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      1. missred

        Oh I’ve seen plenty of story links alright, but I was looking for the cover that gives all the gory detail complete with genius headline

  1. Birdie

    Well that budget lacked complete imagination and just was pure electioneering. I can’t handle the thought of three more years with this people I’m charge, it’s so depressing.

    1. bisted

      …it’s called representative democracy and you’ll have to put up with it…there was definitely a movement for change last time but between parties not fielding enough candidates and betrayal by the greens, the status quo has been maintained…trouble is, the momentum for an alternative has probably been lost for generations to come…the greens will be replaced by labour at the next election who will provide the third leg to the status quo stool…after that, a hotch potch of so-called independants like last time and if that does not produce the numbers then it’s back to the gene pool…every parish will get it’s pump…

      1. ian-oG

        Most of my younger relatives, especially the first time voters (in a GE at least) gave the Greens if not a first then at the very least a high preference last time out and are utterly disgusted with what they have seen. According to them that sentiment would fairly common with any of their friends and acquaintances who did vote.

        Sadly many are now saying what is the point of voting if that is the outcome, very depressing to hear it. Still, I get the rather pyrrhic satisfaction of a good old fashioned ”I told you so” worthless as it is.

        1. just millie

          I voted Green last election. This time I’ll vote SF, when I’d never have considered them a viable option, for obvious reasons. Consider it a protest vote.

          I’ll never, ever vote FF or FG again. Or the Greens for that matter. I can’t stand the thought of voting for the kind of parties where self interest and personal gain come before the common good and the interests of the people who voted them in.

          1. Rob_G


            It puzzles me that you could find making political compromises more morally-repugnant than murdering people.

          2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I’m with you Milly
            I’m also an x prod with my relatives and roots in NI and Scotland and if I can put the past behind us Rob-G and leave history in its place, I’d say SF are edging closer to a real win, I also would never vote for FF or FG because they don’t give a fiddlers worse I think they hate anyone who isn’t loaded. They show nothing but méprise for the people who pay their wages.

          3. goldenbrown

            +1 on the protest vote….I can’t do much to influence matters except cast my vote…..it’s already dialled in and just parked waiting for the GE to arrive

            it will be very carefully crafted up…SF#1, SF#2…..#3 and #4 will depend on transferability (making sure that FFG cannot benefit in any way)

            I 110% intend to help break the system, I don’t care what chaos ensues, this existence I believe is the wrong design

            I want to see them burn

          4. ian-oG

            FF, FG & the Greens are engaging in ‘political compromise’ and SF are engaging in murder?

            You do realise that narrative is what is pushing people towards SF Rob.

            At best it displays a very disrespectful attitude to a large proportion of the electorate saying they voted for murderers.

            FF are done as a political force in the country, their traditional voters are literally dying off and FG has been in power too long so irrespective of what they might say, the current condition of the country, for good or ill, is on them.

            I know many people who are quite willing to hold their nose and vote for SF despite their history. I’m one of those voters and I do not expect SF to solve much for many reasons but at the very least we might see an end to some of the grubby little deals that FF & FG have been doing so for that alone they are worth consideration.

            But if you want to start moralising all I can say is Michael Noonan, Brigid McCole and ‘Grace’. The fact such a morality free, nasty excuse for a human being was such a well respected grandee in FG tells us all we need to know about morality in FG – a despicably arrogant ahole with zero empathy for anyone outside what he might consider the ‘right sort of people. I could go on and make a long list of FGers who have engage in despicable behaviour.

            If you are still puzzled as to why people might vote for the ‘murderers’ over the sitting parties that speaks volumes about you and your knowledge of what is the reality for so many people in this country. Michael Collins was a cold blooded murderer as well, but you lads fetishize the hell out of him and when anyone brings up O’Duffy and his facism you laugh it off as being ‘ancient history’.

          5. Rob_G

            @Janet – I’m very happy to leave the past behind us, but that’s quite difficult when Sinn Fein TDs:

            i) shout ‘Up the Ra’ in public meetings (Cullinane)
            ii) refuse to condemn the murder of Jerry McCabe (Martin Browne)
            iii) is an actual convicted IRA bomber (Dessie Ellis)

          6. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            at least their flaws are transparent, I’m over the ducking and diving and getting one over on the Irish people for their own gain that is the signature of FF and FG.

          7. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            and big deal up the Ra.. do you think they are going to start bombing again or turfing prods off their land….I dont

          8. Rob_G

            @Ian – yes, members of Sinn Féin have killed people, and been involved in the cover up of plenty of murders after ceasefire, as well.

            I couldn’t give a continental if you or anyone else finds my pointing this out as ‘disrespectful’ – it’s the truth; if you vote for SF, you are voting for the party of bombers and murderers.

            I find it kind of repugnant that someone would point to the sort of GUBU, bureaucratic clusterfupp that caused the Grace scandal*, and use it as a justification to vote for the party that was moving child rapists around one part of the country to another.

            * btw the whistlebower at the centre of the Grace scandal has suggested that Noonan was not to blame – https://independent.ie/irish-news/noonan-not-to-blame-in-grace-scandal-35524506.html

            I am loathe to use this poor woman’s situation as a debating point, but it only serves to underline how hollow your moral justifications for supporting SF actually are

          9. just millie

            You’ve summed up exactly how I feel.

            I should think the answer is in my comment if you want to reread it.

          10. Rob_G


            well i wrote out a fairly extensive reply but it was deleted; vote for whoever you like. Just, when you tuck your children in at night, spare a thought for those who no longer get to enjoy that privilege.

            EDIT: i see that my reply wasn’t actually deleted, or or has since been re-added – fair dues, Bodge

          11. Bodger

            No worries, Rob_G, sometimes when contributions are longer than usual with links they get held up in moderation.

          12. Bitnboxy

            While I have a lot of sympathy for Rob G’s position, I really cannot condemn disillusioned (generally) younger voters giving the Shinners a whirl. I think they will likely end up being disastrous but I understand the “what have we got to lose” sentiment. Why? One issue trumps all: housing. The government just don’t get it. It is as simple as that. I had hoped the Greens would have insisted on sustainable renting, house & apartment price affordability in places people actually want to live (not new grim shoved-up commuterville estates which the Help to Buy scheme and remote working rights are designed to facilitate and that is if they are built) but instead we get a Housing Plan that repeats most of the same past mistakes. The mantra is more supply but that supply is not what is needed (BTRs) and where it is needed.

            They just don’t get it as I say.

          13. just millie

            I’ll do that, but I won’t allow it to hold me back from voting, even for a party with a history like SF. Like it or not, SF is the largest opposition party and the most likely party to oust FF/FG. If there is to be change, then this is the means to an end.

            Both FF and FG need a good kick in the hole, imo, and there’d be no better kick than having to play opposition to SF.

      2. SB

        Honest question: can you explain “betrayal by the greens”? Surely they’re doing what they always said they would, ie promoting public transport, active travel etc? To get those, you have to be pragmatic, you can’t just veto every other FF/FG initiative

      3. goldenbrown

        I think a lot will depend on what happens in the next couple of years regarding movement of people

        I predict if a post-covid normality ensues there is going to be a mass emigration event for the 18-35’s

        all those idealistic, patriotic and panicked inbounds at the start of the pandemic…especially the non-digital workspace wfh types will be gone back to Oz etc. like a hot snot

        my fear is that would help to balance the Tory election books and allow them to keep on clinging on

        1. Cian

          That would fix two problems. A mass exodus would relieve pressure on housing (solving the rental crisis) and reduce unemployment.

          1. goldenbrown

            but Cian
            we were already up p—- creek pre C19
            weren’t we?
            nice try moving the goalposts tho ;)

      4. Nigel

        It’s been agony watching the Greens try to acheive something while supporting FFFG but then I remember that the rest of the parties and independents pretty much refused an alternative coalition so frankly the Greens still stand as the only party who put actually getting into power to get stuff done over staying out and acting superior.

        1. johnny

          …they seem be in such agony all the time,medical cannabis is a no brainer,yet they tie themselves in knots over it.

          Irelands greens are the only ‘green’ party in world oppose it-its just DUH.

          It’s like supporting prohibition,another failed policy,the market in ireland inc rec is easily 1 billion,tax that its free money,recurring annually, much better for society than the Kinihans and Hutch/Garda gangs getting it.

          1. Nigel

            People act like the Greens are a major component of the current government rather than a tiny (and moderately) progressive wing in a deeply conservative coalition. I’d vote for the radical anarchist feminist eco-warrior party which we don’t have but badly need, and which Sinn Fein is not.

          2. johnny

            ..agreed,SF needs get rid the older warriors for a united ireland,recruit some new eco terrorists:)

            Weed is a great modern fun high paying ($$$) green industry,it really is,we are all union,green energy,everyone is on brand,driving Tycans,Greens in Ireland could own that,I met with SF pre covid to discuss cannabis in Irl,not a chance…

            NI will have weed shops first,there is a cunning plan to dot the border with weed stores in collusion with some unionists,to prod SF into action…

          3. Nigel

            Actually, while I support legalisation, I don’t care a flying feck for it as a drug (except as medicine,) but hemp is a miracle plant which was literally made illegal by the lobbying and rabble-rousing of timber barons. It’s insane that it isn’t a major crop all over the world.

          4. johnny

            ..we have a old tobacco barn filled from top to bottom with pounds and pounds,of pharma grade hemp flowers drying,today we will finalize pricing to trim and extract it.

            basically its just bio-mass which we extract CBD from…. for dog treats,its not a real market,yet as regulation is still in flux,we operate are at the intersection of pharma grade
            THC and pharma grade CBD(hemp),more a total mind a and body high,THC(weed) is so last year:)

            with a line high end dog treats,they love them,and yeah one two other things oh like say Tea’s.

            have a good one Nigel.

    2. ian-oG

      I’ve rarely paid attention to a budget in my life, as far as I am concerned I get zip above the most basic of fundamental entitlements and any increases in stuff like tax allowances or the like is generally wiped out by other increases so why bother paying attention, just winds me up whenever I do so best to avoid.

      1. Rob_G

        Yes; to be fair, the degree to which you are happy to remain uninformed on political matters before choosing who to vote for is already succinctly surmised in your earlier comment above.

          1. Rob_G

            Yes; better to stick to the pithy one-liners; arguing at length on a topic is not really your forte.


          2. ian-oG

            I can argue at length but not with someone who refuses to even entertain the possibility they might be wrong.

      1. bertie blenkinsop

        I’ve come to accept that over the years.
        I’d just happily sit and look at her eating her lettuce leaves.

        1. Paulus

          Same could be said about a rabbit:

          What do you get if you cross a rabbit with a rottweiler?

          Just the rottweiler.

  2. johnny

    535 million is that it ?

    -“We, in good faith, helped to reach a deal with a consortium of South African institutional investors who would work hand-in-hand with Ronan Group Real Estate to bring crucial commercial and residential projects in Dublin to fruition,” a spokesman for RGRE said. “Colony Capital accepted this deal and it should be honoured.”-

    Fortress are like the clean up crew.

    huh-“Given RGRE has had no knowledge of the terms of this new agreement, the company said that it is unclear what effect it may have on the various joint venture projects in Dublin.”


    terms are here.
    -it was a general partner deal or control that was sold,not the RE,he willl lose this challenge and most his,non income producing Irish developments, to yet another yank vulture fund welcomed with open arms by FG.

    “NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fortress Investment Group LLC (“Fortress”) today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Colony Capital (“Colony”) under which one or more affiliates of Fortress will become General Partner and Manager to Colony’s CDCF series of funds, co-investment vehicles and other non-digital real estate positions, representing approximately $2.7 billion in combined assets under management. Under terms of the agreement, Fortress will acquire certain of Colony’s capital account positions in non-digital real estate, including positions related to a portfolio of approximately 40 positions encompassing over 100 properties in Europe and the U.S. Total consideration is $535 million, subject to customary adjustments.”


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