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  1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    Broadsheet, do we need so many British papers on an Irish site?

    It’s a repetitive question, not a rhetorical one.

      1. Hyper real

        Speaking repetitively some of our commenters even drive British cars like a Landrover

          1. Rosette of Sirius

            Nah, as a committed globalist, I want the Seattle Times, the Tiroler Tageszeitung, Diário de Notícias and the Bloom County Picayune….

    1. Bosco is a pox

      Different papers arrive at different times lads.
      The list expands during the night.
      It happens all the time. Most of the time.

      Be grateful for what you get.

      There’s an element of fun in looking into your next-door neighbour’s back garden.
      Be thankful for that and be patient.

      Ooh ah…

    2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      Def no need for the tabloid rags. More Euro or international papers would be good. No Murdoch toilet paper, too.

      1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        Hi Charage, Welcome back. I get enough #MurdochGutterMedia in Oz. Rupert owns 70% of the news media. Correct, the Federal Government – Tories – that Rupert supports, have stuffed up the two jobs they have to do. They failed to secure Pfizer vaccines and they have not supplied proper quarantine facilities. It should guarantee our Trump-lite PM gets turfed out at the next election.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Time for Hooligan and NPHET to close up. They’re all over the shop now. The latest is:

    Vaccine passport’ proposal for indoor dining.
    (Good luck with Data Protection matters. A person’s health records are confidential.)

    Nphet gives stark warning on potential Delta variant spread.
    (based on what?)

    Worst case scenario could see more than 2,000 deaths by end of September
    (Based on what?)

    Country set to fast-track roll out of second AstraZeneca jab.
    (Oh, another ‘roll out’. There must be square wheels of the current one, given that there are tens of thousands of over 60’s still waiting for their second jam of AZ months later. Plus there are so many of the AZ, they’re going to give to the younger people?)

    Keystone Kops territory once again.

    1. SOQ

      They are predicting a wave of deaths in the weeks ahead- from the new variant- which has symptoms so similar to the common cold that most people can’t tell the difference.

      They are so out of control the Regina Doherty has called on them to “go back to being the advisors to our Cabinet” rather than “giving personal opinions on the airwaves every single day because it is literally driving people insane”

      They shouldn’t be making public statements at all- that is not their job.

      1. Cian

        For once I’m in agreement with you.
        The NPHET projections are crazy.

        The 5th July re-opening should continue.

        1. alickdouglas

          Since it’s rare that there’s agreement actually declared here, I will join in, totally agree with the statements above.

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I also agree, they can also take policing if people are vacinated and stick it right up their well padded holes

          2. Junkface

            Yes I agree. I think it’s time for the Gov’t to fully consider those businesses that have been worst affected and innovate + invest as much as possible to make sure that they can reopen. People’s jobs and careers are hanging by a thread. Outdoor sports are all safe once people avoid overcrowding, same goes for live music and just consider each others personal space, remember that sunlight kills the virus.

            We will have virus mutations popping up as long as poor countries stay bottom of the vaccination priorities.

        2. Bitnboxy

          Crikey- while poor auld lad GiggidyPox has no standing whatsoever to call anyone “hooligan”, I do however also agree that the NPHET modelling is all over the place and should never have been sent to cabinet.

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            lay of giggidy would ya, we all know how you feel, can’t we have a little civility, a respite

          2. Can a Da?

            Agree with Janet, bitnboxy’s comments are generally of the lowest degree, add nothing to a debate, all narcissism and unremitting nastiness.

          3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            didn’t you just call Milly an Ogre, you can lay off it too, there’s a load of smacked arses overdue

          4. millie bobby brownie

            Am I an ogre? I quite like Shrek so I’m not terribly offended.

            I’m didn’t mean to imply anything negative or make a mental-health related dig with my comment to SOQ, only concern for a commenter I’ve long enjoyed here on BS, even when we disagree.

          5. Can a Da?

            Sorry millie if I went a bit too far, your comments to a total stranger about their mental health I felt did not show you in your best light that’s all

          6. millie bobby brownie

            NoAs I say above, I’m not terribly offended. Just call me Fiona.

            It’s very easy to misconstrue a comment here. My concern for SOQ is genuine, as lockdown, vaccines etc are a divisive issue and can cause a person to become alienated from friends or family (as I’ve seen in my own family only recently), which was more the point. Everybody needs someone in their corner.

          7. Can a Da?

            You know what Millie, I have no doubt they are.
            But they are also a bit out there in my opinion.
            We have to learn to accept the genuine sorts among us who just happen to be different. I am the first to admit I get it wrong myself on many occasions.
            I am sorry now for going off on one against you, please accept my apologies, it was over the top on my part also.

        3. D

          I have no idea where they are getting the 2k deaths from either.

          I do have to say I was surprised about how on the money they were with how their prediction of how a ‘Normal Christmas’ would pan out though.

      2. GiggidyGoo

        Leadership may well come from the public. (We saw it last year where St. patricks Day parades were cancelled by the organizers long before Simon Harris and Holohan ‘made’ their decision. The decision was made for them)

        Killarney restauranteur says he’ll open on 5th regardless. (Remains to be seen, but the intention is there)

        Ireland – the only European country not allowing its citizens the freedom to dine inside restaurants without being residents, and the country destroying the livelihoods of business people.

        The country led by clowns

          1. GiggidyGoo

            You must have deleted your post giving him publicity then? Or took my advise about changing name perhaps?

    2. Can a Da?

      always problems, never praise or solutions, constant moaning, negativity, fighting with other commenters…

        1. Can a Da?

          Papi believe it or not, you won’t actually GET the ride by trying to stand up for the wimmin here
          they won’t fancy you AT ALL, but they will ‘RESPECT’ you, you are firmly in the friend zone

  3. SOQ

    Just thinking about the events on Saturday in London. There was bound to be a flurry of social media activity in the days coming up to that, and if the government had their ear to the ground at all, they would have known it was coming.

    A lot of people are thinking that Hancock was thrown under the bus to pacify the baying- albeit funky- mob. I wonder would it have been so good natured if Hancock had not been hung out- we will never know.

    Will we see similar here? Time will tell but if NPHET get their way- it is highly likely.

    1. eoin

      The propaganda here is top notch and our political class is as devious as they come. Can’t see any change being forced by the public as long as we are kept constantly confused and scared like this.

    2. millie bobby brownie

      Do you really believe this? It’s genuinely worrying tbh.

      I’m not trying to get a dig in here or anything, but I really hope you have someone in your life looking out for you, queenie. X

      1. Joe

        Millie, There are people that you refer to on Broadsheet (by their own words) so gullible that they have fallen down the rabbit hole of the lies and nonsense of the anti vaxxers, anti public health measures, anti science etc
        By their words they are showing they are living inside and building/built an alternative reality in their imagination where everything related to Covid is “propaganda”, devious politicians out to “control” them etc
        What they fail to understand is that continuously self conditioning themselves in this way is the door to more severe mental health problems and psychosis than the mild paranoia they are currently experiencing.
        And you are right Millie, you would hope they have someone in their life looking out for them even if they demonstrate as they do here, a developing mental health issue that alienates people close to them.

        1. Can a Da?

          yea and I say good luck to them, I’d rather people be open and honest about their feelings and deepest fears than hide them under a rug or attack me for mine like snakes in the grass

      2. SOQ

        Thank you for your concern but at this stage us old hands are very happy to see NPHET being exposed for what they are. Ireland is the only country in Europe which does not permit indoor dining- why is that? What is the advice being given to government that is so different to else where?

        As for a large scale protests in Dublin- they will happen if people are pushed far enough. Take your average restaurant for example. It’s not just a question of opening the doors- stock has to be ordered, especially fresh, and staff scheduled. Assuming they still have staff of course, otherwise they will have to be recruited.

        They cannot have this sort of uncertainty if they have any chance of surviving. It’s ridiculous that NPHET are still running around spouting all sorts of nonsense to the media.

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          personally my company cannot and will not open until international travel is strongly reestablished, anything else would be commercial suicide, most of my team have found permanent positions elsewhere and the linger it goes on the skeleton hanging on will be gone too, a reopening flowed by a closing would also permanently finish this once florishing family run business/ attraction ( one of the more genuine and less plastic paddy of Dublin City at that if I say so myself )

        2. Can a Da?

          I love your comments soq and I want to tell you that, even though I probably agree with about 2% of them, don’t be worried about the pearl-clutchers on here, how dare that ogre above question your mental health like this in a public forum!

          Regarding your comments here I’ll propose an alternative position, maybe as doctors who have taken the Hippocratic oath, the NPHET crew just want to try to prevent even one more unnecessary death, or try to. Think about it please pal.

          1. SOQ

            Thank you- I have no doubt some of their intentions are good but their focus is far too narrow- and that is not necessary their fault. But it is impossible for them to do any sort of balanced cost benefit analysis.

            I posted this yesterday and it is worth a watch- from someone who knows a lot more about the subject than me- Dr Vincent Carroll calls for the abolition of NEPHET


    3. goldenbrown


      at the end of the day I think that any affirmative action will depend on the number of happy people vs the number of angry people in the population

      to succeed in keeping an even keel (whatever the subjectmatter) all the Govt. have to do is to keep those numbers somewhat balanced, 60/40 probably good enough. how black and white the subjectmatter is could also be a factor. look at the IW scenario – that was a clear case (mistake) of the public being allowed to see what was afoot, mass protest and slap down (only temporary mind, it’s 100% just put it in the back pocket for another tilt but you get the point)

      with C19/Health the subjectmatter isn’t so clear, lots of fog, noise, opinions, dynamic, somewhat intangible, add to that I think a large proportion of the population are Happy As Larry for it to continue like this indefinitely and I doubt you’ll be seeing the revolution you are hoping for. I know plenty who are literally cruising. best thing that ever happened to them (if they’re being honest) new lifestyle changes, enjoying the new “WFH” paradigm, mortgage ticking over, grand. lack of social life…meh overrated…anyway sure we’ve been socialising for the last year now anyway just doing it on the sneak/differently

      SO the decisive factor in regard to any kind of public backlash? it’s PUP. the magic money tree. you’re wasting your breath until that tap is turned off. there’ll be no mass protests, riots, revolutions as long as PUP is online. also the nice WFH scenario for those who are sorted remains in fashion. PUP The Drug of the Nation….

      1. SOQ

        Ok well I don’t think there is a lot of fog and noise around CoVid-19- it has been the biggest propaganda assault of our lifetimes. But, slowly and surely, more and more people are realising that most of it is nonsense and are fed up of the scaremongering and the lies.

        I would agree on PUP to an extent but €350 doesn’t go far when mortgage/rent has to be paid out it- it’s not even minimum wage. It’s certainly nowhere near what most people wear earning beforehand. UK has a furlough scheme which is actually better, as those people are in receipt of 100% of their wages.

        I am certain there is an ‘enough is enough’ tipping point here too- and, I predict it will come from the creative arts, just like in England. The main change happened there when the movement shrugged of the far right conspiracy slur and became a true single issue politics- as a rule , ravers and clubbers are not known for their far right views.

        Despite the flag waving, in the grand scheme of things, there is not a huge amount of difference between how Irish and British society operates. Time will tell how it pans out but right now, the next move is in the government’s hands.

  4. Mr. T

    NPHETs predictions of 700k cases by end September, and 2000 deaths – mental.

    For reference, that would be worse (per capita) than India’s “delta wave” earlier in the year.
    This despite almost all at risk groups vaccinated (60-69s still waiting on 2nd doses). Totally insane prediction, it really is. Reminiscent of the predictions at the start of the pandemic predicting 100s of thousands dead in this country.

    in sane

    1. D

      Agreed, seems mental.

      The predictions at the start were at least based on ‘not doing anything’.

      I’m really struggling to see what the logic is behind the 2170 deaths is, education is not operating during the summer and the old are mostly vaccinated.

      Maybe at a stretch if all the kids go back to school, vaccines wear off and everything goes to pieces then, but 2170 is still really hard to imagine reaching.

      They are predicting hospitalisations and fatalities will peak in August and the ‘chaos will approach but not meet the chaos seen in January’ according to the indo.

      I really wonder what they expect will happen in England?

        1. alickdouglas

          I try not to comment on Ireland-specific topics because I don’t live there, but I think you’ve hit one of the key problems. And I think it’s much worse than you indicate, I think they (NPHET, or Irish government, or whatever) are placing their belief that the vaccines have limited (positive) impact above the existing data that strongly suggests that they do work as expected. From over here, Ireland’s public health debate increasingly appears to be driven by people who have no understanding of evidence based decision making.

          1. Can a Da?

            Fear-based decision-making is the standard operating procedure
            People are beat down by the Church still. And by the Catholic guilt. Lack of self-confidence transmits itself into their thinking. Lack of real independence.
            That’s why someone like Janet stands out on here, not burdened down with all THAT sort of baggage (I’m sure she has some of her own, but I digress).
            These things don’t just go away in a generation

          2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            it’s an island ” functioning” in a way that is completely removed from even a hint of logic or comment sense,
            it’s a beautiful day here and I slept NINE hours !!! I want to be happy and I stead I’m furious, taking a day off to have fish in Howth might make me feel better but it won’t remove the growing feeling my life and future are being played with by a group of self satisfied incompetent morons.

          3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            not allowed to until the 4yh of July but don’t worry there’ll be no stopping me then

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