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  1. f_lawless

    Covid gaslighting on a colossal scale. And the media, rather than ask probing questions of the obviously contrived narrative about the impending threat of new Covid variants, simply parrot the official line. Anything will do to yet again string the public along that bit further down the line

    I think probably the only hope for a permanent restoration of civil liberties now hinges on a sustained public push back on a massive scale. But there seems to be little to no chance of that happening in Ireland from what we’ve seen so far. As sad as it is to say, maybe Irish hopes rest with the large numbers of British public more inclined to actively protest (and maybe in some mainland countries like France?) – if they can somehow create enough momentum to force their own governments to abandon course, then the Irish government would likely follow suit?

    1. :-Joe

      … Another relentless oirish farce… Playing out with the deft complex nuance of a toilet seat slapping a snoring drunk gobpoo in the back of the head …

      So anyway, excuse me for not thinking that’s going anywhere soon…

      After having managed to get the worlds worst nationally used online media software technology working, to the point that the broadcast lasted more than five seconds without my foot stuck through the centre of it again.. I ended up losing it, resorting to smoking craic, snorting coca cola and chasing the dragon’s den up it’s own backside…

      Yes, for the first time since the last festival of balls to that idea of qualification , I tuned in for”H Diddy” as Brady “Arse et al” likes to call him in their commentary team, then left only to find myself reeling at the hyocrasy of years gone by….

      It’s was hilariously depressing to watch the narrow minded scope of what is deemed relevent by de r.t.e.ministry of audio and visual morality for the establishment… etc etc. but there was one glowing ray of altruistic media sunshine breaking through the ultra-bland, fake emotional and intentionally mind-DUMBingly stupid nostalgia sounds by… any-number-of-ploppy-autotuned-overtly-white-talentless-and-pointless-pop-muppets who can’t even notice they are whining instead of singing authentic or even original music…

      The moment of rare sanity and joy occured at the beginning of the 2016 episode where you see enda “we’re open for any kind of business people” kenny giving an impassioned / hilarious call to arms and his future unelected failure of a politician, der leodar, along with a bunch of his head privelaged prefect school friends are wincing at the very moment it is supposed to trigger all you f-f/g eejits into self-induced psycho-somatic masturbatory nirvana at the idea of potentially voting for him again and/or the future them…

      Even the look on the face of saint justice francis of ninja/machiavellian assasination… is truly frightening…

      Poor auld enda’s business porfolio wasn’t just being put out to pasture, it was being threatened with being taken around the back of leinster house and shot, point blank range twice like a cold-hearrted but efficient killer..

      Once to the foot and the other to the mouth…

      RIP the age of inoocence and naivety in the auld ways of elitist oirish political corruption… At least you tell which useless contemptable abhorrent gobpoo was responsible back then…

      Just to bring it back around f-lawless.. It’s part of the same reason why nobody has the foot-balls or gamesense in politics to take responsibility for anything anymore…

      Another one of my “IMhO’s”.. Bitcoin is an investment in yours and your future broad spectrum potential family’s real future…
      – 100k min… xxx
      (Not your typical mainstream financial advice/FUD lies)

      If the water supply is poisoned, maybe it’s time to go medievil and consider drinking beer for breakfast…hic..


    2. Cú Chulainn

      Do you not think that perhaps Bozo and his friends have not been entirely honest with the Uk vaccine roll out and they are very exposed to a 4th wave..? Things are coming back to normal here and the rest of the US and Europe…

    3. SOQ

      What gets me- and it includes particular commenters on this site- is the absolute insistence that this MUST be a far right tinfoil hat yada yada which is a obvious attempt to control the narrative. If it s a broad left wing protest elsewhere across Europe then why is Ireland no different? Nobody seems to have an answer to that question.

      The only glimmer of hope comes from the fact that SF and the other left wing groups voted against the recent Government’s bill to allow for the restrictions and lockdowns to be introduced until at least November, but too little to late comes to mind.

      Big march planned for London on the 26th I think.

        1. SOQ

          It wasn’t any old journalist, it was Newsnight’s political editor Nicholas Watt- they knew who he was.

          1 million at last march and you can be pretty certain that will be more at the next one. Black Nazis, gay Nazis, Asian Nazis, hippy Nazis and Rasta Nazis- they’re the worst, they’ll have the whole crowd dancing to the far right music of Bob Marley.

    4. Junkface

      I think lockdown restrictions for all out door activities should be lifted now, except for situations where people might be packed tightly together. It’s safe in the summer and most of the population has been vaccinated. I really hope that SME’s get some financial help with re-openings, they have been left to struggle through in most cases.

      1. Cian

        most of the population has been vaccinated.

        It depending on how you count “the population” :
        All ages: 17% are fully vaccinated, another 25% have one dose. (42% at least one dose)
        18+: 23% are fully vaccinated, another 34% have one dose.(56% at least one dose)

    5. GiggidyGoo

      Plenty of Greek Alphabet letters left to use.

      Plenty of time to put in all sorts of legislation to deprive people of basic rights.. Heading for I-Robot land.

      1. E'Matty

        Robota – the word robot was first used in a 1920 play by Czech writer Karel Capek, and comes from the Czech word Robota meaning “Slavery” or “forced labor”. Fritz Lang’s 1927 film Metropolis is worth a watch to see the vision of this new world portrayed almost a century ago.

  2. italia'90

    This farcical narrative is never going to end, is it?

    Oh BTW, it was the 5th anniversary of the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando last Saturday.
    Another enduring false narrative that shows the power of Media Propaganda.

  3. Birdie

    Christ that’s so low scamming that man who’s wife was dying of cancer. I can never fathom how dark some people go with their morals.

  4. Donald McCarthy

    Thanks to my remarkable powers of observation I have recently detected a certain frisson between the pro and anti Covid mobs. This pains me greatly as I live only for peace, love and understanding and spreading tots and pears wherever I go. I have come up with an elegant plan to reunite the tribes and ensure no one loses face. When the full moon next rises above the fairy thorn on the eastern hillside we must all say 8.4 novenas and pray for a new, mutant variety which kills remorselessly and within 24 hours. The anti covid mob can point to the good old days when covid killed few and slowly and most escaped while the pro-covid mob can relax in the comfort of certainty. Or we could sit back, chilling in a boiling world. Overcast today with clouds of confusion laced with methane.

    1. ce

      Grad and refurb a HSE one from a skip… there will be loads going around…Keep it classic on Windows 7, all else is witchcraft….

      1. ian-oG

        In work its Windows 10 which is pooh, but at home its either a Linux laptop or an Android tablet.

        They. Just. Work.

        No problems, ever.

        Still using Ubuntu for a long time now but I believe the other distros are as good if not better, but I have a good handle on Ubuntu and can run shed loads of Win 7 capable applications via a virtual machine so its all good.

        1. SOQ

          What issues were you having with Windows 10 Ian?

          From what I can see, at least some of the issues on networks are to do with Group Policies rather than 10 itself. Also, heavy anti viral suites and in some cases, poo being installed onto them.

      2. GiggidyGoo

        I bought a new Windows 10 in Jan 2020. Lenovo, Slim all-in-one. Slow, slow slow. Hangs upon start-up. (Have Eset anti-virus on it) Every so often Windows 10 wants me to complete registration, even though I’ve done it. It takes 2-3 minutes to boot up.

        On the other hand, I have a 10 year-old ALDI Medion PC into which I put a SSD. Running Windows 7. Boot up in less than 20 seconds. No delays loading programs. Despite the offer to upgrade to Win 10, I didn’t.

        On the other, other hand, I have an old Acer Aspire PC, originally Windows Vista which I wiped and put Windows 98 onto. Never connected it to the net with Windows 98.Loads of software that won’t run on 7, 10 etc. and nice to have a clean machine. Boots up in less than 30 second.

        1. SOQ

          Might be worth running some diagnostics on that Gigs- or get the Lenovo tech support to remote in and do it. I upgraded a laptop to an SSD and it is flying, no issues at all and I use a lot of heavy .wav and CAD files – boots up in a few seconds and never labours.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            I’ve IOLO running on the Lenovo. It identifies and fixes issues – PC is still slow after that. I’ve gone into MSCONFIG and turned off some unnecessary items. But a week later it’s back to really slow.

  5. eoin

    Notice how every paper is running the same ‘second jab’ headlines. All getting their orders from central command.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      That – and they’re pushing mixing the various jabs (Luke O’Neill was peddling that a few days ago). Two or more different products, from different companies, with the same ingredients – and can work in unison – doubtful.

  6. SOQ

    OK so this is an interesting group- BIRD.

    The British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Group (BIRD) is a truly grassroots initiative bringing together clinicians, health researchers and patient representatives from all around the world to advocate for the use of ivermectin against covid-19.


    1. Cian

      I’m all for researching drugs and using the most effective ones. But I’m confused that you have a lower bar for certain drugs than others. You were ung-ho about using ivermectin based on little more than anicodotes and half-completed trials. You are now supporting their use as a treatment for people that have Covid.
      But you are against using vaccines that have successfully completed level 3 clinical trials; vaccines that would prevent (many) of the infections in the first place. why?

      “approximately 4 billion doses [of ivermectin] have been given with very few serious adverse events.”
      4 billion sounds like a lot, until you realise there have been approximately 2.5 billion covid vaccine doses given with very few serious adverse events.

      1. SOQ

        When I posted one of John Campbell’s analysis you called him ‘some retired nurse on YouTube’. But if you have been bothered stepping back through his presentations, you would see that he has some pretty heavy duty scientists and medics in agreement with him. He also expressed his frustration at this two camp approach and asked why both cannot be used?

        Why indeed.

        OpenVAERS has counted 5000 fatalities in the US but is estimating 20 000 deaths SO FAR, and that is not even considering the longer term nor those who will have permanent injuries yet to be recorded. It will be a long time before any objective call can be made on how many serious adverse events there are.

        Ivermectin on the other hand is safe- it has been used for a very long time so everything about it is known. And it is cheap as chips of course because it is out of patent.

        From the site- Approximately 7,000 patients have been included in 24 trials globally and more studies are being conducted as we speak. That is not anicodotes nor half-completed trials.


        Interesting how a rushed new tech vaccine is acceptable yet a drug which definitely does not harm, is not.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          From 2017: https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2017/may/11/bill-zedler/bill-zedler-insists-program-doesnt-collect-wide-ra/
          In a July 2005 web post, Dr. James R. Laidler wrote: “The chief problem with the VAERS data is that reports can be entered by anyone and are not routinely verified. To demonstrate this, a few years ago I entered a report that an influenza vaccine had turned me into The Hulk. The report was accepted and entered into the database.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            More recent, but antivaxxers have been at it since the last century: https://www.vice.com/en/article/qjpmp7/anti-vaxxers-misuse-federal-data-to-falsely-claim-covid-vaccines-are-dangerous
            Since its inception in 1988, anti-vaccine groups have cherry-picked VAERS data and twisted it out of context to show the supposed dangers of vaccines. Now, with several COVID-19 vaccines being administered, and vaccine hesitancy and misinformation on the rise worldwide, VAERS is being used yet again by those same groups—as well as a crop of new bad actors—as a vehicle for claims that various vaccines cause serious side effects like Bell’s palsy, hospitalizations, or death. (A CDC review of safety data to date found this week that Bell’s palsy is no more common in COVID-vaccinated populations than unvaccinated; nor is the rate of death, or other severe health complications.)

          2. SOQ

            The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a United States program for vaccine safety, co-managed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

            The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has warned that data from VAERS is not enough to determine whether a vaccine can cause a particular adverse event..


            But that doesn’t say what is reported is wrong- just that it is not enough. This is a state sponsored and managed system so if there is false or malicious reporting, it is up to them to verify the sources and incidents reported- otherwise, what is the point?

          3. Daisy Chainsaw

            From the Vox article:

            “VAERS is a passive reporting surveillance system, and the people who submit to it can include doctors and healthcare providers, but also anyone who receives a vaccine, their family members, or even lawyers. (This is different from the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Datalink, which is limited to health care professionals, and requires more documentation for submissions.)”

            Anyone can put any aul rubbish on VAERS, but health professionals have their own version, subject to more scrutiny and actual facts.

          4. SOQ

            And as above- it is then up to the respective agencies to verify that data- otherwise, what is the point of it in the first place?

            From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaccine_Safety_Datalink – The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the VSD, and the Clinical Immunization Safety Assessment (CISA) Network are tools by which the CDC and FDA measure vaccine safety[2] to fulfill their duty as regulatory agencies charged with protecting the public.

            They acknowledge VAERS as a tool to measure vaccine safety? Not the only one granted, but it is most definitely one of them.

        2. alickdouglas

          Benefit risk is a two part equation: impact on disease on one side, and negative effect on the subject on the other. B/R is positive when impact > negative effect. That is frequently described as ‘safe’.

          In the context of worm infections, Ivermectin’s B/R is positive. It is generally highly effective at killing worms, and only rarely kills humans. Worms are very bad for humans, hence B >> R. However it’s important that the risk associated with Ivermectin is NOT 0, it has a range of recognised side effects, many of them quite serious. Therefore, it is not typically given to people who do not have worm infections (with clear exceptions). When it comes to SARS-CoV-2, the impact of Ivermectin on the virus is poorly quantified, although it is clearly limited. Therefore both sides of the B/R equation are near 0, and the B/R is uncertain

          7000 patients in 24 trials does not make for good evidence. A key reason to do large randomized controlled trials is to permit the control of confounders. 24 trials means 24 different protocols and 24 different ways of doing things. The unfortunate truth is that big trials are logistical nightmares, and are technically challenging and expensive to run. That is not to say that you need big pharma involvement: the licensure of MenAfriVac was achieved with little pharma involvement, and the recent evidence supporting the use of Wolbachia to combat mosquitoes that spread Dengue both provide showcases of how the impact of interventions can be measured to internationally acceptable standards without needing to use big pharma (although both of those did get BMGF funding).

          1. SOQ

            Agreed but, give the severity of the situation and that a number of countries have already licensed it for CoVid-19 use, and as you say that the risk is so low- if it can potentially save lives then why not?

            The point being made again and again and again is that there is no early intervention treatments being used. And yet, some medics are saying that they are prescribing it off label, with good results. If you were sick would you take it? I certainly would.

            The same happened with HQC where not only was it banned from use, pharmacists refused to supply it and in one case- in Australia I think- doctors were threatened with 6 months in jail. Really?

          2. Cian

            that (the risk is low- if it can potentially save lives then why not?) is the same arguement for using masks, but you are anti-mask.

          3. Cian

            deflection much?

            Why are you anti-mask when “the risk is low- if it can potentially save lives then why not?”

  7. Johnny

    medicinal psilocybin and MDMA-assisted therapies will be proven effective in treating a range of mental illnesses.for anyone curios this is a decent site with lots free info in OZ.

    “Mind Medicine Australia (MMA) is a charity that seeks to alleviate the suffering caused by mental illness in Australia through expanding the treatment options available to medical practitioners and their patients. We are focused on the development of safe and effective psychedelic-assisted therapies to cure a range of mental illnesses.”


    why-reading again about Irl’s binge drinking culture and acceptance.most people in ny/la who kept it together and thrived smoked lots weed,while micro dosing ‘shrooms during lockdown,those who lost the plot were drinking.

    free ….

    “In this webinar, we will explore the drug interaction potential between antidepressants and psychedelics, compare their mechanisms of action, and summarize practical considerations for persons tapering antidepressants that are interested in psychedelic assisted therapies.”


  8. Johnny

    ..in certain weed markets its all about getting really high,its impossible to naturally hit the THC levels demanded by customers,hence…

    -bought street weed tested it-only 3 out 20 passed-another good reason to regulate.

    “B.C.’s cannabis secretariat did a pilot study to test 20 dry cannabis samples seized from six illicit stores in Metro Vancouver”


    Nixon’s racist and deranged wasteful war on drugs is 50 years old today-trust the plan!

    “The report found that Black Virginians were around four times more likely to be arrested and convicted for marijuana use and procession compared to White people.”


      1. Johnny

        Oh I see,your new round here,or burnt another handle,what other subjects in the ‘paper’s section,would you like discourse on.
        First is for major international Conf – which has not happened yet-on new/innovative/experiments in treating mental health.

        Second is twofoer-resreach on what’s in/sprayed on street weed,how harmful it is and social equity,I’m looking for your contribution to the discourse,can’t seem find it ?

        1. Can a Da?

          How could my star even hope to glimmer so close to your luminescence?
          You’re right. Thanks for playing.

          1. Johnny

            are you ok,its a invitation to a international conference for those in treatment/interested/treating mental health issues,if i may make a suggestion,i strongly recommend you seek some professional help.

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