All This And Elvis Too


From top: Paddy with Keith Richards; with Paul McCartney and George Martin (seated left); with Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello

I’m with Paddy.

Yesterday: Chief Of The Chieftains

RollingNews/Wikipedia/Windmill Lane

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3 thoughts on “All This And Elvis Too

  1. Zappa rules

    Check out the Salad Party video from Frank Zappa.
    Featuring Zappa himself, some Dweezil, Johnny Guitar Watson. Tuvan throat singers and The Chieftans. All having a party at the URMK studio in Zappas basement. A stunning event rarely covered in the press or by supposed musos.

  2. Fergalito

    I saw a clip yesterday with Paddy playing a tin-whistle that was in the wrong key and seamlessly, while continuing to play, swapped the wrong whistle for the right whistle. Not a note missed. Oh what a life he had – doing what he was born to do. Good man Paddy and safe journey.

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