This morning.

Airfield Estate, Dundrum, county Dublin.

Pupils from Wesley College – from top: redsers Lucy Clarke and her brother Henry and Juliette Carol Breen and fake redser Charlotte White – launch ‘From the Ground Up’, a free Junior Cycle short course where students will ‘use skills learnt in Science, Business, HE and Geography to demonstrate how all subjects are integrated through the production of food’.

It all sounds a bNOMNOMNOM

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

8 thoughts on “Carrot Tops

  1. johnny

    …why is it just a short course,it should be a core requirement,is it only available in private fee paying schools,naturally with the full support and backing of the dept….

  2. paddy apathy

    Was never insecure about going or being bald, but when I see natural fiery flaming locks I do miss my red hair. I now have a red beard but it’s just not the same.

    1. paul

      when I started shaving my head, I just told my nieces that I woke up one morning and put my hair on upside down. My son, who was born after all that, complained when I put on a wig for Halloween last year. Bald is the new norm. I do miss having something up there, if only to avoid putting sun cream on my scalp.

      Whenever I see a kid with red hair pass through my work, I always pay them a compliment. Kids can be mean and red hair is wonderful.

  3. just millie

    Fellow redhead here.

    Powerful flashbacks of being wheeled out by principal of the secondary school to stand next to the one black kid and one Pakistani kid enrolled in the whole school for a photo with local paper to show how ‘diverse’ and ‘inclusive’ the school was for the early 2000s.

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