19 thoughts on “Thursday’s Papers

  1. Steph Pinker

    I think I’ll dress up as a pollster for Halloween – I’m not sure whether to wear a balaclava or a blueshirt though…

  2. Slightly Bemused

    In other news, I managed to achieve something this morning I never managed even in my worst drunken bachelor days. It is truly a feat worthy of acknowledgement.

    Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! Hear all within reach of my voi… keyboard.
    On this day the tenth day of June in the year of the Common Era Two Thousand and Twenty One, a day of ill omen wherein the sun shall be blocked and its life giving effusions retarded, did Slightly Bemused get distracted and forget did he the pot of water atop his stove. The pot containing the life-giving wonders of the young of a chicken. And so was that sustenance lost to him.
    The crows did not seem to mind.
    Hear ye!

    In otherwords, I managed to burn my boiled eggs. I am blaming this page as I wandered down rabbit holes prompted by the headlines.

    But full culpability lays with the eclipse!

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        between 10.30 and 12.30, partial, the dragon will attempt to eat the sun

        1. Slightly Bemused

          And of course the clouds across the moon are covering the sun too. This day has cursèd me. Cursèd, I tell you!

    1. GiggidyGoo

      That’s the way new tastes are discovered. You could have submitted it to Walker Crisps last year. My favorite burnt crispy thing is the cheese that melts onto the george foreman grill from a toastie. Some day when the other half is out, i’m going grill a full batch of it.

  3. ian-oG

    Philip Ryan of the Indo is Sinn Feins version of Matt Damon in The Departed and I claim my free tricolour y fronts from their range of rebel underwear.

  4. f_lawless


    “Washington state’s new “joints for jabs” programme linked to Covid-19 vaccinations is off to a rough start.

    Officials announced on Monday the state’s nearly 500 licensed marijuana retailers could begin hosting vaccine clinics and offering a single, free pre-rolled marijuana cigarette to any 21-plus adult who received a shot there.

    It is one of many vaccine incentives being offered in Washington, including free pints of beer, sports tickets and prizemoney to lure those who have been hesitant or lazy.”

    Ye couldn’t make it up. What next? A free hit off a crack pipe and vaccine clinics set up in crack dens around the city? Gotta pull out all the stops to try and reach every demographic! Seems like anything goes in this public health campaign like no other in history.

      1. f_lawless

        No I’ve always been pro-choice. But I don’t think that trying to persuade people to have a medical procedure with offers of free joints (or sports tickets, prize money, etc) should be part of part any sound public health policy. It’s farcical. What do you think?

  5. NobleLocks

    Hopefully tomorrows newspapers will include the fact that as and from today in the UK it is illegal to discriminate against people for stating that Men cannot become women and women cannot become men! Maya Forstater won her case! woohoo!

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