IRMA La Douce


This afternoon.

Montrose, Donnybrook, Dublin 4.

NCAD students Katie O’Brien (above right) and Kate McKenna (left), winners of a design competition for the new Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA) trophy – with Bláthnaid Treacy (centre), presenter of the weekly National Charts Show on RTÉ 2FM.

The trophy design – the number one and a musical note entwined – was made using brushed aluminium and black recycled acrylic.

It will be given to chart-topping acts in Ireland on both the overall Official Irish Singles and Albums Chart Top 50.  Some you might even know, possibly.

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

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4 thoughts on “IRMA La Douce

  1. Tinytim

    Is it normal to put the winners behind the presenter, literally and figuratively out of focus?

    1. Blob

      ive dealt with Irish photographers many a time.. and they do this stuff ALL the time. they’re relics who know nothing else and will never adapt. Had one take photos of an event before for an events company who wanted to have pics of the event they put on, to show clients what they can do. Photographer literally only took pics of the good looking women. When I pressed him on it he got angry as if I had insulted his art. They’re the worst.

      1. Bodger

        I’ve updated this with some alternative images. Sometimes it’s not the photographer, but the ‘pins’-focused dope laying out the page. Sorry.

    2. Chuckenstein

      Careful not to to objectify the girl showing off her legs….as in, the one who’s showing off her legs.

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