The Kellie Gang [Updated]


This evening.

Olympic boxers Kellie Harrington and Emmet Brennan on an open-top bus tour of Dublin’s North Inner City.


This afternoon.

Dublin Airport.

More as we get it.

Sam Boal/RollingNews


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Pic via Niall Boylan

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7 thoughts on “The Kellie Gang [Updated]

  1. andrew

    What a wonderful person she is. I would like to see her turn pro just to see her bag a few big paydays. Nobody would begrudge it, I am sure.

    1. spud

      I heard former boxer Barry McGuigan saying it would be great for her to turn pro… nowhere in the article did it mention ‘boxing promoter’ Barry McGuigan.

      Kellie herself has said she doesn’t want much to change and has her own issues. She seems so grounded I really feel at this moment she doesn’t what’s right for her, and that may be to stay amateur but hopefully get a decent bump to her income from sponsorship / other streams.

      I hope she has good protective management around her.

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