145 thoughts on “Sunday’s Papers

  1. Ghost of Yep

    There was a time, many moons ago, when I thought BS posted the front pages of these publications as a headstart on the days news but it is becoming more and more evident how poisonous that cycle is.

    1. Verbatim

      Did you stay up late to get that header in, so we all could have the pleasure of reading it first thing in the morning? You are a ghost of your former self.

      1. Ghost of Yep

        I seem to be keeping my commenting to overly sentimental drunk ramblings. I haven’t argued with Nigel in aaaggees. I’m taking that as a win. Enjoy your Sunday.

    2. Janet, dreams of sleep

      ah sure isn’t life a bowl of toxic soup,
      it’s up to you to pick out the tasty bits

    3. Ronnie

      Just wondering here, ghost of yep, How are the front headlines poisoning to anybody?

      As far I know this site, this is what it has always done every night and then let people comment on what they think of the said headlines

      what or who are you accusing of here?

    1. bisted

      …can’t believe the winning smile didn’t work…all the wheezes that work so well here…he should have asked a Broadsheet reader…

    2. SOQ

      So world leading sportsman accused of being an icon for the anti-vax community becomes icon for the anti-vax community. I doubt if these authoritarian ejits can see any further than the end of their own noses.

      As long as he gets his money I expect he is not too bothered, but I do feel for the other players. No matter how well they play, the fact that the no.1 was not allowed, kind of renders it null and void.

      1. TenPin Terry

        The thing is Novax has never made a big deal about his reluctance to take the jab.
        And the courts in Oz admitted he had a valid exemption and visa and broke no laws.
        It’s also ironic that one of the world’s healthiest man has been deemed a danger to public health in a country where two thirds of adults are overweight or obese.
        And one of the full vaccinated players allowed in for the Australian Open has come down with the ‘Rona.
        I’m a big vaxxer but I can’t help thinking Australia has destroyed its laid back reputation carefully nurtured in expensive TV advertising campaigns in a vain attempt at reaching COVID Zero.
        It might work for the home optics with an election coming up but internationally …


        1. George

          There was a lie on his application form.

          He also admits to have been meeting people after his positive covid test which either shows a reckless disregard for public health measures or casts doubt on whether he even had covid-19.

          1. TenPin Terry

            That’s not what the Australian courts concluded.
            They determined his visa application and exemption to play were perfectly valid.

          2. Ronnie

            Might want to do a bit of more research there Terry. The courts did determine this man should be deported. . A “doctor” on the tennis sports council approved his visa application firstly

            The Australian government have done absolutely the right thing here by overturning the decision that we know he lied about his visa application and the fact that he has found out aswell to have lied about where he had been while admitted to testing positive.

            Seriously a state like Australia which have already already conflicting views with this anti science movement or people or actually believing experts in the field of virology.

  2. Birdie

    I would hope that the media would question why so many assault victims etc are encouraged not to bother pursuing it by the guards. This is a system issue.

    1. Duncan Wheeler

      Agreed, the way in which assault on women cases are delt with in the adversarial court system re-traumatizes the victim to the point that many are unable to enter the process. Not fit for purpose at all. This results is the culture of impunity for those who commit crimes such as these. Utterly frustrating.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Exactly Janet.
        This was reported in the same way (wording-wise) back in 2020.

        And in January 2021.

        i’m wondering why the specific wording in the media reports is used. Lazy journalism each time?

        The fact is that there is a new legal framework being put in place to facilitate how such requests are dealt with. Why can’t the media just say that instead of reporting in a manner that makes it sound like they’re being given something as a treat courtesy of Government.

      2. GiggidyGoo

        (Just as a follow up to a discussion yesterday about when posts appear. I see in the right-hand side of the page, two posts have been made by you, but they haven’t actually appeared as yet for me to see. No doubt they’ll appear in the fullness of time. That seems to put paid to the mis information yesterday that a poster was trying to put out on SOQ.)

        1. Oro

          Wait so you’re using a website glitch to prove another website issue doesn’t happen?

          It doesn’t put that to bed at all. The only authority that could answer that question would be the webmaster. Feel free to clarify – anyone?

  3. TenPin Terry

    I do hope that if further candlelight vigils are held in memory of Ashling Murphy the name of Radu Floricel gets a brief mention.
    The disgraceful treatment of this innocent man by both social and mainstream media has been an unedifying spectacle that has brought out the worst racist instincts in some people – even the poor man’s solicitor was abused and threatened in the street by some pitchfork wavers.
    Radu is already the forgotten victim in all of this.

    1. Fearganainm

      That’s not going to happen, especially when images of the ‘person of interest’ officially emerge and the misidentification made by one witness is placed in context. The wrongs of some elements within Irish media and the actions of others on social media is a separate issue and will likely become no more than a side-debate when more details of the alleged perpetrator are released.

      What happened to Floricel was wrong, arguably what happened to his sister is worse, but any attempt to make this about a tacked-on ‘male victim’ is an insult to the real vicitm, Ashling Murphy.

      As an anti-Irish xenophobe you should be in little doubt about why anyone with a shred of integrity and a decent moral compass won’t be taking any advice from you.

    2. scottser

      Having a go at the racists? It wasn’t that long ago you’d be blaming Mr floricell for the housing crisis.
      Such a hypocrite.
      And as for ‘poor radu’ – nobody’s going to fall for your obvious trolling.
      Hang em up lad, you’re past it.

        1. Ronnie

          You’re not wrong there about the the way victims of a crime after they have been released is sad and not right. but linking it to a link about how racist Ireland is is actually hilarious coming from you there, Terry.

    3. GiggidyGoo

      Not too long ago you were joking about those Vietnamese deaths in the back of a container.
      As well you were upping the racist ante telling us that most crime in the UK was from blacks and immigrants.

      Looks like we are having a re-run of the run up to the Charger Salmons barring.

      The No. 1 google search engine hit for Charger Salmons tells the story about you.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          In for another session then ? Your drivel lasted 5 minutes yesterday before it got removed. Got your qr code reader handy?
          Either you produce the links as asked for many times, or head off back to narcissist central.

          1. Mad

            Deputy PM Joyce recently shot back in trademark eloquence calling Depp a “deadshit” live on national breakfast television

    4. Fergalito

      Troll trolls in trolling shocker and gets a bite with his bilious bait.

      Is there any low he will not stoop to? Kneeling as a subject before his monarch aside….

      1. Steph Pinker

        Fergalito: your onomatopoeia needs work, not to mention your alliteration.

        I’d stick with the limericks if I were you :P

        … oh yea, did I mention ellipsis?

  4. Joe F

    You are some person to talk Charger. You are one of the most racist people that I have ever read on websites. And you keep changing your name. You are just a sad individual and a racist.

    1. TenPin Terry

      I would never have thought a bog-trotter like you would be interested in the exciting sport of cricket.
      Obviously you’re tuned into BT Sport’s Extra 1 – in between checking on the cowshed – where Ireland are in with a great chance of beating the Windies for the second time this week and winning the series at sunny Sabina Park.
      Come on the Blarney Army.

      1. Joe F

        All right old boy. I thought you were kicked off this site. You said I while ago that you were glad to have got rid of me, well I’m back, you can look forward to lots of replies from me. At least until BS get some sense and ban you.

      2. TenPin Terry

        Blimey, that was touch and go at the end but congratulations to Ireland on an historic series win in Jamaica.
        The West Indies ODI team is a decent scalp.

      3. Ronnie

        A big trotter. haha seriously, do you even know anything about personally about who you are even slagging here or just no clue about Irish cricket even?

      1. Janet, dreams of sleep

        to be honest I don’t think even if true that’s an argument that has any bearing on the case, just muddys the water and puts reasonable prie in the same box as religious fanatics…no offense ment sailor.

      2. GiggidyGoo

        @Cian – I’m reading in your link that the creation of todays vaccines use stem cells from historic aborted foetuses. I’m also reading that the Catholic Church hasn’t an issue with it. (Not being argumentative, but doesn’t the information in your linked article in a way confirm some of what the link by SailorGerry informs us?)

      3. Ronnie

        Thank you for at least pointing out the BS that so many people post here Nigel. It’s refreshing to see honestly

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Underneath his photo……
        “ Tim Martin appeared with Boris Johnson on the Brexit campaign trail but no longer backs the British Prime Minister”
        Boris dumped by publican. Ha haaaaa. The shame of it.

      2. ce

        It’s nice to see the internet gurkha is back…

        Some day your virtual Joanna Lumley will come along and bring you in from the cold…

      3. Joe F

        Whatever you say Charger or Admiral Nelson. You think you can disguise yourself with new names. Unfortunately for the clown that you are, your style of writing, and the content, are a dead giveaway.

          1. Joe F

            Hey “Ronnie”, I’m all for free speech old boy. But I’m not all for creating multiple aliases and posting racist and highly derogatory comments. You know what I mean.

          2. Ronnie

            I agree with you. I’m for free speech but not the racist comments from someone who is mentally disturbed using multiple aliases.

      1. U N M U T U A L

        I hate to ‘raina’ on your parade there ce(see what I did there ;-)…
        This is the same scientist recommending sealing up the doors of your home to stop the spread of O’micron.

        “Right now, when there’s very high community transmission, everyone can take some simple steps to reduce the risk in the household,” says Raina MacIntyre, an infectious diseases expert at the Kirby Institute.

        Because most transmission happens in the household.”

        This is also a good time to seal gaps around doors, especially if you live in an apartment. Professor MacIntyre says a good test is whether you can smell your neighbour’s cooking — if you can, it means you are breathing in air that could be carrying the virus.

        To do this you can use adhesive strips, which attach to the bottom of the door, or fabric door stops. “That means your household is prepared,” she says. “If somebody gets the virus, it’s prepared for a bedroom to be an isolation space.”


        Nobody tell her that lidl sell welding equipment!

      2. SOQ

        Kind of short version from John.


        One thing to always remember is that the EU digital certs were in the pipeline long before CoVid-19; and they used this opportunity to speed up the rollout.

        Whether people accept EU digital certs after this excuse goes away or not remains to be seen- but it has a high chance of backfiring because it is now out in the open.

      1. TenPin Terry

        Two hours ago you wrote ‘ As an anti-Irish xenophobe you should be in little doubt about why anyone with a shred of integrity and a decent moral compass won’t be taking any advice from you. ‘
        There’s stupid.
        Then there’s knuckle-dragging moronic.

          1. TenPin Terry

            Keep digging pal.
            You’ve been exposed as a xenophobe and a hypocrite by your own hand.
            Back to the slow kids at the back of the class for you methinks.

        1. Joe F

          All right old boy. How’s it going Charger, Admiral Nelson, TenPin Terry, etc etc. I know a lot of English people. Around 80% of them are lovely, genuine people. Then there’s the smaller percentage that spoil it for the rest of them. And you are a perfect example.
          You wrote earlier about the Romanian person and his situation, and I agree with that. The problem is, old boy, that you said a few months ago, that most of the crime in London came from black people. Would you like to explain that? Of course not, any time you’re challenged on something, you divert.

        2. Fearganainm

          For years you’ve polluted this site with your snide anti-Irish commentary and your casual racism /xenophobia, along with your other irrelevant Brit gloating.

          You’ve been barred from this and other sites in the past and don’t have the intelligence to work out why. Mind you, your buffalo farmer got run out of Kilkenny some time back and he couldn’t understand it either, him having couched his ‘rights’ in terms of ‘Royal charters’ of long ago and all.

          You won’t be dominating anyone here, you poor busted flush.

          Check out Hosea 8:7 and remember, you did it all to yourself.

          1. TenPin Terry

            Quoting the Old Testament ?
            How very rural but it explains a lot about your rather old-fashioned views.
            Strong whiff of a culchie here.
            Up early milking today were we ?

          2. Micko

            Is “Brit” not a pejorative word to use?

            You can’t really be calling someone a racist and a xenophobe while derogatorily referring to their own ethnicity.

            Kind of makes you look very silly Fearg

          3. TenPin Terry

            You’re one of the few sensible ones Micko.
            At times it’s like trying to talk to dimwitted Tourette syndrome sufferers on here.

          1. Fearganainm


            I don’t think I have to go out of my way to be reasonable in any way, shape or form, with someone who has spent years sneering at the Irish and at other races/ethnicities. The guy is a Grade-A racist, along with being afflicted with many other character defects.

            I despise Brits like him. He’s wearing the cap and acting in the manner that he does so as a voluntary ambassador for that kind of Brit he can work out for himself why he earns contempt.

            Pejorative? After the stuff that he spews? That creature has no redeeming characteristics whatsoever.

          2. Micko

            My mother was English.

            So, I’m half British.

            I find it offensive to label people for their ethnicity.

            Please stop. It’s not cool.

            Call him out for his behaviour, fine. But not for his ethnicity.

          3. Fearganainm


            Your roots are your own business.

            His brand of Brit, which he’s pushed here for years, and still does, is racist and xenophobic. He makes zero effort to disguise his anti-Irishness and parades it here frequently.

            Pull him up on that and don’t waste your time thinking that I’m going to go easy on him on account of your ancestry.

          4. Micko

            Whatever man

            Betcha you wouldn’t shorten and call someone from Pakistan the same.

            But “Brit” is fine.

            Yer actin like a Knob

          5. TenPin Terry

            Interesting Micko.
            My old man was Irish-born although lived in London where he was taken as a child when the family left Ireland for a better life.
            More than anything else he loathed and fought against bigotry on both sides – he considered himself a proud Anglo-Irishman.
            He certainly never viewed the world through green-tinted spectacles with a MOPE chip on his shoulder.

          6. Fearganainm


            We don’t have anyone from Pakistan here behaving in a racist, obnxious manner.

            We do have a newly-minted Little Englander who routinely insults the Irish and other races and manifests all the sophistication of someone who absorbed his political philosophy from some broken-down member of Millwall’s F-Troop.

            Interesting that you wouldn’t call him out on any of his gross behaviour but that’s on you.

          7. Micko

            “ We don’t have anyone from Pakistan here behaving in a racist, obnxious manner.”

            And if we did, would you call him a “P*ki”?

            Ye would on your hoop.

            So like I said, call “charger” (or whoever he is) out on his behaviour and his statements, but you look like a total gobdaw labelling him as a “Brit” on one hand and calling him a racist xenophobe in the other.

            You’re literally acting the same as you say he does.

            “ Interesting that you wouldn’t call him out on any of his gross behaviour but that’s on you.”

            I generally hate pile on’s and jumping on bandwagons. Not really my thing.

          8. bisted

            …I’ve been using the term Brit as a pejorative for years…I hate Brits…trouble is…they love being called Brits…doh…

          9. Janet, dreams of sleep

            My Mums technically a Brit although she’s entitled to an Irish passport, we told her she had to leave after Brexit …haha.
            On a serious note, lads why do you engage with it/ Charger/ trollymacttrollface, the irony of course is he is Irish, I bet he’s got a head like a weathered bag of spuds grinning to get everyone half talking to him.

          10. Fearganainm


            You have no idea of my interactions with or opinions of people from England, Scotland, Wales or Norn Iron who might, some of them, refer to themselves as ‘Brits’. I’ve no need to do the ‘good and bad in all races’ stuff because we all know that.

            You’ve failed to see that calling Charger (for it is he) ‘Brit’ is a direct reference to the genre of ‘Brit’ he projects.

            Now that we know that he’s a deracinated specimen, whose poor father clearly failed to inculcate him with any real respect for the Irish side of his roots, we can see that his try-too-hard Britness is perhaps more of a failure to accept and integrate any kind of grá for Ireland, maybe he grew up surrounded by racists and adopted a kind of cultural cringe and that’s why he tries so hard to be offensive towards the Irish and that’s why he is a racist xenophobe.

            Freud is dead and Charger isn’t interesting enough to psychoanalyse in depth so only he can work out if he’s actually rejecting/warring with his father when he feels compelled to vomit his anti-Irish stuff.

            And as for the hypothetical Pakistani, if such a character appeared here being odious you can bet that I’d look for an apposite word for him without having to resort to any ‘Brit’ insult.

            You don’t join pile-ons, eh? And yet here you are, content to give Charger a free run, while quibbling with me about the terms I use to pull him up.

          11. Micko

            Jeez Fearg.

            I know the term “living rent free I’m your head” is kinda overused.

            But Charger has an entire retirement community set up in your noggin.

            How many years now have you allowed him to wind you up?

            How many surges of cortisol has he induced in you?

            Sad stuff

          12. Fearganainm


            He really doesn’t. Your powers of observation and analysis are evidently weak. He’s been shellacked for part of today – which is part of one day, understand? – because he tried to troll an issue that he shouldn’t have.

            Get yourself a sense of proportion and learn to pick your battles wisely.

          13. Micko

            My only issue is with you being derogatory to British people.

            From this thread alone:

            “ irrelevant Brit gloating.”
            “ You’re a racist Brit.”
            “ He’s a Brit so who really cares?”

            To name a few.

            And when I say that I’m half British and I don’t think that kind of talk is cool, your response to me is to tell me you don’t care and I can figuratively fupp off.

            There’s only one person being a racist knob I can see here today.

            And there isn’t a single other race in the world that you would do that with – is there?

          14. TenPin Terry

            ” Get yourself a sense of proportion ”
            A post asking for the falsely-accused man in an horrific murder reviled and racially-attacked on social media not to be forgotten results in me being called a puerile bigot, an overflowing toilet, scum, racist xenophobe and more.
            People need to ask themselves if this is really the effluent they ought to be swimming in.
            Get a grip of yourselves and understand this is exactly the same sort of language used against Radu Floricel

          15. Fearganainm


            You’re missing it again, perhaps you’re tired or slow.

            The pejorative ‘Brit’ directed at him is the ‘Brit’ he presents himself as.

            Some people can’t read a room, and evidently some people can’t read a thread.

            A foul murder took place this week, and a racist appeared here to try to troll the issue. A racist, with years of racist postings, decided it would be a terrific wheeze to pretend to be someone who was championing a non-national who was briefly detained in error, mockingly suggesting that that person should be mentioned at all vigils being staged in memory of a murdered young woman.

            Nobody could possibly believe that the racist troll was not taking an opportunity to do some trolling out of any other kind of motive than trolling. He was content to hop on the issue of a murdered young woman and the outpouring of grief all over Ireland to do some trolling.

            That is the context of the remarks addressed to him and the remarks bringing up his longstanding record of racism on this site.

            It’s not about you and your feelings.

          16. TenPin Terry

            Stick a fork in him Micko.
            He’s done.
            Give them enough rope and these sad saps always hang themselves with their own words.

          17. Micko

            A “racist appeared here” and your way of dealing with him is to throw out more racist insults.

            Peak muppetry…

          18. Fearganainm


            When you see the term ‘Brit’ being addressed to Charger try to think of it as über-Brit, to distinguish it from all other Brits.

            He knows exactly why he gets called out, even if you can’t understand.

          19. Mad

            It’s a really brutal day when I have to agree with both Micko and Charger. On behalf of my fellow countryman fearganmanners I apologise profusely for his ingrained ignorance and peasant mentality

          20. Papi

            Just to be clear, you weren’t called an overflowing toilet because you mentioned the false suspect detained, it was because you are literally an overflowing toilet. A vile example of humanity.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Buffalo herd has returned. All have hangovers after drinking stashed cans of cheap pre Jan 21 beers.

  5. SailorGerry

    The Catholic church has been gutted and hollowed out by the likes of Opus Dei and the Jesuit Freemasons for rather a long time and they have succeeded in getting one of theirs into the highest office.

    Thinking of getting a T shirt made up “Not my Pope”

    The Catholic church that I want to belong to, would bring the paedo priests back to the Vatican, strip them of everything bar a loin cloth, and have them walk in shame, before an abusive crowd, excommunicated, through Vatican square and into ignominy.


    1. Janet, dreams of sleep

      Are you an American Gerry ?
      It’s interesting to know there are break away Catholics and I’m wondering if you know you sound like evangelical Protestants ?
      If not how on earth can you read that ?
      Putting my atheism aside that sounds like it was written by an American and I don’t mean that as a compliment.

      1. Janet, dreams of sleep

        sorry that was a little short,
        I agree with you about the priests tbh, the punishment should fit the crime(s),
        by American I guess I mean very earnest, sort of simplistic and conversational and using a lot of words to say very little.

      1. Janet, dreams of sleep

        it is fierce cranky on here today, I have an excuse l’ll be even more of an auld one by midnight

  6. SailorGerry

    I am a disenfranchised Roman Catholic, from a normal once devout family in Ireland.

    Now I just do wedding and funerals, more of the latter unfortunately these days.

    My absolute faith in God has not waned, I just no longer feel the need for an intermediary.

    Time for a pint…..

    1. Janet, dreams of sleep

      thanks for that answer, I really appreciate it. Enjoy your pint Sir,
      ( sorry I’m kind of allergic to a certain kind of American religious fervour:) )

      1. galaxiapolizia

        Joyeuse anniversaire a Janet,
        with a majestic full Wolf Moon to boot…!
        Amuses-toi bien…!

    2. Ronnie

      Enjoy your drink its lovely stuff.

      pints are lovely too on many occasions but seriously I believe that religions of any kind should have no place anymore in reasons for celebrations or death for that matter. do your research and you will notice that any religion that has ever existed on this planet are nothing only controlling death cults that can still surprisingly in this day and age, have the power and allowance by the state to warp normal thinking people so much

  7. U N M U T U A L

    South African study suggests Omicron less severe even for unvaccinated.

    *not yet peer reviewed.

    JOHANNESBURG, Jan 14 (Reuters) – Unvaccinated people infected with the Omicron variant of coronavirus may be less prone to severe illness and requiring hospital care or dying than was the case with previous variants, a South African study showed on Friday.

    The study, by the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) in the Western Cape region, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, concluded.compared about 11,600 patients from the first three COVID-19 waves with about 5,100 from the Omicron-driven wave that began in November.



    Don’t discriminate against the unvaccinated,
    Amnesty International tells Italy

    “MILAN, Jan 16 (Reuters) – Human rights group Amnesty International urged Italy to change tough anti-COVID restrictions to avoid discrimination against unvaccinated people.

    In a recent decree Mario Draghi’s government made vaccination mandatory for everyone over the age of 50 and for use of public transport and a range of other services, one of very few countries to take similar steps, in an attempt to ease pressure on Italian health services and reduce fatalities”

    Amnesty International asked for the provision of alternative measures, including the use of masks and COVID-19 testing, to allow the unvaccinated population to continue to go to work and to use public transport.
    “without discrimination”, . the group said in a statement issued late on Saturday.


  8. SOQ

    Battleground Melbourne Documentary ‘FRIENDS & FAMILY’ Pre-Release

    Battleground Melbourne tells the story of the Fall of the World’s Most Liveable City, through the eyes of those who risked everything to save it.

    We’ve been called every name you can imagine, the media, politicians, and the ‘I stand with Dan’ crowd have used every baseless slur you can imagine, and probably many you can’t, to try and shame us and shut us down.

    And Victoria Police went on an 18 month rampage of repression, unlawful arrests, and widespread intimidation in order to silence us.


    1. TenPin Terry

      Thanks for that link SOQ – I’ll watch it after the cricket.
      Melbourne is a stunning city but speaking to chums I have there throughout the pandemic even they were shocked at how rapidly Victoria turned into a police state.
      Australia’s world image has taken some battering over the past 20 months.
      A bit like the England cricket team at their hands …

  9. Joe F

    All right old boy. You really are one sad individual. You were kicked of the Republic of Cork forum, it’s easy to see why. You’re a disgusting, lonely excuse of a person.

  10. TenPin Terry

    Blimey, that was touch and go at the end but congratulations to Ireland on an historic series win in Jamaica.
    The West Indies ODI team is a decent scalp.

    1. Mad

      The West Indies are not a real country and a lower tier test nation these days. When we can give Pakistan a game for example; I’m paying attention

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