Mansion House, Dublin 2.



Top pic: Sauvignon Blanc

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13 thoughts on “I Chu

  1. Broadbag

    Congrats to them. Meanwhile, Bryan Wall needs to learn to type faster if he thinks it takes a few hours to send a mean tweet!

  2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    Make use of free wedding venue before departing office – clever!

  3. Johnny

    on insta-whatever about the simply awful optics of pic’s her in her pj’s and bling,there should be some law against this shameless shrilling,its simply unethical and tacky,disrespects the office to promote them while negotiating your bill.

    ‘So this is the second wedding dress I bought, off the sale rack, in less than 20 minutes in @ciarabridal1.’

    While they had a religious ceremony at the Mansion House, Hazel shared on social media: ‘We’ve moved our reception party at @poulaphoucahouse out to next year.’

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