22 thoughts on “Monday’s Papers

  1. Verbatim

    Haha the Telegraph photographer was on the ball!
    Not a great look for Hellen Mirren, looks more like what the cat dragged in.

  2. Steph Pinker

    I wish Vicky Phelan a lot of luck and happiness, especially at this stage.

    … and I wish for a scourge on Tony Holohan and his ilk, and FFG.

      1. Fearganainm

        In recent years the Soldier F fan pleaded guilty to beating one of her two daughters and subsequently lost custody of both children. Comes over here squealing about child abuse…

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Currently squealing about hanging people too. Why do antivaxxers have such violent tendencies?

  3. ian-oG

    What an incredible story in the The Echo.

    According to Coveney, a day in which a registered charity has to get involved to provide somewhere for homeless veterans is a ‘proud day’? Is this guy for real? It’s a day filled with shame when ex members of the defence forces have to go cap in hand to a charity because of homelessness.

    Reminds me of Joan Burton opening a food bank with big smiles.

    Essentially they are celebrating their own respective governments failures and overly compliant media rush for the photo op without any sort of analysis of the severity of what is happening. They even go so far as to say the service provides ‘20,000 beds annually”. They don’t, they have 54 beds across all their centres so multiply that by 54 and you get 19710 beds provided per annum, a shortfall of 290. But 20000 is a much better sounding number than 19710.

    Astonishing failures from both government and media, but fair play to ONE the Organisation for them stepping up to the mark here, but they shouldn’t have too.

    Meanwhile Coveney thinks this is a proud day? He clearly needs some time out of government, maybe even politics as well, between Zapphony and now this, his disconnect from reality seems complete.

    1. ian-oG

      God that’s atrocious. What’s also bad is how much edible material is on display in that image, including the bones. My grandmother used to make bone broth and I still make it, usually in the winter and then freeze portions. Nothing like a salty bone broth on a zero degree morning to get you going, but the amount of people who make faces or say yuck when I tell them is crazy!

      Generally I’d make chicken broth as its easier as I’d roast a full chicken 2-3 times a month, sometimes more but when I have enough beef or lamb bones saved up (in the freezer) I’ll do either a beef or lamb or combine the two. Literally one of the most nutritious things you can eat and made from actual scraps.

  4. Gabby

    If they add a tenner to my state pension, I’ll go out and buy extra supplies of cheese-and-onion Tayto and litre bottles of Red Lemonade before inflation pushes up the retail price.

    1. paddy apathy

      SOQ, a 30 second web browse will inform you that proposed bill is a reaction to restrictive anti-abortion legislation and is not in any way serious.

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