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  1. ce

    “Behave like it’s March 2020″… the less successful follow up to Prince’s “Party like it’s 1999”

  2. Kate

    The GRA citing “trauma and mental torture ” on suspended officers of two years & currently before the Courts need to take a closer look at genuine victims like Jim and Lucia o Farrell . They have to visit their only beloved son in a graveyard and 10 years later awaiting answers.

  3. Cian

    Looks like there are major issues with that one paper that showed in a large trial in Egypt Ivermectin was an amazing defence against COVID-19.

    And when I say “major issues” I mean is there are alligations of it being a totally fradulent paper. It has been retracted “due to ethical concerns”

    Good overview here https://gidmk.medium.com/is-ivermectin-for-covid-19-based-on-fraudulent-research-5cc079278602

    Either the drug that was too good to be true… is really not true; or Big Pharma and the New World Order have supressed it.

      1. paddy apathy

        I’d hazard a guess that it’s falls in line with a belief that covid vaccines are unnecessary, as ivermectin, or formally hydroxychloroquine, is sufficient to treat covid and vaccines are just big-pharma’s opportunity to profit from the pandemic / the world elite’s opportunity to control the population etc etc.

        1. Lilly

          So someone who felt they were being lied to decided to throw their own lies into the mix. That’s bleak.

    1. Verbatim

      @ https://gidmk.medium.com/is-ivermectin-for-covid-19-based-on-fraudulent-research-5cc079278602

      1) Funded by the Australian Gov…Federal State… that speaks volumes already
      2) Not actually proven that this trial is a fraud, but even if it is, he shrouds it in his own agenda driven BS.
      3) Uses a lot of hyperbole, it has not been claimed that Ivermectin would cure the virus, but rather could be used as a prophylactic at the initial stages of the infection, never heard that it would prevent death, it reduces viral load, in all variants! It is known that once hospitalized and on oxygen the patient has little chance of survival.
      Overall, not many people die of the virus, so why the need for a vaccine for every man, woman and child without having any choice of medication but vaccination. Well, the present experimental vaccines have Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) only because there is no other treatment available. It is in Big Pharma et al interest not to have any other medication recognized as a viable treatment, as the use of the vaccines would be illegal.
      4) A friend brought back Ivermectin from Mexico recently, purchased at the airport for a few dollars.

      1. SOQ

        Simone Gold from the front line doctors pointed that out early part of last year. CoVid-19 Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is only because there is no other treatments available. Given the huge profits to be made, is it really so ‘tin foil’ to be cynical of the motives of the most wealthy and powerful industry on the planet?

        And yet those who question such are labelled ‘right wing’, which is an Orwellian trick if ever there was one, and the left championing such really is the textbook definition of ‘useful idiots’. There is already record number of fatalities and injuries due to these experimental injections- it is potentially the biggest medical fraud ever perpetrated.

          1. SOQ

            You expect that same pharmaceutical industry to fund research into something which will kill their golden goose?

            And don’t tell me they don’t have most scientists in their pocket- that much is a given. Just look at how quickly those fraudulent papers questioning the safety of Hydroxychloroquine were accepted as fact.

          2. Nigel

            The pharmaceutical industry is not the sole source of research into medicines. This is why independent university funding is so important.

          3. General Public

            What like when you didn’t prove yesterday that herd immunity was reached through vaccination..

            Brass neck..

          4. Nigel

            I actually posted a link but it never appeared. Hang on I’ll try again. Though I kind of reject that I’m required to prove what seems to be fairly common immunilogical scientific knowledge to someone who has acquired such strong opinions about a pandemic without becoming familiar with the idea.

            Edit – posted again, disappeared again. Huh.

        1. Nigel

          ‘And yet those who question such are labelled ‘right wing’’

          This is just to bluster over the more wounding fact that what you are mostly labeled is ‘dumb’ because you also write stuff like this:

          ‘it is potentially the biggest medical fraud ever perpetrated.’

          1. General Public

            But that is how you behave Nigel.

            You consistently label people right wing, and your proving yourself by intimating he’s dumb.

          2. SOQ

            If blocking potentially live saving drugs is not fraud then what is it?

            I am a gay man from the 80’s AIDS era- trust me, they have form.

          3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            What if we try to understand and accept that this is a crap time for everyone, crazy, disturbing, hard to know who to believe and who to follow? How about we have the right to doubt, to be afraid, to change our minds without being labeled abusive terms on either side because there is grey to every argument.

          4. SOQ

            Fair point Janet and I think that at least part of the problem is the hard Left and the far Right are going after the same demographic- meaning the poorer who have been really suffering because of this thing.

            But when you have the likes of Murphy basically saying ‘more of the same’ while others are promising if not change then at least an outlet to voice their frustrations, it’s fairly obvious which one is going to gain traction.

            You know Paris better than any of us- is everyone protesting there at the moment really far right? Or is it mainly just ordinary people who think a line has been crossed?

          5. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            ordinary people, as with every protest there are always trouble makers looking to burn and smash it’s just an opportunity for them, yes the far right is on the rise across Europe but

            “Tens of thousands of people across France on Saturday marched against “attacks on freedoms” and what organisers said was a growing influence of far-right ideas ahead of next year’s presidential elections.

            Members of more than 100 left-leaning organisations participated in the “Liberty March” in cities and towns across the country.

            The protests were the first opportunity for a divided left to take to the streets after a year and a half of Covid-19 restrictions.

            Organisers reported 70,000 participants in Paris and 150,000 around the nation, while the Paris police and interior ministry put the numbers at 9,000 in the capital and 37,000 nationwide.

            The interior ministry said 119 rallies had taken place.”

            France 24

          6. Nigel

            I think there’s a difference between cautious and justfied skepticism and asserting things as if they are proven, factual or inevtiable, and then using those to construct a kind of alternative reality where those things are proven, factual and inevitable and when the obvious consequences fail to materialise denounce everyone and everything as fools, shills or tyrants. It’s a bad pattern and it’s going to do damage.

          7. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            tell that to people who scream ratlicker at all and sundry

      2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        “1) Funded by the Australian Gov…Federal State… that speaks volumes already”

        Oh wise one, please tell me what it means. Just so you know, Australia has one of the lowest Covid death rates. Life is important in Oz. Perhaps, the governments are interested in the truth.

        1. Slave to the Rhythm

          What good is the lowest death rate when people won’t get vaccinated and you’s can’t go anywhere else in the world, I’d say the sheep out back are getting nervous….

          1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

            Mate, where is there to go to? It is not ideal but there is a pandemic. Did our dumb PM stuff up the vaccines – 100% he did. I am livid over it and will be campaigning for his party to lose the next federal election. So, once we get the vaccines, we will be in a good position. Now, tell me what is wrong with Australian governments funding research?

    2. GiggidyGoo

      A very good overview. However, you’re quoting a long article that starts with
      “Is Ivermectin for Covid-19 Based on Fraudulent Research?
      A tale of what could be, if true, the most consequential medical fraud ever committed”

      Dig a little deeper into the authors sources, you find the gem that ‘To provide clarity, a team of researchers led by the University of Oxford is currently evaluating the effectiveness of using ivermectin to treat severe COVID-19 in a large clinical trial.‘ Okaaaaay. Oxford / Astra Zeneca.

      And that same source’s study (.July 15, 2021 by Jack Lawrence) which the author linked to, surprise, surprise quotes the author of your link as supporting evidence. Even an excel field would flag that as a circular reference.

      1. Cian

        There is a big difference between bone fide researchers/experts and the snake-oil grifters/chancers.

        An expert is aware of their limitations and will keep within their area of knowledge. They are aware of what they know and what they don’t know. In this instance they don’t 100% know there is fraud, so they are presenting the evidence they have without judgement.

        A chancer, on the other hand, will make bold definitive statement on things they don’t know as true.

        As to the circular reference, Jack Lawrence says According to Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz, an epidemiologist at the University of Wollongong, doctors also used the results to justify treating “hundreds of thousands, if not millions of patients.” not exactly supporting evidence for fraud, more a reference fo how much ivermertin is used.

        1. SOQ

          Yes well, the debate in India about Ivermectin is heating up for sure.

          India Could Sentence WHO Chief Scientist to Death for Misleading Over Ivermectin and Killing Indians

          If a trial in India finds WHO Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan guilty then the WHO Scientist could be sentenced to death or life in prison. Dr Soumya Swaminathan would have be charged with the threatened criminal prosecution and be found guilty on one of the those charges.


          If they are knotting the noose then you can be pretty certain which side of the debate India sits eh?

          1. Nigel

            Life or death sentences for people who promote false medical information? What an interesting development that would be.
            This provides a brief overview of the ‘supressed’ studies and a few others, all of which suggest, tentatively, that she was justified in her caution.
            I’m not sure the India Bar Association represent India, or what interests they do represent, I don’t think you are, either. This could be a Krakenish farce, or it could be a deadly serious attempt to silence and imprison or, as you say, kill someone, it’s hard to say without being familiar with the justice system there. Whether you think someone who would engage in either is someone you want on your ‘side’ is up to you, of course.

        2. GiggidyGoo

          Circular references don’t cut it. I’m surprised at your continuing to produce ‘information’ that can’t be relied on or that diverts/distracts.

        3. Cian

          Bottom line is that 15 months into the pandemic all of the research into ivermectin as being effective to avoid/cure Covid is inconclusive.

          They aren’t circular references.
          They are each proving different evidence from within their expertise (and separately each is pointing to others saying “look what else he discovered”).

          1. SOQ

            And it always will be inconclusive because big pharma can’t make any money out of it.

            When you look at what happened in the US with hydroxychloroquine where it was actively removed from pharmacy shelves and in Australia where it was banned because of fraudulent research, it shouldn’t take a genius to figure out that there was undue pressure applied.

    3. Cian

      It is revealing that the pro Ivermertin types have dragged the discussion away from the efficiency of the drug and into a rabbit-hole of straw-man political posturing and name-calling.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        You chose to bring up the subject, and now you’re complaining when people question your sources, and provide sound reasons for questioning them.

  4. Gabby

    Sinead is a bore with her erratic publicity-seeking tendency. She should stick to singing.

    1. Lilly

      She spent five hours drinking with Ian Bailey and she doesn’t drink. Sounds to me like she’s taking her new gig seriously.

      1. Slave to the Rhythm

        lack of money will do that, I can’t wait til she has a UFC bout with Conor McGregor

        1. Lilly

          I seriously doubt she is on her uppers. And if she is, the Sindo will hardly be her salvation.

      2. Charlie

        I think it’s great for her. She’s a great writer and she’s now doing what she loves. It’s the best tonic.

        1. Bitnboxy

          +1 And getting right up the nose of that walking corpse of an ex of hers and calling out his deranged bull.

    2. SOQ

      Court case to happen there apparently- although I kind of wonder if The Beaumont has nothing better to be doing with its time and especially, its money.

    3. Rosette of Sirius

      Fwiw, have her autobiography on Audible and sweet Jesus she had a rough childhood. Listening to the specific moment when her life changed – psychologically speaking – was harrowing and heart breaking. She’s some powerful woman to have gone thru all of that and is still standing.

      That and her voice is spectacular. Felt that needed saying given the scummy comments.

      1. Johnny

        Her childhood ended years ago.

        Her choice spend rest her life publicly talking about it.

        Oh right,it’s to hep others………….

        1. Rosette of Sirius

          That’s right… Ban all autobiographies and social commentary from people I don’t like.

          You’re just as bad as the Charger/Jedward fella….

        2. Johnny

          Has she tried any other type ‘therapy’…it’s it’s..just she really,really can’t hold a tune never mind find an original piece music,but she sure can tell you all about her childhood,again.

        3. Slave to the Rhythm

          well you keep waffling on about weed every day, did something happen to you as a kid as well?? Maybe a bang on the head, tried to throw your toys out of the pram, and fell out yourself instead? Oh wait no that was yesterday…

        4. Johnny

          ..actually I had a marvelous childhood the best money could buy,and yeah it’s kinda annoys me her constant trips down memory land and how it depicts old,old Ireland.

        5. Papi

          Your childhood was purchased? Sounds idyllic. Explains a ton though.

          And wouldn’t a trip down memory lane, by definition, pertain to old times?

        6. Slave to the Rhythm

          It does seem a sort of strange obsession you have though Johnny with at an at times quite sick woman who had a rough time as a kid, and yet still has a wonderful career as a singer…oh wait tell us again, but you yourself managed to actually live in America, smoke weed every day and lined out for Leinster’s try-hard kid teams once… ya I can sort of see where the mass self-delusion/warped sense of pretentious superiority comes from alright

      1. General Public

        Did they breach guidelines?

        Was the granny jailed for not wearing the mask to court?

        1. Cian

          The granny got a suspended sentence in February the first time in court.

          She went to jail because she continued to break the law.

          I would guess the Golfgaters would most likely get a suspended sentence for first offence, not jail.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            What’s omitted in all of this is that the Judge who sentenced her entered the court building on the day with no mask on himself.

  5. Johnny

    Of course he won’t change a thing,nah Paddy Jnr bought it to share it…..

    -Paddy McKillen jnr acquires lands with access route to popular Wicklow beach Oakmount pays €700,000 for 21 acres of land overlooking famed Magheramore Beach-

    The state can’t find a mil to buy this-but gave away 8 million in April to bunch dodgy charities, like Dennis O’Briens Frontline, to spend in countries most irish can’t pronounce never mind spell.

    This is a Vichy govt for rich off shore new yanks like Paddy McKillen.


    1. Johnny

      …occasionally I muse on why I loath Australia and have no desire ever to go there or meet / know anyone from there….and then i remember,great joined up thinking by the IT.

      -I refused to swim at an Irish beach for the first two years of living here. For an Australian, going to the Irish seaside is the equivalent of being handed a pint of Guinness that is two-thirds foam in an Oirish pub with Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl on repeat and Wild Mountain Thyme on the telly. –


      1. Liam Deliverance

        That’s a real pity about Magheramore, lovely beach, I have surfed there a few times. I guess access will be completely cut off within weeks and there wont be a, presumably, Paddy Jnrs Hotel and Spa Retreat there for a decade.

        1. Slave to the Rhythm

          The council refused to provide any decent facilities there for years and then a local man opened up a car park across the road in a field….at least McKillen and co may have some regard for public health and safety at any new project they install there.

      2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        Johhny – I always decide if I like a country based on the first few lines of an article in a newspaper. Australia is doing fine without ya.

  6. Cian

    Just wondering if all those that so publically dissed the NPHETs modellled projections are looking at the numbers in Europe (specifically the UK and Netherlands) and think – “perhaps NPHET were right”?

    UK: numbers in hospital start of June: less than 1000; today 3,964
    UK: numbers in mechanical ventilation beds in June: less than 130; today 555
    UK: deaths less than 10/day; today 35+


    1. Cian

      Oh look; UK hospitals are cancelling operations because they have run out of ICU beds (because of Covid)

      One of the largest hospitals in the country has cancelled all its planned operations for Thursday and Friday because of a lack of beds and space in intensive care.

      The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, which has more than 1,100 beds, has had to stop dozens of elective operations, including liver transplants, because of increasing numbers of coronavirus patients as well as wider demand.


      1. GiggidyGoo

        “because of increasing numbers of coronavirus patients as well as wider demand
        If you’re going to try run half truths here, you should look at what you’ve copied first.
        Distract/divert & Dive.

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