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    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      London already has that problem, fish don’t breed properly anymore, full of anti depressants too

      1. Micko

        Woh woh woh

        Does that mean we’re (they’re) all on anti-depressants by proxy?

        I mean I’m not complaining,(free drugs an all) but maybe I’m too sedated to complain?

        Nah… I complain a lot. FFS ;)

    2. Fergalito

      Scientists who I’m sure don’t deceive,
      Say some fish find it hard now to breed
      In streams laced with drugs,
      While they’re keen to give hugs
      The chemicals mess with their seed.

    1. f_lawless

      How long’s it going to last though? Looks like, come winter, there’s every likelihood the UK government are really going to start turning the screw by further imposing the fascistic biosecurity surveillance state. I think it would be wishful thinking to expect that the same thing won’t start to happen here. We can’t keep going along to get along

      Published yesterday:

      “If the data suggests the NHS is likely to come under unsustainable pressure, the government has prepared a Plan B for England. ..The government would seek to give businesses at least one week’s notice before mandatory vaccine certification came into force…At present, the NHS COVID Pass displays an individual’s COVID status on the basis of vaccine, test or natural immunity status. If mandatory certification were introduced, the NHS COVID Pass would switch so that it certified individuals based on vaccine status only”

      1. SOQ

        The problem is that the narrative is falling apart- Israel is the test case and it’s not looking good. How many jabs will be needed before they admit that the vaccines don’t work for any period of time? They certainly do not prevent transmission which is the whole point of passports.

        The one thing which is being universally ignored is past infections. They have begrudgingly concluded that natural antibodies are better and yet- there is no roll out of antibody testing. You don’t need to be a infectious disease specialist to know that when accessing a potential risk, you first ascertain what percentage of the population are already immune.

        But, I am really impressed with what is going on in NI right now. That Boiler Room x AVA Festival was over two nights and on the second, there was also the Belsonic festival in the south of the city- two very large events.

        1. Cian

          Israel has disappointing vaccine numbers. They are
          Israel: 64% and 5.4% (full & 1st dose)
          Ireland: 74% and 2%

  1. :-Joe

    Folks, for what it’s worth / As no mainstream media outlet is reporting anything resembling fact or truth on the subject….

    Bitcoin is about to either A :plumet all the way down to a bounce from the 40-41K / 0.618 Fibonacci level on a local downtrend… then bounce again off the 0.618 Fibonacci level on the local uptrend before…. “B” Plowing straight down through resistance all the way to 38K – 36K – -30K and then arguably 23K – 18K as a conservative maximum/minimum…

    It’s ok though, within a couple of weeks it’s back to the 40K-50K level and then within 3-6 months it will be rallying to 100K and far beyond…

    to the uninitiated potential investor this is frightening .

    To the well heeled hold’r or someone experienced this potential reality is even greater than mere fear or greed…

    23K-18K Bitcoin is a gift from the future by the universe…-IMO & NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE

    If you “Euro/Dollar Cost Average” into BTC for the next couple of years, like an SSIA you will be more than happy come 2025-6 or a lot earlier.. At least ten times happier than the pittance the ff/fg clowns threw at you before…

    Just look up bitcoin and property rights and ignore the FUD crypto ranch bs by the likes of iIrish life investment management who are running scared, clammering for fresh idiots to waste thier savings with them while they all invest in crypto without admitting to it…

    Crypto is already a reality but with Bitcoin, more and more people will become autonomouslly financially free and connected together through a new form of naturally evolving digital economics without the centralised corrupted greedy oversight of traditional banks and corporations….

    GOLD 1% P.A in a decade….

    Bitcoim 3330% and rising in 2021 alone.

    FIAT / $Forex is already worthless.

    10%-20% Inflation vs Gold or Bitcoin.. hmmm?

    BTW: Money as welath or greed means nothing to me…

    Bitcoin Adoption = 1B(BILLION!) People get property rights they never coulsd have dreamed of before,

    +101 Other obvios reasons to get onboard if you can be bothered to open your mind…

    A huge step towards a True Global Democracy!


    Thank me in five years when Dublin resembles a cheap parody of failed american ideology
    – a.k.a A 1990’s “jamie “idiot/greedy/scumbag/” dimon’s” dream destruction of Detroit

    Join the future of economic freedom… Today!


      1. ce

        “Thank me in five years when Dublin resembles a cheap parody of failed american ideology” … too late…

        Anyway invest in toilet paper and turkeys in the UK… fast… that’s where it’s at…

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            if someone hadn’t seen our other conversation that comment would look off the wall

        1. :-Joe

          Ye, what a mess…

          The “Singapore On Thames” tory scum dead-pig f..”abusing” elitist party in denial again trying to blame it all on Covid and the EU…

          Be warned.. The tory / media spun Cambridge Analytica social media / digital election coup will rear it’s nasty head over on this Island in some form, soon enough.

          As ff/fg slide further and become desperate enough to cling on they will grasp at anything that might work.

          Folks, If it’s on facederp, gurgle, whatscrap, $hitter or thick toc / poo tube etc. etc. their is a high probability it is personalised, intentionally customisied and bespoke propaganda manipulated for your demographic and it’s not the full story or even any kind of useful information in reality at all.

          Vote local independant or anything other than a hundred more years of ff/fg !

          If you don’t ever bother voting because it’s a waste of time then this is also is how you can make it worthwhile again in the future…


      1. :-Joe

        Another media circus distraction from the crumbling reality of little westminister engerland…

        Although, If there’s a chance the tory scum party will be sent into orbit or outer space then great, where do I send the donation?


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