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  1. ce

    Finally the truth from the Telegraph… it’s all about the sausage war… if every sense of the phrase…

          1. ce

            Apologies for the waffle, I’ll try to (be) as t(ogether) as possible with my comments in future

  2. Donald McCarthy

    Human greed is a tautology. All our civilizations depended on monetizing the growth, storage and distribution of the three starchy grains. For 400,000 years we lived as nomadic foragers, leaving few traces of our passing but 10,000 years of settlements (most abandoned/destroyed) has brought us to this final countdown.Our failure to understand the exponential factor has been our undoing. That, and our being the random and accidental outworkings of some bizarre marriage between the physical and chemical worlds.Grey outside with hints of rain notes.

      1. millie bobby brownie

        Janet, author of bestselling book Brief History of Mankind: Life Has Always Been Poop, tells me how she dreams of an alternate universe and more in our interview later this afternoon.

    1. Rob_G

      Someone got out of the wrong side of bed, and tripped over their copy of ‘Sapiens’, methinks.

  3. SOQ

    Health staff who refuse Covid jab in Ireland sent home.


    Apart from the obvious question of why are medics refusing, coerced in such a manner is a workplace injury claim in the making. It may be that these vaccines do actually reduce the SARS-Cov-2 viral load and therefore infectiousness, but there is clear evidence that do not fully inoculate against it as people are still testing positive.

    Coerced- forced or compelled through intimidation or authority, especially without regard for individual volition:

  4. Lilly

    ‘Puffin found dead after becoming entangled in face mask’

    I misread that as Putin found dead… time for new specs.

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