8 thoughts on “Movement Of Jah People

  1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    the whole time Mrs Moses told him to just ask for directions…but he wouldn’t

        1. U N M U T U A L

          your right… Apparently, the wife of Moses was Zipporah (or zippy to her friends), which translates as Bird in Hebrew. So, if he had of heeded her advice with regards to the old idiom ‘as the crow flies’ they would have gotten there in jig time…. but he totally bungled it!

  2. Casual Observer

    Wait a moment…
    I thought we were on the road to Damascus?

    I’m starting to think this is all made-up as you go along.

    The guy at the front hasn’t got a clue.

  3. H

    The expert view is that it should have taken 9 days, taking into account the number of people moving and the amount of time it would time to set up and set down the camp as needed.

    If you read Exodus you will see that they were following a cloud by day and a pillar of smoke by night. They arrived at the promised land quite quickly but were too afraid to tackle the inhabitants which is why they ended up wandering around for 40 years

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