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  1. Shayna

    A Chandlo dot, then hand in hand with the most racist British Home Secretary that I recall. “Send them back to France, or wherever they came from!” – Priti Patel. To be fair, the UK coastguard ignored her and continues to pick up poor souls stranded/sinking in The English Channel, fleeing from their home countries for, well, clearly life or death reasons. My limited knowledge of Hinduism stems from 3 months in Goa. Vegetarian, sure, reincarnation, sure. Reincarnation depends on two things only, apparently – merits and de-merits, Karma. If I were Hindu, I’d enjoy being a horse when I come back, Boris Johnson, the fox, Priti Patel the mole. (Yes, I’ve got the book – The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse). I haven’t thought of who “the boy”” might be, hope it’s Jim Morrisson.

  2. f_lawless

    That Guardian article on Sesame Street’s Big Bird was pitched for people with cabbage brains.
    Rather that a question of morality – should a children’s tv character be used to urge children to take an experimental pharmaceutical product where the risks clearly outweigh the benefits for healthy children – the Guardian sets out to turn it into a left-right US political issue.

    Criticism of the ad is framed as a “rightwingers pile-on” led by the heinous Ted Cruz. You don’t want to be associated with him, do you Guardian reader? He defends people who like to make Nazi salutes, says the Guardian (although when you look into it, he appears to have been defending a citizen’s right to mock people in authority who behave like tyrants, which is something else altogether).

    Furthermore, says the article, “resistance to vaccine mandates and other Covid public health measures persists among Republican voters”. If this is what the nasty Republicans are against, then surely you are for vaccine mandates, Guardian reader?


  3. Shayna

    Hey f_, why the anger? Shayna should be The angry type! Do you have any idea how many PCR tests I’ve taken over the past 18 months? It’s a godddamned lot. How much did it cost, again a godddamned lot. The thing is, Shayna spent much of the summer in Portugal comparing notes from other travelling types, from kinda worldwide. I met up with a Swiss guy in October, he told me he’s been in lock-down in Argentina for 3 months in a hostel in Buenos Aires, Guardia civil posted outside, sounded horrendous. But when he flew back to Europe, the captain on his flight informed the passengers that the airline had, “special air”, masks were not necessary? Shayna isn’t a loony, but, “Special Air”?

  4. GiggidyGoo

    The old ‘Rescue Christmas’ being rolled out day after day.
    Sorry Holohan, Reid, Nolan, Donnelly, Martin, Under-criminal-investigation-Varadkar, That threat train has left the station. You’ve lost the captive (literally) audience..

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