27 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Papers

  1. Charlie

    McGregor isn’t throwing a punch. He’s just showing yer man his new watch. “Here bo**ix, bet you’ll never be able to afford one of these”.

    1. johnny

      …oh i much prefer yer man’s accessory,Conor’s watch is probably fake like himself,but that fox wow, now thats some accessory,i heard it was his man-bag that he flung on the ground,cause no pic’s with crackheads,then he had be ‘held back’….

    1. Darren

      Imagine if megan or harry were served lawsuits for their role in sexually exploiting a minor … the star would have no room for class divisive headlines .. and all the world would be a fairer place.. alas it was a proper royal and anyway it wasn’t done in the proper order so its not even a thing … just like climate change imho….tarquin

        1. Charlie

          I see the PUP has been reduced by €50 from today. That’s Dunce For Hire and Giggidys taxi trips to the local chipper gone west.

  2. V aka Frilly Keane

    Season 12 Bakers revealed

    In a snapshot
    6 lads : 6 Mná
    Ages run between 70 down to 19
    Presenters are as you were
    Same for the Judges, shur’ twouldn’t be Bake Off without The Hollywood

    On first glance, I’m expecting a lot of regional influences Jamaican/ Carribbean, Italian, Greek already being mentioned
    And some jawdroping finishes with one lad with precision baking in his bio
    And another with Intricate Chocolate

    And there’s a Vegan Specialist (●__●)

    First impression is the tent next week has the most diverse baking styles it has ever seen

    We’ll see

    Meanwhile, for now, all I’ll say is
    Gawd bless the lad that says Greek baking is his speciality
    ’cause that’s one’ve Paul’s as well

  3. Andrew

    Nobody seems interested in that pension story? The inequity in pensions in this country is absolutely extraordinary.
    You could work your arse off but if it doesn’t make up 52 weeks for 40 years you won’t get a full state pension.
    On the other hand, you could never, ever work, live in a council house, with a medical card and you will get a full pension.
    The other inequity is the index linked, defined benefit pensions that public servants get. Worth millions. The rest of us are getting screwed.

  4. Micko

    Very concerning alright. Massive jump from 10 years to 40 years to qualify!

    No chance of bumping it up to start at 20 years contributions eh?

    Nope – Straight to 40 :-0

    Crazy stuff

    1. Micko

      Actually, just been informed that it’s 35 years currently?

      So not that bad.

      Where’d I get 10 years from? Derp ;p

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