The Doctor Is Out


This afternoon.

A petition to reinstate Derry Dr Anne McCloskey, who was suspended from practising medicine after posting a video critical of the Covid vaccines has reached over 5,000 signatures.

The Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) suspended Dr McCloskey and banned her from working for all health and social care services after Dr McCloskey said she was “distraught” by the number of young people “damaged” by “unlicensed and unapproved” vaccines.

She said many young people have been “coerced, bribed or bullied” into being vaccinated and that vaccines are “malevolent”.

Petition here

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18 thoughts on “The Doctor Is Out

  1. Dan

    ooohhh 12 years olds. Whoop de do. Wait till that Karen hears they’re vaccinating 3 year olds in other parts of the world.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Instead of the vaccine, she’ll give them horse wormer and some expensive Big Homeo promoted diluted water that retains the memory of some mineral, but not the memory of the poop and pee or other detrius it encountered along the way!

      1. goldenbrown

        or maybe she’ll just consult her GP for advice on what is best to do for her child

        instead of typing up 3 lines of anonymous drivel on an internet forum

  2. George

    If she is saying vaccines are not approved then she is giving out incorrect medical info. She is also saying the vaccine’s are malevolent. That’s very different from talking factually about side effects of vaccines and potential risks.

  3. D-troll

    she has the public admin law at her disposal. she can bring a high court challenge. high court judges will consider constitutional issues such as free speech against right of public good.

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    “The “Gillick Competence” test is not relevant in this country”

    Neither is Derry based Dr McCloskey.

  5. Phil

    Used to like this site.

    Anytime I look at it now, there’s at least one tinfoil hat article

    Bodger clearly believes n this nonsense.

    It’s ruined the site. Feel sorry for all the other contributors

    1. Pat

      There seems to be a big drop in the amount of Chompsky posts lately. Wonder is there any connection

  6. George

    Jazis…. more antivax/vax “skeptic” posts from Bodger… Some rando finge member of conservative political party (Aontu this time) says something he likes… so… he posts it. Qualiy “journalism” .. clap clap.

    Piss poor content from Broadsheet. We might as well be reading BookFace posts from some middle aged tin foiler.

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