‘Use Discretion’


From top: Spanish Arch, Galway; Minister of Social Protection; Community and Rural Development Heather Humphreys

What could go wrong?

Gardaí ‘will use discretion’ over outdoor drinking – Humphreys (RTÉ)

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13 thoughts on “‘Use Discretion’

      1. Micko


        Excellent call.

        Interestingly, did you know that Temple of Doom is actually a prequel to Raiders and is set about a year before it, even though it came out after it ;)

  1. eoin

    Discretion? So the Gardai can just make it up as they go? This is dumb. Clarify or get off the pot FFS. It’s not rocket science.

  2. Can a Da?

    Humphreys is appalling, what a joke, talk about being over-promoted. An inept, embarrassing disgrace.

  3. D-troll

    hahaha, the lone garda among the hundreds of people made me laugh. just imagining people trying to take him seriously when he asks them to go home. hahahaa

    1. Can a Da?

      It really shows how disgusting and out of touch leadership in that organisation is.
      Imagine giving a man an instruction like that at work! Imagine a man actually taking that order and then thinking ‘I’m doing my job here, I am so proud of myself and my profession’. Appalling.

  4. SOQ

    Heather Humphreys constituency of Monaghan is surrounded on three side by Northern Ireland, which has been wide open for the past seven weeks- the irony.

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