Flat White Privilege


From top: a flat white coffee; Loylap, founders Conor O’Toole (left) and Patrick Garry

This morning.

How do you like your Joe?

Emma writes:

LoyLap, an Irish company specialising in digital payments and customer engagement software for businesses, has today revealed that ‘flat white’ coffee is Ireland’s favourite cup of brew, based on new research data.

To mark World Coffee Day (October 1st), LoyLap dug deep into a quarter of a million of payments transactions to reveal the ‘flat white’ is a firm favourite among Irish consumers.

The popularity of flat whites was highest in Leinster, while ‘macchiato’ was found to be the least popular beverage in Ireland, where it accounted for just 0.5% of all coffees purchased.

Following closely behind is ‘cappuccino’, with ‘latte’ and ‘americano’ rounding off the list. Interestingly, according to the data, latte is regarded as 24% less favourable than ‘cappuccino’ with ‘americano’ 19% less popular than ‘latte’.

The payments data was analysed across 250,000 transactions between January 1st – September 20th of this year.



Thanks Alan Bracken

7 thoughts on “Flat White Privilege

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Ooh, I could do me with one of them!

    Especially now the dishwasher has had a diet and out running again, I might have two :-)

  2. ian-oG

    I read recently that Dublin was the 2nd most coffee obsessed city globally after Amsterdam but the quality was lower?

    I don’t like the idea of flat white, I may on occasion use a tiny drop of milk in an americano but generally I just have it black and of course never interfere with the espresso, bad juju doing that.

    I am not ever sure I’d consider flat whites, macchiato’s and cappuccinos to be true coffees, more coffee cocktails? Still, each to their own I guess, the wife loves both but hates milk in an americano.

    I have had some of the tasty Jamesons cold brew though, quite nice although I’d still prefer a standard coffee or a proper Irish coffee – Powers your only man here as well, Jameson is grand at a pinch but Powers, being a pot still and grain blend, interacts excellently with the coffee flavours.

    1. Poor oul divil

      So it’s complete booper dooper to put sugar* in an espresso?

      *asking for a friend

      1. Fergalito

        Oh sugar that mofo if you want a sweet kick from the dregs and sut yerself. You’re not drinking it for anyone else…

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