19 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get It?

  1. johnny

    is that state sponsored environmental terrorist organization , Coilte still bloody minded and determined to completely ruin this stunning spot ?

    -Last September, Cork County Council refused permission to Wingleaf Ltd, a subsidiary company of businessman Michael Murnane, for a seven-turbine wind farm, electricity substation, and battery storage containers at Curraglass, near the Pass of Keimaneigh and less than two miles from St Finbarr’s Oratory at Gougane Barra.-


    “Coillte has dismissed criticism of a massive tree-felling operation in one of the State’s largest national parks, insisting the work had to be done.”


    1. johnny

      …say hi to the Imelda Marcus-Hurley,10 years at Greeencore,then CHINA,she has no agriculture nor forestry experience, environmenta or sustainable -l HAHA stop its ‘friends and family’ Ireland-,but,but she has extensive experience with some the worst environmental terrorists.

      ..be nice Johnny.smoke some more dope skip some rope,let it go man,its fifty dirty corrupt ole Ireland,yeah true dat,may as well F offNew York,few years at least the flower is great,oh and i get farm cannabis on industrial levels…


      “Imelda qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Arthur Andersen Ireland and has also worked with Andersen in Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Business Studies degree from the University of Limerick and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ireland”

      -was it not possible to find anyone less qualified for the challenges faced by Coilte ?


      1. johnny

        ..thanks fo your ahem ‘contribution’ i do occasionally,but not often envy people so ignorant and oblivious, oh to be so simple and so unaware of your surroundings, but then again your not even Irish ….’Papi”.

          1. johnny

            ah bless,but your not,no irish person could possibly have such sh*te ‘taste’ in music,then weekly ram the same simple stoopid limited selection down our throats….its so unirish …hahahahahahahahahahaha

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