21 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Papers

  1. Nemo

    Calling BS on the so-called Irish Sun front page story. Martin Cahill killed in 1994. CAB established in 1996. Wouldn’t buy that rag to wipe my bottom region…

  2. Shayna

    Fair play to Feargal Sharkey trying to fight a white paper Bill over raw sewage disposal in rivers and outlets to the seas in GB. It seems a Tory majority voted that private water supply companies do not need treat/distill, or clean waste water. It seems the major chemical component for the treatment process is highly volatile and cannot be stockpiled. It’s only available on mainland Europe, the EU. Supply chain is difficult currently, hmm, kinda a Brexit thing. The Tories have literally submerged themselves in sh!he since Cameron sanctioned The Referendum. Last weekish, Shayna was complaining to herself about pulling seaweed out of her hair after a swim in The Atlantic in the Algarve. Can you imagine when an English type in Newquay, Brighton, Margate complain about (not to themselves) picking toilet paper and human excrement out of their hair following a dip in their local beach? Shame, big-time for next week for Boris Johnson, he’s literally sh!ring on his own shores. (Angry Shayna)

  3. Mr.T

    Carbon budgets next, middle class gets shafted as per usual while corporate types exploit the loopholes.

    Soon itll be climate lockdowns, after seeing what a great effect on emissions lockdowns 1,2 and 3 had.

    1. Nigel

      All the more reason to get active and demand proper solutions not more neoliberal capitalistic shock doctrine nonsense.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Who pressed Reset on the Petrol/Diesel prices?
    Who pressed Reset on the Gas prices?
    Who pressed Reset on Freedom?

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