Duty Free Calls


200 Major and a bottle of Jameson, please.’

Yesterday morning.

In ‘the vicinity of Dublin Port’.

Óglaigh na hÉireann conducted a ‘complex terrorist exercise’ led by the Army Ranger Wing, supported by the Air Corps and Naval Service, with a Defence Forces HQ ‘command and control element’.

Assault teams were deployed on to a Stena Line ferry from AW139 choppers and hard hull inflatables before taking out Seagal ‘securing the vessel’ as it approached Dublin Port.

Name those ‘pieces’, anyone?

Any excuse.

Pics: Defence Forces

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11 thoughts on “Duty Free Calls

      1. scottser

        a mate of mine had a book on the all the world’s special forces when we were kids. under ‘irish rangers’ it simply said ‘no information available’.
        proper order.

  1. alickdouglas

    Yeah I think you are correct alright; cannot really be sure without seeing the left side of the receiver as that’s where the most obvious HK marks are.

    Probably an FN Minimi on the first and second pic, and the winch operator seems to have a sidearm; the magazine has a scalloped bottom like the HK USP (which is on the Irish Army list on wikipedia, so it’s probably right)

    1. Paulus

      Hah; imagine wars having a H&S Officer:
      Oh you can’t go there – you might get shot.
      That minefield hasn’t been risk-assessed yet.
      Actually, it might stop the whole war thing?

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