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    1. Rosette of Sirius

      Globule Britain leading the way…. With their diesel aircraft carrier and borrowed planes an’ all… that’ll show ‘em.

          1. italia'90

            @Man On Fire
            Cheers for your reply on Monday.
            Very much appreciate that at least one other commenter on here
            read the article and remembers that I have been somewhat consistent on the topic.
            Have a lovely day.
            I don’t visit the site as much these days.
            Be well everyone.

  1. SOQ

    Vaccine thought for the day.

    It was supposed to be a fight against the pandemic to protect the people

    It became a fight against the people to protect the pandemic.

          1. SOQ

            No, I am pro safe vax- I have had others.

            Who knows, I may take this one in due course, but I am in no rush. Let’s see what the long term safety data says.

            Coronaviruses usually have a two year cycle before settling into a endemic phase, so it probably won’t be needed anyways.

          2. SOQ

            @ Rosette of Sirius- it was a joke- because by asking such a question it was quite clear you really didn’t want a nuanced answer.

            I have already lost work because of my decision but given that vaccinated people can be just as infectious, any employer who demands such is not one I would want to work for anyways.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          A quick google search ‘charger salmons’ might give a clue to the type of person your hero is. Especially his posts on peoplesrepublicofcork. Not the cuddly hard done by boyo you’re trying to portray.

          1. Truther

            That’s true Giggidy what Man On Fire said.
            You’re really not one to talk ill of other posters with multiple identities on the site.
            Or dare I say about poor behaviour on the forum prior in general.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Sure thing multi-man. I use one name here. Proud to do so. Unlike yourself and the merry band of trolls.Is that too ‘Truthy’ for you? MoF was replying to the Pepe le Phew fellow, not to yourself – scan the code

          3. Truther

            No Giggidy, if you look at it again, Pepe Le Phew commented up thread.
            Man On Fire was commenting directly to you, and I do agree with him.
            I feel you are being very unfair there to Pepe Le Phew given your own previous form and behaviour on the site, that’s all. People in glasshouses, you know yourself.

        2. Papi

          In fairness, Pepe le pew liked kittens too, so finally charger got one thing right. Well, apart from being a woman hating racist scumbag.

  2. goldenbrown

    Garth Brooks drama repeat by looks of it so
    PP for 3 but the other 2 gigs he wants the week later undecided…
    from what I’ve seen those residents are up for the fight
    so will it be to the courts this time?

    1. SOQ

      Yes, if there ever was a glimpse into the future, this is it- jab every six months or your passport gets revoked.

      My concern is that these vaccines will leave people dependent- meaning that their immune systems will in someway fail if they do not keep them up.

      From Pharma’s business model perspective, that would be an ideal revenue stream, but there has been no research done as to the cumulative health impacts.

      1. E'Matty

        it’s kind of weird that people cannot see at this stage that boosters for everyone every 6 months on an ongoing basis is to be the norm (precisely as the conspiraloons predicted once again). Whilst many were willing to take a chance on the vaccine for the initial doses, I know some who are becoming increasingly concerned at the prospect of having to get a new one every six months. I wonder if they were told at the start that they would have to receive 11 shots of these vaccines in five years, might there have been more pause for thought?

        Whatever they may claim about the testing/trials which couldn’t even ID the now known short term adverse effects like mitochondritis, blood clotting and guillain barre syndrome, none of these vaccines were tested for repeated administering. They’re in it now so can only plough onwards. If they refuse any booster, they’ll lose their special citizen vaccine pass privileges. Bloody glad to have held back myself. Let’s see how they all get on over the next 12 months. We may be impoverished in the coming year or two, whilst they may simply have their immune system collapse with the consequences of same being experienced in an environment where healthcare would surely also collapse under the weight. Neither an easy path but I know which option I would choose every time. Fingers crossed though none of this manifests as it would be a horror show for all.

  3. ce

    “The gossip forum that has become a haven for trolls”… isn’t gossip basically trolling… Indo rag gets ragier

        1. scottser

          the very same. he pops up now and again and is usually kittened but i think bodger is in charge today so between the anti-vaxx stuff and this lad, we can expect it to be a bit stinky round here.

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