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          1. E'Matty

            @Tom J – vaccines are perfectly fine for inanimate objects. Sure didn’t you take them yourself?

          2. Tom J

            @E’Matty, How would you know what I did or didn’t take. Speaking of inanimate objects, how are you today.

          3. Bitnboxy

            ROFL! FYI Tom – mad auld lad GiggidyGums has had his pasty-self jabbed twice and you can bet every cent of demented Giggz’s aul state pension, he’ll be hauling his same feral toothless-self for a booster if he has not already done so (likely with a dose of his usual unpleasantness for his vaccinator).

            Scan the code for me mad GiggidyGums and quit the nonsense!

          4. GiggidyGoo

            In other news:

            Greg Abbott

            A federal court in Georgia has entered a nationwide injunction against the federal-contractor vaccine mandate.

            Now ALL of the Biden Administration vaccine mandates have been halted.

            Now, under my Order, vaccine mandates are not allowed in Texas.

          5. GiggidyGoo

            @ Tom J. Odd in that if someone can’t tell something for sure, then they must be pro / against something. Odd way for your mind to work.

          6. GiggidyGoo

            @Boxy. Out of the traps with the numerous user names. Testing 1-2-1-2. Guffaw.
            Scan the nice coloured code just above. It’ll get you off to a good start on the day, focusing your mind on what’s important instead of your daily trip to the kiddies klub. Ah musha, would ya look at the kellys baby. Let’s make him feel important today. Musha.

          7. Bitnboxy

            Erra look at that: Mad aul feral lad GiggidyGums frothing over Greg Abbott – the very same Texas Governor who nearly jumped for joy out of his wheelchair when presented with legislation (which he had a hand in drafting) to restrict Texan voting rights in the vein of a banana republic – insane stuff like making it an offence (imprisonment if found guilty) to hand out water to queuing voters . The old git did not have the guts to sign this crackpot bill into law in public but did it behind closed doors. Same guy who cooked up and signed anti-abortion legislation to allow anyone to hunt down and sue abortion providers and report women seeking a termination. Lovely stuff!

            Stuff of dreams for mad auld demented lad GiggidyGums who I suspect has now replaced his ex’s photo with one of Trump. ROFL!

    1. GiggidyGoo

      a) Irish Times
      b) Kathy Sheridan
      Not the greatest set to be quoting in any post.
      Kathy thinks people should take Netflix series ‘The Crown’ as a guide to Irish history. I wonder what she thinks of Squid Games.

  1. f_lawless

    New study published by the US National Institute of Health.

    ‘we reveal that the occurrence and frequency of vaccine-resistant mutations correlate strongly with the vaccination rates in Europe and America.’

    Who”s going to tell David ‘Irrational Ape’ Grimes?

    1. SOQ

      And yet, nobody can explain why Africa with such a low vaccination rate, has also such a low infection rate.

          1. Nigel


            ‘There have been at least 8,849,000 reported infections and 224,000 reported deaths caused by the novel coronavirus in Africa so far.’

            Not sure the infection rate qualifies as ‘low.’ In fact I woud go so far as to say that calling it ‘low’ is ridiculous. The death rate, perhaps, luckily, for pandemic-related values of ‘luck,’ and you have to assume they’re under-reported. I expect they’d still like to get hold of the vaccines, thank you very much.

          2. SOQ

            Out of a population of near 1389 MILLION?

            And vaccine intent doesn’t matter- they have a very low vaccination rate either way.

            They also have high incidence of malaria of course so hydroxychloroquine would be used.

      1. Cian

        There is a simple answer, two reasons
        1. The median age in Africa is so low. More than half the population in Africa is under 20. (in Europe the median is 44). As you are aware this is a disease that hits the elderly harder than the young.
        2. Most African countries are poor and don’t have spare resources to test/report like we do.

        If you look at the countries that are richer/have older population like South Africa, Libya, Tunisia you’ll see they do have Covid.

  2. Jerr

    215 thousand no shows for vaccine
    Maybe take out the duplicate appointments that have been happening for weeks as highlighted by the media
    I had a text yesterday for my jab
    Triple vaccinated for 4 weeks and 6 appointments by text all after I got the jab from my GP
    I rang them 3weeks ago and was told by the HSA escargot helpline that just do not turn up

    I just order is the whole system capable of vaccinating even half of that number in a day
    The more let’s say porkies coming out of the HSE the lest we will trust them

    1. Jerr

      Todays headline
      For the week including yesterday when it’s reported 215000 people had not turned up for vaccine

      The HSE had provided the weekly data

      180 thousand appointments for the week and out of that only 93000 turned up
      So it clearly is an admission that government is lying

      And that means what else are they lying about
      Maybe the gardai should arrest them for perjury and intimidation which is covered in our constitution
      The state cannot coerce the population full stop

      This is exactly what they are doing

      Even the weather and their apocalyptic propaganda
      Closing every school in the country throwing families into a crises
      Work or look after the kids

      I am absolutely sick of them

  3. Clampers Outside

    Paul Murphy TD is an absolute moron.

    PUP is not the dole.

    A person who earned up to €151.50 per week will get €150 on PUP.

    So if you earned, €40 or €60 or €149 YOU ARE BETTER OFF.

    If you earned €150, you get the same.

    If you earned between €1.51 and €151.50 you are down €1.50.

    Fupp off Paul Murphy with your histrionics… Jesus, anything for a headline. Do some proper opposition to govt and stop your pathetic attempts at getting headlines.

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      I’d much rather be earning my fupping wage the mickey, than scratching along and eating my savings. I worked hard to get where I was after coming back to Ireland and now my company is still closed.

      1. Clampers Outside

        I hear you Janet. And I have every sympathy with that and I’d prefer if that was the argument that the like of Murphy was making, but instead he has chosen to argue about the emergency payment rate and is comparing it to the dole.

        1. johnny

          how much you think they gonna have pay LA based McKillen’s group ,owner large number pubs/clubs/hotels ?

          one NY’s strongest,most successful and profitable restaurant groups is facing ruin,on Sunday nite’s in Soho,upstairs is models karaoke,quite the loss,the patio at Harry’s Bar on Broadway,Cipriani is a institution,one the best tables in the city.


    2. Jerr

      The PUP last year when hospitality reopened hampered getting staff back

      Due to the fact we could not get a chef who was paid €600 a week plus a further €200.00 in tips tax free

      We had to close 2 days a week in the height of the season costing us upwards of €10 grand a week in turnover
      PUP the way it’s administered by government is counter productive in the hospitality when hospitality is allowed to open
      Pay PUP only when that section is open and anyone one not living in this country should not receive it
      Last summer 90% of east European staff that returned home were on it paid directly into their bank accounts here adding onto the massive problem getting staff

  4. johnny

    … a what,yeah a shooting gallery in Harlem,no way yeah and the Heights has one….first safe injection sites in states just opened in NEW YORK..we fond jabs/needles here,fentanyl is just an easier transport/move than coke or smack,so its been used much more as cutting agent,leading lots OD’s and deaths among junkies.

    “As two supervised injection sites in East Harlem and Washington Heights become the first of their kind in the United States, Sam Rivera executive director of OnPoint NYC, which runs the sites and Kailin See, OnPoint’s senior director of programs discuss their first week of operation”


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