You Ever Been In A Cockpit Before?


This afternoon.

Must be something going around.


Seems legit.

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4 thoughts on “You Ever Been In A Cockpit Before?

  1. goldenbrown

    bah! who cares, Sam Bennett got dropped for Mark Cavendish, I fupping knew that would happen

    that’s my nice tdf afternoons up in smoke so

  2. eoin

    The AA CEOs excuse isn’t in line with any of the reports that claimed the pilots were all calling in sick and there was a shortage of ground crew. And where are the ground crews? They all sick as well?

  3. Steph Pinker

    This anecdote is somewhat related: when I was 13, I wrote a letter to West Point Military Academy, NY, to enquire as to the process of becoming an Air Force pilot after leaving school in Ireland; after a few months I hadn’t received a reply so I put it out of my mind. 7 months later when one of the nuns was giving the rest of the pupils their letters after lunch, I was told to go to the Principal’s office, which I did. After being told to be seated, I was subjected to many questions about my family links to the US and why the nuns didn’t know to expect mail from official US authorities etc., In the heel-of-the-hunt, the school principal produced a letter addressed to me from West Point MA with official insignia; she opened it, read it aloud and subsequently looked a bit sheepish. It was a very nice letter from admin thanking me for my enquiry, detailing what was required to become an AF pilot, with best wishes and a request to keep them informed as to my progress should I choose to pursue my AF career – with US naturalization obviously.

    When I was leaving her office she threw the letter on her desk and barked that it was the stupidest ambition she’d ever read in a pupil’s letter, to which I replied, ‘don’t read other peoples’ post then’.

    Needless to say, she and all the other nuns *really* loved me after that – my card was marked. Dammit!

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