Waving Not Swimming


This afternoon.

Burrow Beach, Sutton, county Dublin.

Sun and sea-lovers, including Carmen Cobis and Nisier Aguero (pic 4), both from Panama, on Burrow Beach, where members of the public have been told to not go swimming due to high levels of bacteria.


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10 thoughts on “Waving Not Swimming

  1. Paulus

    Nice Stevie Smith ref; when we “get” references like this, we’re really just congratulating ourselves on being clever, aren’t we?
    (Happens here a lot).
    Also, nice BIG bag of popcorn in 1st beach pic.
    (Popcorn also happens here quite a bit)…;)

  2. Micko

    Ah no.

    I love that place.

    And it’s “Hole in the wall” beach. At least that’s what we called it as kids.

    Burrow beach me bottikins…

      1. max

        the 99% that dont go into the water. I like it that the council are blaming it on all that runoff from all that heavy rain that we got this week

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