9 thoughts on “New Booths

  1. spud

    Popping up all over the shop.
    A brutal excuse at trying to gain more ad revenue.
    Are we the only country in the world making our streets less pedestrian / wheelchair friendly with archaic phone boxes?

  2. george

    Angled to span as much of the pavement as possible to maximise ad revenue. They should be forced to rotate 90 degrees so the ad faces the road. I’m pretty sure Eir’s interest in maintaining these would then evaporate.

  3. seanydelight

    If they’re advertising just make it something attractive like those old pillar style ones still seen on the continent. These are just ugly and will no doubt become an expense the public has to pay to maintain / remove eventually.

  4. Cui Bono?

    These are popping up all over every European city.

    They’re needed for emergencies if the internet or power grid goes down.

    Maybe a massive cyber attack like what Klaus Schwab “warned” about.

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