This afternoon.

Ranelagh, Dublin 6.

Pharmacist Niamh Boden with Kevin McElroy (top) and Dorothy Fisher (above) in Dunville Community Pharmacy in Ranelagh, Dublin. Today saw hundreds of pharmacies around the country begin to administer Covid vaccines as part of an agreement between the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) and the HSE.

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Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

11 thoughts on “Shot Local

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Got my second jab yesterday, just after this single jab rollout was announced. Typical!

    A ‘friend’, on hearing this, sent me a picture (sorry not sure how to post in a comment) of the old Academy cinema signboard and its message. Forgive the trite joke:

    Your ma is an
    Anti Vaxxer

    She calls herself
    Mrs Doubt Pfizer

    I thought it was funny :-)

  2. eoin

    Shoulda waited. If you had you could have got the J&J single jab. If you’d waited even longer you could have been administered one of the several cheap, safe and readily available therapeutic drugs about to be approved.

  3. eoin

    By the way…the RIAs stance on Ivermectins use for covid19 is fairly ambiguous and also out of date. Since the date it was published there have been numerous field tests and a peer reviewed paper in the UK done by Dr Tess Lowry. If we had any decent journalists or smart politicians in this country they’d ask the RIA to update their position on Ivermectin and subsequently recommend it’s use for treatment…based on evidence of it’s success in treatment and prevention. Then we can drop the jab altogether. The RIA should in fact be doing this all by themselves. But the jab is not about cure or prevention…it’s about making as much money as possible before they’re forced to embrace the use of cheap therapeutic drugs due to overwhelming evidence.

    1. Micko

      Can only doctors have opinions on medical procedures?

      Do I have to be a mechanic to discuss cars?

      Do I have to be a chef to have an opinion on food.

    2. Micko

      “ You’re probably an expert on everything.”

      Funnily enough, I’m a brutal cook. But you get my point…

      That “are you a doctor” bit is a load of crap. Touted out since the start of this thing by people like you just looking to shut others up.

      And yet we have doctors contradicting each other all the time.

      Case in point, Holohan being told the other day he didn’t know what he was talking about by a Harvard prof.

      Doctors differ, people die.

    3. Lilly

      Do you even click on the links you post? Here’s what W C Campbell says about Ivermectin:

      ‘the concentration of drug needed to kill the virus was many times higher than the concentration of ivermectin found in the blood of people in the normal use of ivermectin to control parasitic disease.’

      and –

      ‘In view of the drug concentration differential just mentioned, the probability of ivermectin being used safely to kill the virus in people must be considered low.’

  4. Slightly Bemused

    Ah jay sus! I did not have to close the door of the car. Sure didn’t the magnestism pull it closed after me!

    Or maybe that was the wind…

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