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  1. missred

    I’d love if Broadsheet got the front page of the Daily Sport, for the lulz, just to see which alien got up whose bum this week. If it’s still going of course.

    Readers’ wives section & all

  2. Hank

    Letters to prove that you’ve been vaccinated??
    When the generation that’s being excluded is the most computer literate generation ever and well capable of knocking up a decent forgery of any letter in minutes.
    Another genius idea by the lads..

    1. SOQ

      They know full rightly that there will be mass scale faking but they can still claim they have implemented vaccine passports without losing face. And anyways, unless they have a photo on them, why even bother changing the name?

      1. SOQ

        Just on the Mail story- The document will outline a person’s vaccine status OR if they recovered from the virus.

        Unless you were hospitalised, how would the government even know you had it?

        Is this as a result of all the PCR tests? At cycles of 40-45 where half of them were false positives?

        That’s funny- they are actually going to issue letters to people who never actually had it.

      2. E'Matty

        the faking of such passports will simply be used as justification for the introduction of digital biometric IDs

        1. SOQ

          Personally I think they couldn’t organise a pee up in a brewery let alone run a state surveillance system.

          The HSE responded to Michael McNamara saying the PCR cycles were between 40 and 45. The returned test results did not have a cycle number so nobody know who was really under the 30 threshold and who was above.

          And now they are going to send certs out to people who were actually negative- extraordinary stuff.

  3. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Bozo “It is now or never.” I agree with the tweet I saw that said Bozo has lost interest in Covid19 just like he did with Brexit, so he wants to move on.

    I see hospitalisations in the UK are up on last week. The hospitals have a finite capacity, be in infrastructure or staff. Interesting times ahead.

  4. Clampers Outside

    Well I’ll eat my hat, Michael Flatley did a good ‘un… apparently. I guffawed when I heard of Blackbird and that 80s styled poster for the movie :0)

    Good for him!

    1. Clampers Outside

      But hang on…. He won best actor at a streaming festival, and the film wasn’t even available to be streamed….. Eh?

      And Pele won a lifetime achievement award.

      This new streaming festival is kinda weird :)

    2. Junkface

      That’s crazy! I’m very curious to see this film now. I imagine that its really cheesy and has dance scenes scattered throughout for some reason.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Children’s Hospital – the usual ‘keep it quiet’ approach. Using the ‘sensitive commercial information’ ploy to avoid scrutiny.

    It’s the biggest financial debacle on property spend this country has seen, and all for the glorification of one Leo Varadkar. No surprise it’s turning out the way it is, when you have Boo Boo Harris misleading the Dail back in 2019, and had to apologize. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/politics/children-s-hospital-simon-harris-apologises-for-his-answer-on-rising-cost-1.3790985
    That, and no minutes of meetings he had with Fred Barry

    1. Bitnboxy

      You don’t give a toss about the children’s hospital nor the cost Giggz – that goes without saying.

      This is yet one more ridiculous example of an excuse to parade your usual Leo-mania which is now bordering on an unhealthy obsession. Tiresome, strange yet oddly amusing, knowing his mere existence causes you such anguish. What ails you is not his fault but yours and solely yours.

      Top of the morning to ya! Chortle.

    2. Charlie

      Ahhhh! Do you ever cease whinging about Leo Varadkar and other politicians. It’s pathetic at this stage. You must be the most boring individual to ever grace shoe leather.

  6. GiggidyGoo

    So, the headlines in many of the Irish papers are all towing the government line. Large headlines still peddling various fears, various ‘possibilities’ presented as facts, and the usual ‘light at the end of tunnel, but you have to surrender your data to all and sundry’ line. A person’s health record is that person’s data, not some bouncer or barman’s.

    And still thousands of the over 60s wait for their second jab while 18+ folk jump in front. (well, one tenth of them anyway, because as usual, the big announcement has been met with a dire shortage of vaccines). The big announcement of getting vaccines from Romania too was another Donnelly line. Romania are asking the vaccine makers to extend the best by date on out of date vaccines. Out of date vaccines.

    1. Cian

      but you have to surrender your data to all and sundry’ line. A person’s health record is that person’s data, not some bouncer or barman’s.
      “your data” Jeez, it is yes/no to if you have a vaccine (or if you had a positive Covid test). Not the results of your STD test.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        If you can’t understand the implications, then why bother to comment Cian?
        And yes – the data isn’t a bouncers or a barmans or even a whores. But work away.

        1. Cian

          I do understand the implication.

          It is similar to “are you over 18?” yes/no
          “are you vaccinated” yes/no

          1. GiggidyGoo

            That isn’t portraying any understanding of the implication. That’s the usual distraction and diversion.

  7. SOQ

    So if you are still having panic attacks about the Delta variant you really do need to get with program- we’re all doing the Lambda these days. It’s kind of like Delta but with a Latin rhythm and comes with tequila shots. All the usual hysterical scaremongering headlines of course- it really is getting old at this stage.


  8. goldenbrown

    I wonder if the whole “pharmacies overwhelmed” thing is all a bit fomo propaganda?

    I had to call in to my own local one yesterday, in a small but busy town of about 20k, an old family run shop been there since my father was a child so I know them, they’re doing the vaccinations so I asked herself the proprietor straight up how things were going and was there queues out the door of kids looking for it and I got a shrug with meh not really response

  9. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    say I got my vacine in London or Paris, does a letter from my doctor count ?

    1. Slave to the Rhythm

      Donald Trump’s bank, I wonder is he about to enter Chapter 9?
      If there’s a huge tax decision made against him, which is looking ever more likely.. house of cards comes tumbling down, literally and figuratively.

      1. Johnny

        -great,great bank you need ‘hot money’ banks,or do you not like nice thngs,paid for by other people ?

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Was that the bank that the State went into cahoots with to provide finance for struggling companies a few years back?

      1. Johnny

        -they had hot money in New York for many,many years,the division that banked Trump was ‘private client’ arena,did some work with their CMBS-commercial mortgage backed securities-division,great,great bank,its a black eye for FFG and a big loss for Ireland,how many banks have closed up shop,under the business friendly FFG-how will they scare people now about a SF govt, when all the banks have already left.
        They have tremendous capital markets reach,with Davy now part BofI,where else can fill your boots like at DB,some yank hedge fund,worst lenders in the world,the loan to own program.

  10. Charlie

    I’ve just had my wrist slapped. Thanks Broadsheet! I sincerely hope this new regime is consistent.

  11. Cian

    Spain’s Catalonia region reimposes Covid-19 restrictions as cases spike
    Spain’s Catalonia region said on Tuesday it will reimpose virus restrictions such as curbs on nightlife to try to tame a surge in infections, especially among unvaccinated young people.


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