or Conroy’s gyrations
    Should cause them more painful prostrations
    No need to be sad-again
    Here’s Josepha Madigan
    To help with your representations

  7. Donald McCarthy

    In my haste to post some climate crazy stuff on Broadsheet I tripped over a split infinitive and have been left with lifelong debilitating conditions which threaten to impede my quite legitimate crazy career. I trust Bodger &Co. are well insured as early estimates say I should expect to get around 24 million euro, enough to rent a doorway in Dublin and leave my filthy hazard-laded hovel for good.

  8. Johnny it

    …what is entitled south county Dublin fat,white privilege.

    ‘Ms Conroy, then a travel writer for the Irish Independent, was one of six journalists on the January 2015 trip, which was paid for by ski-tour operators Crystal Holidays.”

    Experienced athletes like oh ski instructors are NOT about risk their live hood to injury on ice,she looks horrendously over weight,obese in fact,the cheek and audacity of her and that ambulance chasing two bit hustler of a lawyer,shameful stuff by this compulsive and possibly pathological liar and gaslighter.

  9. Harold Molloy

    She broke her hip and had to have it replaced. Alleges that she raised concerns with regard to the condition of the slope but was told all was well.

    So it wasn’t a non injury, and if it transpires that the slope should not have been used then I would think she is right to feel aggrieved.

    But if the slope was fine, well then clearly its her own tough luck.

    1. Clampers Outside


      Likely that last bit.

      And the photos of herself clearly doing more activities than she says she is capable of.

    2. Chucky R. Law

      How can a beginner skier falling over injure themselves in a manner that requires a hip replacement?

  10. Termagant

    “Later, she had to have a full left hip replacement in the Beacon Hospital”
    Why do they never go to normal pleb hospitals like the rest of us? Is there something wrong with them?

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