Merchant’s Arch, Dublin

Rob Cross writes:

My restored and colourised 1969 photo taken by photographer Elinor Wiltshire featuring a couple browsing through books in Merchant’s Arch…

Name those jammers (and LPs), anyone?

Yesterday: Cobbled Together


Ah now.

9 thoughts on “Merch

  1. Nilbert

    At one point they wanted to tear down the entrie temple bar area and build a massive bus depot. We are not good at planning for our city.

  2. Clampers Outside

    Love it :)

    Who can name the 3 LPs on the wall….

    Roy Orbison… up top, I think.

    Jimmy Dean… in the middle.

    No idea, but would like to know :)… At the bottom, spirally cover.

  3. Paulus

    What’s this, no jammers question;

    Austin 1100
    Ford Transit van
    Poss Rover 2000
    Hilmann ?
    Ford Prefect or Anglia.

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