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Oli Cavanagh (right), co-founder, Strikepay with Mark O’Keeffe, Sugar Culture MD and Edel Kinane, Chief Growth Officer, Strikepayoutside Brown Sugar, South William Street, Dublin 2

This morning.

South William Street, Dublin 2.

The announcement of a new roll-out of Strikepay – an Ireland-based ‘cashless tipping and payment solution’ enabling customers to ‘thank their service professionals directly’ by tapping a Strikepay tag worn by staff or scanning a QR code using their phone.

Strikepay says the system has has seen the ‘average value of tips paid to hairdressers, barbers, beauticians, and nail technicians increase by 79% over the past six weeks’.


Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

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7 thoughts on “Tippy Tappy

    1. Mick Dowdall

      They’re not the only ones providing cashless tipping services using QR codes and nfc devices…not rocket science either. Better service than there’s out there..sure you can’t even sign up.

  1. D-troll

    wonder if these bank a/cs are in the name of the person and not the establishment.

    no tax declared on cash in hand tips. but if going into bank account, will revenue expect their cut.

  2. Not Himselfe

    I like this idea but why can’t I register?? Is there an app? All very vague on the website.

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