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    1. Mr. T

      “It takes time to get from one call to another”
      So are the gardai constantly responding to street fights?

      O my fair city of knackers and junkies

    2. The Dude

      What EU capital city is worse run than Dublin?

      Quite remarkable how for years there was criticism about lawlessness on O’Connell Street – and then they closed down the police station!

      If UK retailers and pension fund landowners had concentrated on saving the police station, rather than eliminating all the cafés on Henry Street so that it is “Grade 1” retail street, maybe such total lawlessness and open criminality would not occur as much, and maybe there would not be 31% vacancy of shop units in Henry Street.

      At least this time when uniformed police eventually appeared, they were wearing ID tags – unlike the fracas on South William Street two weeks ago.

      So, what other capital city in the EU is worse run?

        1. millie bobby brownie

          Really? That’s interesting.

          Not a defense of Dublin, but I will say the one and only time I was mugged was not in our fair capital.

          (it was in Amsterdam)

          1. Sara

            Yeah, lived there for a while. Fights were pretty common, the police don’t interfere, they’re too busy beating up immigrants. Violence against women in Madrid is actually worse than in Dublin.

          2. millie bobby brownie

            That sounds terrible. You only ever really here how uncivilised we are by comparison with the folks in continental Europe, so it feels kind of shocking to read about that kind of thing.

          3. millie bobby brownie


            No, surprisingly enough. It was in a nice area (supposedly} right outside the four star hotel. We were celebrating a significant anniversary and decided to splash out on a nice hotel, only to be mugged outside on our first night.

  1. Johnny

    how long is the minister for nepotism on leave ?

    the acting minister is busy,While Rome Burns…

    Heather Humphreys
    Jun 21
    A wonderful morning in Inniskeen where I was delighted to announce €118 million in supports.
    School meals programme extended over summer
    Funding in place to support children with special educational needs
    Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance open for applications


    btw the above and this is now daily on a major Europeans capitals main streets ,she also made a mess regarding licensed out door drinking,just not up to the job of minister for one dept. never mind TWO !

    tokenism run amok.

  2. Toe Up

    It’s a 9 minute walk from Store St Garda station to that McDonalds according to Google Maps.

      1. Junkface

        Yeah! That’s what I was thinking. Did the Gov’t shut it down because of cutbacks?

  3. Junkface

    Imagine these scumbags had knives? Or one of them was a nutcase who decided to stab everyone around him? Not acceptable police organization. Really poor.

    Isn’t there a small Garda station on O’Connell st? There used to be anyway. Down near the arcades.

  4. JoeC

    ‘why hasn’t somebody called the guards? – I’m far too busy filming the thing on my phone to call the guards’

  5. me

    Rambling along with their hands in their pockets like 2 transition year lads on their lunch break.

  6. Clampers Outside

    I got it on WhatsApp over the weekend and did my usual with most of those vids…. Stopped after a few seconds, then deleted it from my phone (before moving on to laugh at a cat video… probably)

    1. Hyper real

      If there had been transsexuals in it would you have deleted it as quick! No
      You’d be in here mouthing off about how the world is going nuts. Especially if one of them had a good left hook.

  7. Qwerty123

    Dystopian poohole, says the guy filming a fight on O’Connell street and didnt ring the guards himself, just makes an assumption somebody else did.

    And people act surprised as if this fighting and scum bag activity is a new thing, always has been and always will be in the city centre, people now are filming it and sharing it more. It does seem to be spreading though, which is disappointing.

    There cant be a guard on every corner, blaming the guards for the activity of these animals (no disrespect to 99% of animals), is harsh.

    1. JEH

      You don’t know that he didn’t call. The video has several cuts and he’s seen talking to McDonald’s staff. He may have asked them early on if the police had been called. He may have also been with another person who was actively on the phone with the police. You can’t just assume no one called because 1 person is filming with their phone

      1. Cian

        1:40 “now don’t tell me that no one here had called the guards” suggests strongly that he didn’t call the guards himself nor been with another person who was actively on the phone with the police.

    2. Bort

      Nobody should need to call the guards, it should have been picked up on CCTV straight away

  8. Praetorian

    Store St,Pearse St,The Bridewell & Dublin Castle Traffic division all within walking distance…two mules turn up 20mins later….a lazy and cowardly police force…always looking for the easy option to hassle like a priest saying mass or a Debenhams striker.
    There was a time you couldn’t walk O’Connell St for Gardai 10ft apart now they’re nowhere to be seen.
    Public order unit should be permenantly parked on the street hassling and arresting these ratlickers until they fupp off.

  9. GiggidyGoo

    No Garda Cars? No Gardai on Bicycles?. No – just two excuses for Gardai.
    O’Connel Street is the ultimate poo-hole of City Centres.

    1. Bitnboxy

      What is happening today?! Decidedly strange occurrences. I am once again in agreement with d’aul Giggz. Yes indeed, Dublin City centre needs a dedicated beefed-up and visible Garda-presence with police posts at various points across the city. It can’t be simply two Gardaí walking the beat from Pearse Sheet station.

      As for O’Connell Street, well I never had you down as an urban architectural aesthete Giggz and to borrow your own inimitable patois, a “poo-hole” indeed. Truly embarrassing.

  10. gallantman

    They are all out at the airport making sure nobody gets off this island other than for ‘essential’ reasons.

  11. eoin

    In fairness there were about 30 Gardai around the corner intimidating the peaceful lockdown protest march. Three paddy wagons too.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        There is a right to protest.
        There isn’t a right to disturb the peace.
        The gardai had their priorities wrong.

  12. perricrisptayto

    Walked all over town this morning, never passed one Guard.
    That being said, I didn’t see much wrong either, but the day’s of cops walking the streets are long gone, it’s like no one cares anymore.

  13. SOQ

    Ok well I have a mate works that area- Guard not rent smart arse- the stories of wildlife most of us don’t even know exist, are mad.

    It’s a bit like screaming at a nurse for leaving you waiting in an A&E when you have no idea what (s)he has just been dealing with- somebody dying quite possibly, in very sad circumstances- and they just trying to keep it together while listening to your mememe nonsense.

    Not everything in this world is at the end of your nose, and a few knackers boxing the heads of each other is hardly a priority- it’s a regular occurrence, most probably enjoyed the show while having their coffee.

    Now- can we get rid of that friggen ugly spike?

  14. Des

    The Garda force is understaffed, poorly equipped and staffed by men and women who dont give a poo.

    Getting stuff for free and pulling strokes is their priority

    1. Andrew

      It’s not understaffed. It’s badly managed and is a destination for time servers looking for an easy life with a rolls royce pension.

  15. Broadbag

    They should have teleported, duh! Maybe they were on South William St keeping an eye on the Canada Goose brigade? We’re woefully under-copped for a capital city.

  16. John F

    In fairness, the only solution that I can see to this problem is more gardai on patrol in the streets. But often some politician will come out and announce a couple of hundred extra gardai and where do most of them end up? Behind desks or on some task force and not on the streets.
    Another problem is the judiciary, very often these type of scumbags are brought to court and despite their multiple convictions for similar offences they get handed a suspended sentence!

  17. K. Cavan

    There were probably maskless lunatics standing 1.7m apart just around the corner, for goodness sake, maybe even someone being misgendered, who knows the horrors our cops have to face?
    Some years back, for about a fortnight, I had to catch the last bus from An Lar & I was stepping over junkies & assorted head-the-balls, wrestling each other on O’Connell Street’s pavements, every single night. It didn’t bother me much, I have a black belt, it holds my strides up fine but there were always tourists about the place & it was embarrassing that no cops ever showed up & this was when the Garda Station was still open!
    Luckily, the government has done much to ensure tourists no longer have to witness such scenes.

    1. Kdoc

      You are absolutely correct. Given the violence that ensued following one of those maskless protests on Grafton Street Gardaí have to supervise those protests in great numbers. A sad waste of resources when the other skangers remain unpoliced. That’s not even to mention the stupidity of having an anti lockdown protest at a time when the lockdown is being lifted..

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