Behold: the 2004 Shelby Cobra – Code-named Project Daisy, this one-off, fully functioning prototype was the last Shelby Cobra ever made (production was subsequently cancelled during an economic downturn).

Powered by an experimental 6.5-litre, 605bhp V10 with a rear-mounted six-speed transaxle, it had an aluminium space frame chassis with front and rear suspension components from the Ford GT. The vehicle was tested by Carroll Shelby himself at Irwindale Speedway and went on to star in the otherwise garbage movie XXX: State of the Union, driven by Ice Cube.

Up for auction next month for an as yet undisclosed but probably somewhat hefty starting price.


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4 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. goldenbrown

    it looks like one of those crappy fake fibreglass kit cars you’d graft onto a Toyota MR2 chassis


  2. Papi

    Undecided on this one. Yeah but no but yeah. I’m sure Cobra are quaking in their boots till I make up my mind.

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