Status Yellow [UPDATE: Now Orange]


This afternoon


Dollymount Strand, Dublin yesterday afternoon

This morning.

Met Éireann has issued a Status Yellow warning for high temperatures with hot conditions by day and staying very warm and humid at night.

Temperatures could be as high as 30C in some areas, with overnight values not falling below 17-20C.

The warning comes into effect at 1pm and will remain in place until 9am on Friday.

Status Yellow warning issued as temperatures soar (RTÉ)


13 thoughts on “Status Yellow [UPDATE: Now Orange]

  1. Paulus

    On Dollymount Strand on a hot summer’s day
    Herself with the suncream and bronze tanning spray.
    Says I to the mot, ‘Would you ever go’way…
    sure that stuff is only for nancies’.

    And the sun oh the sun
    Shone down on me bum
    The Broadsheet commenters thought it great fun.
    Says one ‘Turn him over cause he’s nearly done.
    The poor ould fella’s red as a beetroot.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Hah! Very good!

      I have turned my aircon up full, which basically means I have opened all the windows and am wishing for a breeze. I think the outside is forbidden places until the sun goes down.

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        because of baba I have to avoid it, I’d normally be out with a chilled beer, but same as you every window open blinds down, cruel cruel fate :)

        1. Lush

          Ah now Janet, you of all people should know, it’s windows open at night and early morning, and everything closed up tight during the day.

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            you’re right though, shagging cat came through open window and landed on my head other night.. the screams….mine

        2. Slightly Bemused

          And how is baba, my lady? I hope well, and if I have my timings right, probably growing frighteningly fast :-)

          Recently I have been thinking of babas, after a few interesting conversations with my not so little baba. While (and I need to be careful here because I know she will read this) nothing is currently happening, but names have been decided. At least she is better prepared than I was

  2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    TOP TIP to all; this is the week when you make those difficult phone calls, take your driving test, attend an interview, request a pay increase, meet your enemy and absolve past feuds. The sun-kissed Irish will give you what you want.

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