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63 thoughts on “Panti Vaxxer

  1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    All respect to Panti, but an honorary doctorate does not make one eligible to adopt the honorific title ‘Doctor’, or ‘Dr.’ in their broad communications or professional life.

      1. Johnny

        He was hoping for Dame,but as usual will grab what he can.
        So brave,they don’t say keep your panties on to cowards for nothing.

          1. Johnny

            I have Wagner blasting in the background,guzzling the coffee,smoking like a fiend…good morning Millie,the longest goodbye ever:)

          2. millie bobby brownie

            It’s nice to know you’re able to supplement that dearth of personality with something, even if it is a crippling sense of your own insecurities and a drug dependency.


          3. Johnny

            I’m into world peace Millie,don’t you find personality a bit overrated….oh she has a nice personality…easy on the eyes should also count and I’m most certainly that :)

          4. Papi

            If, as you say, Johnny,, you had the best childhood money can buy, I hope they kept the receipt.
            They missed a bit.

    1. Bitnboxy

      Lol. I assume the “Doctor” is not meant to be taken seriously, particularly when attached to a drag name. Isn’t the basis of drag a send-up of all things one holds dear?

  2. frank

    So the Pubs and Restaurants are now following the teachers and the civil servants. Keep the auld pandemic going because it suits us not to work but still get paid.
    A masterstroke.

    First society was infantilised then it was zombified. What next?

  3. Bitnboxy

    This is fair enough. It is a bit rich to roll out the red carpet for vaccinated punters who are then served by young unvaccinated staff on low wages. As the initial commenter said – honoroable. And before the usual bridge put some conspiracy twist on this, Rory O’Neill has been very critical of the government nearly obliterating the entertainment and arts community leaving them without support and the effects of the pandemic on younger folks.

    1. Johnny

      Bit whiff of age discrimination of those panties,only the young and hot can work there,oh does that carry on still happen ?

        1. Johnny

          I do admit smoking what normal people would consider quite lot weed,but I don’t drink so it kinda balances out,but can someone help me out here,explain it to me like I’m in kindergarten….
          Whispers….so it’s about hot young bartenders now…..I’m going stop smoking today cause I thought it was about sick old people…it’s truly farcical Ireland is becoming a joke.

      1. Bitnboxy

        Erm, leaving aside the slightly creepy “panties” nonsense, when was the last time you were served in a supermarket, local shop, restaurant or pub (outdoors at the mo) by anyone over 30? My two SoCoDu locals are staffed by young folks- outdoors obvs and this has been so for as long as I can recall.

        1. Slave to the Rhythm

          And why is that boxy? It’s because in our fair sceptred isle, the work of a waiter, considered a noble profession and treated as such in more civilised countries, is looked down upon with disdain and relegated to the status of work fit only for the easily manipulated and bullied.

          1. Bitnboxy

            I am all for paying them well and accept that is not the case. I hold my local supermarket staff in particularly high esteem. Many of them migrants, they have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, always having a kind word for locals and older customers who generally linger for a short chat, which is so important for them. This possibly also explains my ire for the anti-mask brigade and that deranged Cork granny, waltzing around supermarkets with the sole intent to abuse and upset. I wear my mask not for me but as a mark of respect for staff and particularly older customers.

          1. Slave to the Rhythm

            Alter ego? Have you been out in the sun all day lad?
            Selling the strawberries?
            Or is the Queens now you’re at?

    2. SB

      But surely the red carpet is already rolled out for people outside at the moment “who are then served by young unvaccinated staff on low wages”. What’s the difference to the staff? Except they’ve less chance of being infected from vaccinated people (yes, less chance).

      1. Bitnboxy

        I think you have answered your own question. In poorly ventilated and confined indoor spaces, the risk increases substantially.

        1. SB

          Hence why it should only be opened up (for now) for vaccinated people, from whom the risk of infection is much, much lower

  4. The Dude

    Fair dues to Panti. Has created a bright and pleasant space outdoors that will be a positive legacy from a dreadful time. Sadly this seems the exception. Months ago it was obvious that the government should been actively encouraging businesses to open out so as to open up. Instead by deferring decisions repeatedly they blindsided businesses. Hopefully others will follow Panti’s lead and make their own provision.

    1. goldenbrown

      yep, I’m fully supportive of his and the many other restauranteurs position on this matter.

      tis all fine and well however as long as the sun is shining, which to a large degree is hiding everyone’s blushes at present. this all kicks off properly when the weather turns.

  5. Oh...

    Yeah, I suspect that some of these are just taking advantage of the fact that even mediocre staff are impossible to find in hospitality right now, and I don’t mean on minimum wage, I mean on 12-15 euro an hour depending on role, plus tips, in a restaurant. Getting waiters is particularly difficult. If you can’t actually staff inside there’s not much point in opening inside.

  6. SOQ

    It’s no coincidence the Leo has been a regular around that parish of late but Rory (Panti) made the right decision. As most within the LGBT community are politically left wing, this discriminatory law would be very unpopular.

    Actually, come to think of it, outside of politicians I can’t think of one demographic who actually would support it.

    1. f_lawless

      But he’s not taking a stand against the discriminatory law. He didn’t say he’s not going to exclude the unvaccinated from his premises. I think his statement reads like a passive-aggressive move to pressure his staff into getting vaccinated.

      “With (our young staff’s) safety in mind, we have decided that – for now -we will not reopen indoor service. Hopefully in just a couple more weeks, most of the staff will be vaccinated and we will resume indoor service then”

      But according to this article:

      “O’Neill said that none of his pub staff, who are mostly aged in their 20s, raised concerns about the Covid-19 virus, but he felt he had a responsibility to take the decision for now.”.

      So he’s effectively coercing his young staff to get vaccinated by hinging the bar’s resumption of indoor service on their decision whether to get vaccinated or not. If the staff are content to go along with it, then perhaps they’re not fully aware of what the risk to benefit ratio really is for their age bracket.

      1. Micko

        Sounds like he meant “he had a responsibility to MAKE the decision for THEM.” not what he actually said.

        Panti knows what’s best for them

        Silly kids with their highly adaptable and efficient immune systems… when will they learn!

      2. SOQ

        Well if that is the case, as long as Rory is prepared to cover any and all workplace injuries that occur, there shouldn’t be a problem.

        Otherwise, he can take a running jump.

    2. Oro

      I’d say most people support it as an interim measure. I’d include young people in that, and left wing people. And as others have said, Rory isn’t doing this as a protest against what you refer to as ‘discrimination’ rather than he’s deferring to the public health aspect of the pandemic. Which soon will change. Let’s see your hot take then lolol

      1. SOQ

        Rory is being diplomatic- as a HIV+ gay left wing man it shouldn’t take a genius to figure what his views on the subject are.

        As for the future, who knows, it all depends on level of compliance but more importantly, hospitalization rates. If England doesn’t have a major spike then the game is up.

        1. Cian

          Just for the record: can you define “a major spike in UK hospitalisations” please? How many patients?

          Numbers in hospital in the UK just keeps rising – now at 4,658 (from under 1,000 six weeks ago). Well below the last peak.

          Over 40 children are being admitted to UK hospitals each day with Covid. This is just shy of the peak number of child admission in the second wave (but it got there much faster).

          New one-day pandemic record for child Covid admissions,
          56 hospitalisations on 20th July.

          7-day average now above 40 a day.

          Data from PheUK dashboard, pretty picture here:

        2. Oro

          Rory is acknowledging the current public health crisis by his own words, no more no less. You’re putting your own words in his mouth though – and as I said before, I don’t think your view of how left wing people consider this particular subject is correct sorry :)

          1. Oro

            Because they have to be seen to take an anti government stance. Your assemblage of libertarian / pseudo celeb libertarian quacks that you use as reference points daily could not be further from left wing sensibilities.

          2. SOQ

            They had plenty of opportunities to vote against government before now- they voted against it because it is discriminatory and wrong- even the British Labour party are set to vote against similar in the UK.

            It amazes me how some people will still tie themselves in knots to paint all this as far right nonsense when in fact it is them themselves who are championing this barefaced naked prejudice.

  7. Slave to the Rhythm

    worthless virtual virtue signalling from the utlimate parasite dregs sector of society – one step up from, glorified milking parlour-style pubs and crappy, overpriced eating houses – who, unsurprisingly can’t retain or keep staff

    1. scottser

      it’s sunny out lad – let some vitamin d in at yourself ffs. do you live underground be any chance?

  8. kerryview

    Supporting a local Irish business (as broadsheet loves to do), I would like to support my local.

    I have not been next, nigh or near the Oyster Tavern since, I think, Feb 2020. I haven’t been anywhere else either.

    A Black Bush or Green Spot will be waiting, I know…

        1. Fergalito

          A nice dry cider, if you can get an Aspall’s on tap or by the bottle somewhere. Dare I add that Scrumpy Jack is a much maligned cider, unfairly so. Would also recommend.

          If you like sweet ciders then this is not the tack for you.

          1. scottser

            devil’s bit is also much maligned but is a tasty brew
            stonewell for the win though, if you can get it.

        2. ian-oG

          I’ve discovered a fantastic one for the sun quite by chance while sitting out in the sun recently.

          Standard gin and tonic but a splash (literally enough to change the colour of the drink) of a Vit Hit mandarin. Adds a citrus taste that is quite mild but not at all sweet and definitely not sugary and you can still get the dry freshness of the gin and tonic without drowning it.

          I’d recommend a little less than a standard 35ml shot of the Vit Hit, anymore (I’ve experimented with this) and it gets too sweet, any less and you don’t get the citrus taste. if you have a measure fill to about a 5th of the measure so just less than 30mls maybe?

          I’ve tried other fruit drinks like actual orange juice and other orange flavoured drinks but the Vit Hit seems to hit the ‘not sweet’ spot.

          Lots of ice and either some lemon or lime slices (I like one of each) as well, as that bloke used to say ‘marvellous’. :)

        3. millie bobby brownie

          Thanks all! They sound delicious. Still trying to recreate a gin-based drink I had on holidays that was honestly the best thing I’ve ever tasted – especially on a muggy hot day like today.

          Definitely going to try one of these this evening.

          1. scottser

            i’ve had a couple of fallen apple ciders.
            VERY tootle tasty.
            if you’re going to do gin as well, remember to go withnail on it:
            ‘2 large gins, 2 pints of cider. ice in the cider’

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Next week when it’s raining there’ll probably be a quiet, less virute signally, change of policy. Publicans aren’t exactly known for their altruism!

        1. ian-oG

          Oh dear, have they brought in Gillian McKeith as a ‘poop nutrition’ consultant?

          Holy Crap!

  9. newsjustin

    I don’t blame any publican or restaurant owner for shuddering at the thought of the toerags that will turn up to “protest” and try to gain entry on the basis that “I know my rights” and waving a copy of the constitution.

    1. General Public

      Like the dregs and toerags that sit outside hospitals with abortion porn placards.

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