16 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Papers

  1. GiggidyGoo

    What day is Donohue appearing before the Committee? Will his records be released under FOI?

    Why did Coveney delete messages between himself and Varadkar, but not messages between himself and Zappone? ( You know – he said he clears his messages due to hacking)

  2. Eoin Foot

    In Coveney’s radio interview with Bryan Dobson on Morning Ireland a few days ago he claimed Zappone didn’t lobby for the job, the role wasn’t created for her and FG ministers only found out about the appointment 20 mins before Cabinet.
    These have all now been revealed as bare-faced lies.

  3. goldenbrown

    lol, I’m clearly a philistine

    never heard of Jean-Paul Belmondo (nor do I even recognise him)

    or “New Wave” cinema for that matter

    1. Gabby

      Google ‘nouvelle vague’ and you’ll find Belmondo and (American) costar Jean Seberg mentioned in the groundbreaking movie A bout de souffle, titled Breathless in its anglophone release.

    2. Andrew

      There’s probably a lot of things you’ve never heard of then. You’re lucky, you’ve a whole world of places and things to learn about and enjoy.

    3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      don’t mind them Golden

      Au revoir Monsieur Belmondo.

      En 1984, il était rentré dans la famille des Légionnaires (au cinéma) en incarnant le sergent Augagneur dans « Les Morfalous ». ( most note worthy for me )

      Toutes nos condoléances à sa famille et ses proches

        1. Micko

          Ah don’t worry gb

          I still don’t know what a tracker mortgage is

          … or any French cinema for that matter ;-)

  4. Andrew

    Strange. You could just not have commented at all, but you chose to proclaim your ignorance.
    I’m genuinely curious as to know why.

  5. bisted

    …not much mention of the great escape by six brave Palestinians from the high security zionist stalag were they were being held…they have been bombing the open prison that is Gaza since…

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