Say It Again, Sam


“My view is to be radical, and I accept this is radical, you need 12 lessons to learn to drive a car, you need a licence to drive a car, you need a test. Do we need some sort of, almost qualifications, licensing, education for men to go out into the social sphere?

“People will say is that  is an impingement on our rights of free movement and obviously we’ve been all through this with covid but as we’ve just heard many women feel their freedom to movement is really restricted because of the danger, so I think we have to think of new ways of doing things, the same old same old won’t work.”

Professor Sam McConkey, of the Royal College of Surgeons, during the Newspaper Panel on the Brendan O’Connor show on RTE Radio 1.


Listen back in full here

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51 thoughts on “Say It Again, Sam

  1. bell

    Sam didn’t have anything to say about all the other women who have been murdered.

    I smell a bandwagon

    1. Cú Chulainn

      There is an argument to be made that men are put under a curfew so that women can socialise and be safe after dark .. maybe try it for a month and let’s see what happens..

      1. Janet, dreams of all the cake

        strongly disagree,
        divisive, insulting and more restrictions on people by an already over reaching government.

      2. Gavin

        I think anyone suggesting this should be put under curfew, clearly they have issues, lack a moral compass and self-control, if they feel they need the state to step in for them.

      3. Kali

        It’s a pretty stupid argument, the same logic could be used to suggest women be confined to their homes for their own safety…maybe try it for a month or two and let’s see what happens. You’d have to be thick to believe either could be a solution

        1. SOQ

          Well they could start by covering up- no skin above the ankle or wrist and head covered- now where have I seen that before?

  2. Gavin

    Its says more about Sam that he feels this is necessary, clearly, the man should not be allowed out alone. Some of us were raised well and don’t need a course on this. Is the Royal College of Surgeons growing these morons?

  3. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan

    Everything this man says is insane in the membrane.

    Where did they get him from and more importantly when will he go away

    1. Janet, dreams of all the cake

      he’s not an Ulster presbyterian, he’s a member of Clontarf and is a very liberal presbyterian.

      1. bell

        Sam didn’t have anything to say about all the other women who have been murdered.

        I smell a bandwagon

  4. Janet, dreams of all the cake

    I know Sam, he’s been my doctor, he’s a very good one, I think he lacks some filters when speaking though and has an odd sense of humor.

    1. Janet, dreams of all the cake

      hardly the same, people often recommend Doctors.
      Also I wouldn’t give a damn, I was in his infectious disease unit for weeks, he’s great !

  5. Micko

    What a fuppin stupid thing to say…. This lads a professor ye know. He should stick to medical stuff. ;-)

    As if the people going around abusing and murdering don’t know it’s the wrong thing to do.

    And Sam wants to give them a little test to make sure they’re ok.

    Maybe we can send them to finishing school where they can learn to walk with a book on their heads, keep their elbows off the table and not try to murder their dinner partner during dessert. .

    1. Janet, dreams of all the cake

      it’s the book on the head that’s the hard part,
      look it’s a doctor that believes in a god….

        1. Micko

          Ah in all honesty, it is of course a bloody stupid thing to say. But then he’s only human.

          He probably got halfway through the sentence and then realised how stupid it sounded, but by then he was committed on live radio. ;)

          1. Janet, dreams of all the cake

            probably :)
            some of the brightest people can say the stupidest things, stares over phone at brain box brother

          2. Janet, dreams of all the cake

            oh no.! lol he’s not my brother,
            my brother is just a ridiculously bright man who can’t stop himself saying very stupid things, it’s an academic type,
            lots of bright people have no cop on

          3. U N M U T U A L

            Ahh, grand so!
            I’ve either had to much coffee or not enough…

            Would’ve been a great scoop for the sheet, in fairness… ;-)

          4. Janet, dreams of all the cake

            although my other brother has regularly being on the box talking bull poop too ;)

  6. SOQ

    I think we should go the whole hog and have women only sections on the Luas- and women only top deck of busses too. And men and women in separate sections at weddings maybe?

    I mean women are such precious delicate dainty flowers that need shielded now aren’t they?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Ladies on the left, men on the right.
      Now, what about those with willies that identify as women? Or willy-less that identify as men.

  7. bell

    “Command and control, and sanction from on high, is not the Presbyterian way.”

    Eat those words Sam

        1. Steph Pinker

          If anyone’s interested: Wilbur Smith wrote a series of Egyptian novels with Taita, a eunuch; other than James Clavell, I haven’t read a master writer like Smith – tens of thousands of pages of beautiful research, life experience, imagination, fact, culture, history, religion, brilliant writing and passion in novel writing. The sort of wonderful book series’ one is loathe to loan simply because they’ll never be returned as the dog probably ate them!

          Happy Birthday Janet :)

  8. K.Cavan

    McConkey by name & McConkey by nature. We need a curfew for intellectual eunachs like this on the TV. He should only be allowed in the studio when the station is off the air.
    Libtards love this sort of debate, let’s lock up half the population rather than lock up violent criminals they say. Those same criminals are far more likely to attack men but, in the eyes of the hand-wringing Libtards, transform into poor deprived victims, when it comes time to lock the scum up.

  9. Gorgi

    This covid scam, has truly brought out a plethora,of institutionalized ,power hungry bufoons,it would be very funny,if it weren’t so dangerous.God help the poor unvaxed male,David attenborugh ,will have to make a Netflix special before he’s extinct.

  10. Ronnie

    I usually tend to listen and agree with specialists/acedemics on things I’m not educated about to make a valid counter argument but this is an absolutely insane suggestion from a formally respected scientist. I’m provax all the way but totally anti mandatory Vax. It’s their choice.

      1. Ronnie

        This is getting funny now Joe but seriously if I was you I would be getting a bit worried about my mental health.
        I’ve been visiting this website for a year or more now and find the articles and the members contributions interesting, funny, sometimes controversial but it generally feels like a good community to be part of. So I starting posting to join the community under my actual name that I’m known as by most of my friends, Ronnie. My real name is Ronan.

        hope this clears things up for you?

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