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  1. ce

    Anything against antigen tests folks?

    Seems more sensible than covid passes, or at least should be used in conjunction with passes… but will businesses/venues check all of this… not very likely… they can’t even get mask wearing correct…

    In other news, the BS hills are not alive with the sounds of antivaxx folks listing unfortunate people as vaccine victims, it all went very quiet over in “Just Baffling” …

    One last thought for the evening… the co-opting of the dead feels a bit like the old Mormon practice of baptizing holocaust victims (… and occasionally the perpetrators…) … keep it classy out there y’all… sweet dreams

    1. Steph Pinker

      …I’ll say one thing for Bisted’s grammatical misuse of ellipses… they’re… contagious… so they are… which… is baffling… vaxx or no va…xxxxx…

      … I’ll pass…

      1. Cú Chulainn

        I use them all the time… a mix of punctuation, for the spoken rather than written word… as sort of comma, full stop, breath, dramatic pause and a cap tip to morse code all rolled into one little ellipse…. I really like it and think my writing reads better… also, I tend to write overly long sentences… so, the ellipse helps… I think…

      2. bisted

        …you seem to have embarked on a personal crusade or jihad on my use of grammar…I assume this stems from a recent attempt at pedantry on your own behalf where I corrected your spelling…don’t take it so bad!

        1. Steph Pinker

          bisted; don’t flatter yourself as it’s not personal; however, it was you who made a grammatical error such as a spelling mistake in your heated response to me – upload the link to aforementioned thread if you’re so confident in your self-righteousness. I read your ignorant and cocky response (spelling mistake included) in your reply but I chose not to bring attention to it. From now on, I will.

          Insofar as your use of words and the abuse of language goes, try this for size ‘a personal crusade or jihad’.

          To coin an American bastardization of language – don’t take it so bad!

        2. Steph Pinker

          Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

          If BS staff can provide a link to said thread we can put this to bed – is that ok with you bisted/ce et., al……………………………………………………..?

    2. Junkface

      This is the best methodology for test and trace. I don’t know why so many countries have not just followed this over a year ago. South Korea and Taiwan have used it to keep numbers under control.

  2. Niall

    In fairness to The Sun, that’s a cracking headline.
    It’s still a scummy rag though which I will never buy.

  3. fluffybiscuits

    Initial research shows the vaccine can reduce the transmission with the vaccine

    Now I know SDQ is probably choking while sweeping up hair in the salon at the thought he may be wrong but its worth bearing in mind


    “British scientists at the University of Oxford examined national records of nearly 150,000 contacts that were traced from roughly 100,000 initial cases. The samples included people who were fully or partially vaccinated with either the Pfizer-BioNTech or the AstraZeneca vaccines, as well as people who were unvaccinated. The researchers then looked at how the vaccines affected the spread of the virus if a person had a breakthrough infection with either the alpha variant or the highly contagious delta variant.”

      1. SOQ

        Tell me- do you gloat at people who were vaccinated then died of CoVid-19 too?

        Or is that particular grave dancing sentiment reserved only for people you disagree with?

        1. Junkface

          I’m not gloating. I simply stated reality. Hopefully anyone who is antivax and a danger to their family or friends reads a twitter post like this and thinks again. If you are not a virologist, or scientifically literate, then maybe follow the public safety guidelines? It could save the lives of loved one or friends. You have abetter chance of surviving covid 19 if you are vaccinated.

          1. SOQ

            Have we really go to this level where people dying is just used as a point scoring exercise? There is even a website of people who died from vaccines because they made some sort of rude public statements about ‘anti-vaxxers’- so it’s happening on both sides.

            My point is they were all human beings with grieving loved ones. RIP.

          2. Tom J

            Will you give it a rest, you couldn’t care less. You are an antivaxer pure and simple, and that’s your business. But don’t force it on anyone else.

          3. Junkface

            Its happening on both sides! Very silly of you. Not wanting to get into an afternoon of hunting for proof and linking articles, but surely you understand that the number of people dying from vaccination side effects is a fraction of the number of unvaccinated people dying from covid 19?
            Being antivax is not only a danger to yourself and everyone else you are in contact with, but framed in the context of public health, it’s completely backwards and regressive. Humanity will always need vaccines for future pandemics. That’s a reality.

          4. Micko

            “the number of people dying from vaccination side effects is a fraction of the number of unvaccinated people dying from covid 19?”

            But not in younger healthy groups though. The risk of the vaccine outweighs the risk of adverse effects for them. Would you agree?

            About 1% of the deaths in Ireland with Covid have been in the under 45’s (over a 20 month period.)

            Vaccines for the people who need them – absolutely 100% – they are life savers.

            And since they clearly do very little to halt transmission, they should definitely not be given to healthy children.

          5. SOQ

            I am not an anti vaxxer- I do however have reservations about the CoVid-19 experimental gene therapy, which has no long term safety data.

            As for comparisons between fatalities- as the old saying goes- never count the bodies til the war is over.

          6. Tom J

            Maybe we will call a ceasefire and count the unvaxxed against the vaxxed. There are a lot of people who died before the vaccines arrived.

          7. SOQ

            @ Micko- absolutely- The SARS-CoV-2 virus infects everyone equally but the CoVid-19 disease is very age specific.

            This fact came into very sharp focus when they started vaccinating children, whom have near zero chance of becoming seriously ill from CoVid-19 in the first place.

  4. Chris

    Suicide bomber was a Christian convert. Oh boy, when they’re false flagging with the indigenous religion – you know the wheels are coming off.

    1. fluffybiscuits

      More likely they reap what they sew…what happens when you carpet bomb someones homeland I wonder

      1. Chris

        You are missing the point fluffy. This can’t be ascribed to jihad etc. It’s another false flag like the MP murder last month.

          1. Chris

            @fluffy It’s terrorism. The government is at war with it’s people. It sets up a construct where any religion can be deemed extreme and dangerous.

        1. Junkface

          Jesus Chris! Maybe give someone else a go on the crack pipe? You’ve had enough. False flags!! {Facepalm]

      1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

        The only known indigenous ‘religion’ of Britain is the spiritual rituals of the Stone and Bronze Ages!

      2. Chris

        : produced, living, or existing naturally in a particular region or environment

        Church of England – with the Monarch as it’s figurehead.

        1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

          Pagan gods of the earth and skies were produced, living, or existing naturally in England well before Christianity arrived as a modern ‘cult’ with the Augustine missions in the 1st Century.

  5. goldenbrown

    a big nod to Norniron who made mighty Italy look very ordinary at Windsor park

    great game, had the good fortune to be given a ticket

    they played really well and really should have won it

    I would love to see the FAI and IFA get their heads together and establish an annual 2 game series (Windsor/Lansdowne)….would be much better than the usual oul friendly pants games, an exciting new thing for us to look forward to, help both countries get to major tournaments, make a bit of money for both associations…

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