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Outgoing South Dublin Mayor Ed O’Brien (top left) hands over the keys of the ‘official bicycle’ to incoming Mayor Peter Kavanagh, witnessed by members of the Dublin Cycling Campaign

Clondalkin Civic Offices, Clondalkin, county Dublin.

Kieran Ryan writes:

‘South Dublin’s Mayor Peter Kavanagh was presented with his official bicycle by Dublin Cycling Campaign at a special handover ceremony at the Clondalkin Civic Offices on Wednesday morning.

The Mayor’s bicycle was handed over by the outgoing Mayor, Ed O’Brien, in what is hoped will become an annual tradition. The Mayor’s bicycle was funded by Dublin Cycling Campaign and its supporters.

The bicycle is a Dutch-style city bicycle, which was provided at cost price by the Dutch Bike Shop in Lucan. The bicycle, a Gazelle CityGo C3, is a robust city bike. It comes equipped with a sturdy rear carrier to carry all of your belongings.

The front and rear lights are integrated in the frame and are operated by dynamo, so batteries are a thing of the past. There is a ring lock on the rear wheel for brief stops but a sturdy D-lock is required for longer stops.’

Dublin Cycling Campaign

Pics: Ben Ryan

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11 thoughts on “Bike And Chain

  1. Spider

    Thats the face of an ide=iot whos never been on a bike in his adult life… why do our politicians get on bikes for photo ops and act like clowns… when we see politicians from europe on their bikes… it generally looks like they are travelling somewhere normally, on a bike…

  2. D-troll

    nice story. tks for sharing. great to see its a bike and not a car i hear they are doing great cycling routes in south dublin, especially along the dodder river, and the grand canal towpath that goes by clondalkin to dublin is excellent.

      1. D-troll

        seems to be assumption on the internet forums that people are always negative.

        i wasnt being sarcastic. 2 wheels good, and the cycling has gotten good in south dublin compared to when i lived there.

        1. goldenbrown

          oh my bad

          thought you were having a poke at the extensive well known antisocial issues on certain routes

    1. Rosette of Sirius

      Ebikes are spectacularly good fun. My new e-mtb has allowed my to stay out and up on the hills a helluva lot longer.

      And as a commuting method should you have the need for one, they are amazing. I’m not a commuter mind you , but took a ride on an amazing high end Trek hybrid bike (Allant 9 – check it out!) and it was a sublime ride.

  3. Skeptik

    See how long said sturdy D lock stands up to the scrote standard issue battery angle grinder locked on the street overnight.

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