Electric Picnic Tables [Updated]


ROE (above) performing the Stendhal Festival, Ballymully Cottage Farm, Limavady, Northern Ireland last weekend


Via Nialler9:

250 invited guests set up in socially distant pods or tables of four to six people enjoyed sets from four bands… The social distancing rules saw people watch the gigs from tables and individual audience pens in bubbles of four to six people…

We’d rather go to Altamont.

Less demonic.

Here’s what one of the first outdoor gigs to take place in Northern Ireland looked like (Nialler9)

Stendal Festival

Pic: Amelia Films



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7 thoughts on “Electric Picnic Tables [Updated]

  1. Micko

    Yeah – a hard pass from me too.

    If there isn’t a chance of my festival experience turning into a scene from Fear & Loathing, then I just don’t wanna know.

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