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10 thoughts on “Dose Age

  1. SOQ

    Pandemic of natural immunity- nice

    Reminds me the old saying- ‘war broke out but nobody turned up’.

  2. E'Matty

    Nice to see the enthusiasm in the under 40s for boosters is somewhat lacking at present. Looks like an ever increasing portion may be realising how utterly pointless they are. I see too today that the HSE are seeking to deny PCR tests to antigen positive under 40s, thereby also denying them their vaccine pass to deny them travel until they get boostered.

    For next summer, when my post infection immunity pass expires, as it does at that time for many of my friends too, we’re planning Covid spreading parties to get our pass for the summer months. I have travelled abroad on holidays every year of this pandemic so far and hope to continue this practice unvaccinated.

    1. Cian

      I wouldn’t call 76% (12-19), 87% (20-29) and 87% (30-29) as “somewhat lacking”. It is very high.

  3. Zaccone

    The 100% figure for all over 70s still seems incredibly suspicious to me. Do the statistics really show that every single person over 70 in the country is double vaccinated? I know multiple over 70s first hand that aren’t or who got vaccinated in other countries, so wouldn’t show in the HSE statistics. Which would make me assume its not _that_ uncommon nationally.

    I don’t doubt its a very high figure, 95%~ probably. But 100% just screams of manipulated figures in the way dictators winning 90% of the vote in “free and fair elections” in dodgier countries does.

    1. Cian

      Good question.

      One problem is nobody knows exactly how many people (per age group) are in the country. There is no central registry. People can come and go as they please. We only have CSO estimates to work off. So they take the number they know were vaccinated* and divide by the CSO estimate.

      *Another issue is that accuracy of these vaccinated figures are only as good as the people recording them.
      The HSE site to register for a vaccine took a PPS number which can be used to uniquely identify people, but a lot of the elderly got vaccinated in homes/GPs. How accurate are the data recorded that way?

      There will always be people moving between countries (getting vaccines here and then leaving and getting vaccinated in another country then arriving) – do these cancel out, or is one bigger than another?

      Another issue is that people die (for whatever reason) between doses.So they can’t get their second/booster shot.

      Finally, people keep getting older. AFAIK in 2021 they used your birth *year* to calculate your age (to prevent confusion with what part of the year it was); I don’t know if they are doing the same this year or leaving last year’s groups. (i.e. if my aunt was born in 1972 she was in the “40-49” age group last year getting first doses… but is now in “50-59” age group getting boosters)

  4. SailorGerry

    Best place for them jabs is in the bin, and the clown that ordered them should have their salary docked.

    I had a dinner with my sister recently as I do not see her very often. Both her and her partner are proudly jabbed and boosted. I tend to walk at a brisk pace and we were on a mission to find food, which is when she told me to ease up a bit. Apparently she has just discovered a heart ailment that requires medication to slow her beat down. It happened all of a sudden and the doctors have no idea as to why this condition arrived, very unusual. “Have you considered that it might be a vaccine related injury” I enquired? She looked at me sheepishly and said that she had heard of something like that with one of the vaccines, but did not think it likely.

    Makes me primarily sad, jarred up against my other more volatile emotions.

    Clip below made smile today though.

    1. SOQ

      Sorry to hear about your sister’s condition Gerry and I hope she gets over it soon.

      Your story does raise an interesting point- that it is not only the GP’s who are reluctant to admit there may be a connection but in some case, the actual patient themselves.

      We have a weird situation going on right now where the vaccine cautious fear they are right but hope they are wrong, while the vaccine enthusiasts fear they are wrong but hope they are right.

      Time will tell.

    2. Micko

      That’s terrible about you sister Gerry

      That clip is brilliant. The woman behind him is hilarious ;)

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